Pie-Not Wants You to Win "A Better Brekkie" On Instagram

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Anne Marie Panoringan
#abetterbrekkie than what most are having

Are you up on your social-media skills? And (more important) do you like breakfast? If you can answer yes to both, then stick around for details on an easy-peasy contest.

Our friends at Pie-Not love my favorite meal of the day as much as I do, and they want to prove it. Starting today, snap a photo of what you're having for brekkie and upload it to Instagram -- be sure to label it with a hashtag of "abetterbrekkie"!

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Man Who Plays Lisa Simpson's Sax Debuts at Bayside TONIGHT!

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You go girl! I mean, Doug!

Us Weeklings love The Simpsons. When I heard that the person who plays Lisa's sax would be performing in Newport, I was all over it like Krusty Burger sauce on a Ribwich! And the fact that he grew up in Huntington Beach makes it even better. Who am I referring to? The classy musician we're talking about is one Doug Webb.

In addition to his Springfield appearances, Webb has worked with Rod Stewart, Quincy Jones and even Clint Eastwood on multiple soundtracks. Not bad for someone who is heard more than seen.

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Taking A Shot At Puck's Tavern at the Honda Center

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Anne Marie Panoringan
He stuck to some classics

If you originally thought a restaurant by the name of Puck's Tavern was a play on words, that's understandable. I didn't expect to see a celebrity chef, much less Wolfgang "I cater for the Oscars" Puck launching a culinary experience inside a sporting/concert venue--ever. Yet he did, late last year. Open only during days when Honda Center is holding an event, a pair of hockey tickets was an excuse to finally check it out.

While we didn't make a huge a dent on the menu, enough damage was done to provide a few highlights. Being open a few months now, one would imagine they've worked out the kinks, but . . . you'll just have to read on.

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Themed Dinners At Tangata's "Bowers After Hours" Events

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Spending time at a museum should be a cross between Ferris Bueller's Day Off and a Ben Stiller movie. In reality, it's much more tame. So I was curious to hear about a couple of prix-fixe dinners created by Tangata at the Bowers Museum in Santa Ana. Served with optional wine pairings, the restaurant and museum mixed culinary and artistic talents into themed meals.

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Zpizza Giving Away Free Pizza TODAY

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The goods!

Do you want some pizza? Do you want some pizza TODAY? Well, if you're ready to jump in your car and head to a zpizza, you can have some, thanks to the marketing-fun-time known as National Pizza Week.

Details after the break!

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A Bite Truck On The Cooking Channel Next Week!

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Photo by Johannes Dewald

When a local lonchera does good, it's only right to celebrate. When I met Keba Parker last year, he was barely launching A Bite Truck. The wrap on his lonchera wasn't even completed when our photographer stopped by for his close-up. But a year and-a-half later, things are swell.

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We Eat It So You Don't Have To: Sriracha Candy Canes

Photo by Charles Lam

The Internet is a silly place.

It's spawned dancing hamsters, overly attached girlfriends, pedophilic bears, an unhealthy love of bacon and countless other strange, strange things.

Of course it's also at the center of the capsaicin cult that surrounds sriracha, what is probably the United States' favorite hot sauce.

So, when J&D Foods, the Seattle-based makers of bacon salt and frequent contributor with Web Comic Magician The Oatmeal, announced that they were releasing sriracha candy canes in time for the holidays, I can't say I was surprised.

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We've Got Artist Renderings Of Din Tai Fung's Restaurant Layout!


In case you missed Michelle's breaking news or Edwin's informative update, we're here to catch you up on all things DTF inside SCP. To assist us with our story, we've got visual aids!

We typically refer fine Forkers to another media source for news we learn about. In this case, however, we look from within. Actually, we're redirecting you to our all-but-dormant personal blog for a change. We weren't in attendance at this week's media briefing of Din Tai Fung's future home, but the drawings and statements from people directly involved with this undertaking were made available to us. So of course we are happy to share the love.

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William Grant & Sons and Young's Market Company Celebrate 125 Years With Rare Glenfiddich

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In 1887, William Grant founded an independent, family-owned distiller in the United Kingdom. However, it wasn't until 1963 that United States markets were able to purchase their Single Malt Scotch whisky. After 125 years in the industry, William Grant & Sons wished to commemorate the milestone with valued partner Young's Market Company, also celebrating the same number of years in existence. Per Simon Hunt, President North America at William Grant & Sons, "Our commitment to innovative approach, long-term perspective and an entrepreneurial mindset has allowed us to successfully grow our businesses, and working together we've experienced record growth for our portfolio of premium spirits brands."

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Sunday Brunch: ChaCha's Latin Kitchen

Anne Marie Panoringan

Despite all the religious and cultural celebrations that happened recently, more are around the corner. Easter, Mother's Day and Father's Day will come and go sooner than you think. So instead of scrambling to compile lists, we'll dish about some you might not have checked out yet. To start, we motor north to Brea Downtown for some funday.

If you're seeking somewhere chill, ChaCha's isn't for you. We mean that in the best possible way, because we're damn certain their biggest draw has more to do with their entertainment.
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