This Halloween, Get a Chipotle Burrito for $3

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It's that time of the year again. Temperatures have dropped below 80, pumpkin spice is starting to get boring, and Christmas stuff has already overstayed it's welcome. Yup, it's almost Halloween, and that means it's time for one of my favorite food promotions of the year: Boorito.

October 31 after 5 p.m., go in to any participating Chipotle wearing a costume and you'll be able to buy one their Mission-esque burritos for a paltry $3. It's perfect to soak up the Halloween party booze, especially considering that this year, Halloween falls on a Friday.

And you know what's even better? Chipotle is donating a cut of the sales to (its own) charity! Checking out the details and rules after the jump.

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Weekend Things: Hell's Kitchen Alum Cooking Demo!

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Did someone say adobo?

Watch a movie or go to the mall. Then something to eat. Our weekends are fairly predictable when there's nothing to celebrate. So we were happy to learn about a couple of activities going on nearby. Both are family-friendly and involve food-- a plus in our book.

There's a brick-and-mortar launch for dessert if you look up Edwin's post, but we prefer to start with our main course. Maybe you've heard of Hell's Kitchen?

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Bingo for Charity! 320 Main Fifth Anniversary and Bike MS Fundraiser Monday, Sept. 15

320 Main
Come give us money to fight multiple sclerosis!
What are you doing Monday night?

320 Main in Seal Beach is celebrating its fifth anniversary of being rescued from a dank shot-and-beer hole in the wall, and owners Jason and Rebecca Schiffer are celebrating with $5 appetizers and $5 cocktails.

Matt "Rumdood" Robold and I are riding our bicycles from Irvine to San Diego in October to raise money for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, and the anniversary party is also a fundraiser. Come and play bingo for $5 and win prizes; all the money raised from bingo will go to the NMSS.

Of course, if you'd like to just give us money, you can do that too--online, even (Here's my page and here's Rumdood's).

All proceeds from the bingo game will go to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, Pacific South Coast Chapter.

The party is from 7-11 p.m. on Monday, September 15 at 320 Main St. in Seal Beach.

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Crystal Cove Ups The Restaurant Ante

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Anne Marie Panoringan
Upscale, yet traditional fare at Tamarind of London

You know that plaza-- down the street from (Ruby's) Shake Shack. It's the one best known for car shows and cougars. Where we mourned the loss of Pacific Whey and Red Mango, two better-than-good dessert spots. Things were getting ho-hum out on this stretch of Newport, but it's like someone lit a fire under a decision maker to make changes. What kind of changes? Well . . .

The obvious one is Settebello. Or as we translate it: Big ass bar. If you're able to locate parking inside the promenade, walk by the former Ann Taylor Loft spot and see for yourself. The mini-chain takes up so much room, you almost think they house two concepts. They even stuck an olive tree right into the ground in the dining room. When did this become a thing around here-- Fig & Olive?

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Din Tai Fung At South Coast Plaza Opens TODAY!

Anne Marie Panoringan
On your mark

They were originally scheduled to open this past spring, right? But you know how it goes. Especially from a highly anticipated chain moving into a coveted corner location. When you knock McDonald's down, it better be for a gold mine.

With Uniqlo scheduled to open after Labor Day (there's currently a pop-up store by the carousel) and Din Tai Fung welcoming the Asian invasion, the Sanrio wing of South Coast Plaza will never be the same again. Kudos to long-term planning.

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Jamba Juice Giving Away Free Juice Wednesday Morning

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They're actually pretty good

Alright guys, time for more free stuff. This Wednesday, from 9 to 11 a.m., Jamba Juice will be giving away one free 12 oz. juice per person. Don't stop reading yet: It's not going to be the smoothies everyone knows and loves. Instead, they'll be giving away juices from their new line of hip, with-it fruit juices à la the cold-pressed juices that've gone big this year.

How hip? One of the juices has chia seeds, but I've had them and they're honestly all pretty good -- light and fresh, pretty perfect for a morning drink.

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Pie-Not Wants You to Win "A Better Brekkie" On Instagram

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Anne Marie Panoringan
#abetterbrekkie than what most are having

Are you up on your social-media skills? And (more important) do you like breakfast? If you can answer yes to both, then stick around for details on an easy-peasy contest.

Our friends at Pie-Not love my favorite meal of the day as much as I do, and they want to prove it. Starting today, snap a photo of what you're having for brekkie and upload it to Instagram -- be sure to label it with a hashtag of "abetterbrekkie"!

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Man Who Plays Lisa Simpson's Sax Debuts at Bayside TONIGHT!

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You go girl! I mean, Doug!

Us Weeklings love The Simpsons. When I heard that the person who plays Lisa's sax would be performing in Newport, I was all over it like Krusty Burger sauce on a Ribwich! And the fact that he grew up in Huntington Beach makes it even better. Who am I referring to? The classy musician we're talking about is one Doug Webb.

In addition to his Springfield appearances, Webb has worked with Rod Stewart, Quincy Jones and even Clint Eastwood on multiple soundtracks. Not bad for someone who is heard more than seen.

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Taking A Shot At Puck's Tavern at the Honda Center

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Anne Marie Panoringan
He stuck to some classics

If you originally thought a restaurant by the name of Puck's Tavern was a play on words, that's understandable. I didn't expect to see a celebrity chef, much less Wolfgang "I cater for the Oscars" Puck launching a culinary experience inside a sporting/concert venue--ever. Yet he did, late last year. Open only during days when Honda Center is holding an event, a pair of hockey tickets was an excuse to finally check it out.

While we didn't make a huge a dent on the menu, enough damage was done to provide a few highlights. Being open a few months now, one would imagine they've worked out the kinks, but . . . you'll just have to read on.

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Themed Dinners At Tangata's "Bowers After Hours" Events

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Spending time at a museum should be a cross between Ferris Bueller's Day Off and a Ben Stiller movie. In reality, it's much more tame. So I was curious to hear about a couple of prix-fixe dinners created by Tangata at the Bowers Museum in Santa Ana. Served with optional wine pairings, the restaurant and museum mixed culinary and artistic talents into themed meals.

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