Cali Uncorked Festival This Weekend

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Beer, wine, food, comedy and music. It's hard to believe, but we found a festival with all that (and reasonable weather forecasted, too!). Locate a drinking buddy or designated driver, and work your way to Silverado's Oak Canyon Park this Saturday for a mellow afternoon.

Featuring live entertainment throughout the event, unlimited drink tastings and a cigar lounge, it sounds better than most dates we've been on. If you're contemplating going, you probably want to keep reading for more detailed info.

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OC Crawl Brings Roaming Pub/Wine/Cocktail Crawls to Santa Ana Every Month Starting TODAY

Courtesy of OC Crawl
Time for everyone to wander the streets of DTSA and get drunk together.

Good news for those who live in (or near) SanTana and like to get drunk in a variety of places during the middle of the week. OC Crawl is now doing Pub Crawls, Wine Crawls, and Cocktail/Spirit Crawls in Downtown Santa Ana every month.

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Pizza e Vino Holds First Wine Dinner For Seventh Anniversary

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Pizza e Vino
Steve with pizza.
Before Mozza came to our neck of the woods, before the countless pizza-assembly-line joints arrived, Pizza e Vino was there. It opened seven years ago in Rancho Santa Margarita and was the first restaurant in OC to get itself certification from the Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana, which is pretty much a required badge of honor these days if you're a Neapolitan-style pizza joint.

Next Tuesday, June 9th, at 6:30 p.m., Pizza e Vino is holding its first wine dinner to celebrate its seven year milestone--an event that its customers have been asking owner Steve Dickus to do for years.

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Chef Battles And Wine Bottles all Around Costa Mesa TOMORROW

Popping bottles for charity

Do you prefer to watch or participate? When it comes to culinary events, you can watch your food being made and have a taste. It just depends on where you're headed, and how much you're willing to spend. We found a couple of opportunities for you to decide. Not only do they benefit worthy causes, but you'll find both activities in Costa Mesa.

First up, we've got a Sous Chef Knock Out happening inside The Center Club. That's the joint where our fearless leader went for a drink earlier this year. A duo of kitchen warriors plan to duke it out, and you'll be watching from the sidelines. Your judges include Center Club Executive Chef Lewis Butler, Amar Santana of Broadway by Amar Santana and Wing Lam of Wahoo's Fish Taco.

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Pigs & Pinot Coming to Charlie Palmer February 25

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Charlie Palmer Group
Other people's pinot

An annual event held in Sonoma County, Charlie Palmer's Pigs & Pinot party is a duo of tastes. Courses of porky goodness are paired with special selections of Pinot Noir, and all is good in the world. It's done so well up north, they've decided to share the festivities with Orange County.

Occurring on Wednesday, February 25, Executive Chef Seakyeong Kim will helm the kitchen for their very own version of P & P. Expect upwards of 30 pours of Sonoma County red before you settle in for a savory dinner. Each of chef's five courses will be paired with two, limited production Pinots for your sipping pleasure, along with their respective winemakers present. For additional details, make the jump.

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Silver Oak Wine Dinner At St. Regis This Friday

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Photo by LP Hastings
Chefs and drinking pair well together

Our inner wino sometimes craves a place to imbibe besides a date with our couch and DVR. We're sure some of you feel the same way, and who are we to deny you of such a request? That's why we've got intel on the good stuff.

Serious grape action is scheduled for this Friday evening over in Monarch Beach. Back in 2012, we interviewed Chef Frederic Castan of Motif inside the St. Regis. While his back-of-the-house responsibilities keep him busy, Castan manages to crank out the occasional rustic dinner.

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LCA Wine Now Open At SoCo

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SoCo Collection Facebook
Cheers to the freaking weekend.

A number of years ago, I used to meet a friend on the last Saturday of the month for a wine tasting at Laguna Culinary Arts. For a few bucks we had eight pours, which we paired with cheese and charcuterie from their deli. It was the best way to spend a leisurely afternoon. I purposely never wrote about it, wanting to keep the morsel of intel to myself.

Fast forward to today, where I learn that they've finally opened up shop at my favorite plaza off 405 and Harbor. Their shortened name of LCA is because this space is dedicated to wine only. Sales, education and tasting are their primary focuses.

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On the Line: Mark and Angela Dunton of District Wine, Part Two

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Photo by William Vo
A couple who drinks together . . .

Read our interview with Mark and Angela of District Wine, part one.
And now, on to part two . . .

What prompted the idea to open the business?
Angela Dunton
: Both of our parents are independent business owners, and Mark and I always wanted to work for ourselves. We both had a passion for wine, craft beer and people. When we me, we started talking and brainstorming, and that was the seed for District Wine. We lived in the neighborhood, and years before we had a solid idea of the business. We were sitting across the street from 144 Linden in the coffee shop, saw the "For Lease" sign, and thought, "That would be a perfect spot for something."

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On the Line: Mark and Angela Dunton of District Wine, Part One

Categories: On the Line, Wine

Photo by William Vo
Mark and Angela know what's up.

Learning to appreciate wine is like learning to appreciate anything else. It takes time and an openness to trying new things. I learned that with wine, it's not about what it pairs well with as much as it's about what you like (although the adage about red wine with red meat is spot on). Drink what makes you happy, and ask for advice when needed.

I attended a birthday celebration at District Wine a couple of years ago. Between the generous wine list and small plates, it was only a matter of time before I found the opportunity to interview Mark and Angela Dunton about their business.

Let's discuss your choice to feature small production, boutique wines.
Mark Dunton
: There are several reasons why we chose to feature small production boutique wines. First and foremost is that we are a small, family-owned business, and we want to honor and support other small, family-owned operations. Also, a wine bar and tasting room is the perfect platform to feature small name, obscure wines. In our opinion, that is why you go to a wine bar-- to try something that you have never heard of, and hopefully to find a gem that you never thought of trying.

One food you can't live without:
Angela Dunton
: Our pea tapenade and our warm roasted bar nuts. I eat it almost every day at work.

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Surf & Sand Resort Hosting Beer & Wine Events This Weekend

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Photo by J Public Relations
Chef David Fune will be on deck pairing drinks with a selection of dishes

Enjoying a pint of IPA or glass of Cabernet doesn't have to mean visiting your local gastropub or wine bar. One Laguna Beach property invites you to "Celebrate Good Taste Weekend" by participating in a duo of events geared towards the drinker in all of us.

Held at Surf & Sand Resort over two days, visiting hopheads and winos will fancy either event. Prices vary, so read ahead before you decide.

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