Chapter One Announces Greg Moro As Executive Chef

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Photo by LP Hastings
Gourmet Greg is back!

The first time we learned of Greg Moro, he was the Executive Chef at French 75 before it closed. Our On the Line interview had him overseeing dinner service at Nieuport 17. It was during his tenure there that he began hitting the gym hard (We joined him at The 12 for a group workout. That sh** is tough!), undergoing a transformation of sorts. Moro transitioned to the team at Charlie Palmer late last year, months before Nieuport's farewell announcement. Then last month, we found him moonlighting as a consultant at DTSA's Luna Kutsi.

All this shuffling now finds Greg at the helm of Chapter One: The Modern Local. We previously shined the spotlight on chefs Oge Dalken and Jason Montelibano. A fan of Chapter One since it first opened, Greg frequented their Sunday brunch.

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Santa Ana

Hello Kitty Luxe Lonchera Back In Irvine THIS WEEKEND!

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Brian Feinzimer/OC Weekly
Hello, credit card!

Hey, remember back in November when we went crazy over talk of a Hello Kitty Cafe in Orange County and a luxe lonchera rolling into town? It's been a while since they crossed into the county. . .but not anymore.

The crew running the most adorable truck since ever is gonna be back. And yes, they'll be over where the 5 and 405 like to crossover. Perhaps the only difference between last time and next time is the addition of a chilly refreshment. If you still haven't chased them down, here's what you'll want to know.

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Noshing And Moshing: Checking In With Scott Brandon At The Observatory

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Anne Marie Panoringan
Irish nachos fries: cheddar, applewood smoked bacon, sour cream, pico, chives

After winning tickets to a concert at The Observatory (Shout out to KX 93.5! Matt and Kim were fantastic!), we promised ourselves to finally check out the new menu Chef Scott Brandon launched over there. The price was right, with bites ranging from $4 to $10. And since we were there, it was a good time to catch up with Scott and learn more about his collaboration.

How did you team up with The Observatory/Constellation Room?
We have been friends for several years and have talked about many different projects going back to 2010. The timing was just right now, and we put together what I think is a superior product. We have plans to remodel the space and build out a full-service restaurant in the next few months. The plan is to do lunch and dinner, and allow guests to come enjoy some great food in a cool atmosphere even if you're not seeing a show.

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AnQi Noodle Madness: Five Specials Through April 6

Anne Marie Panoringan
Meatless eats

Dishes involving noodles rank right up there with rice cravings. Pancit, spaghetti, pho-- we don't discriminate against tasty strands. So when AnQi's kitchen wanted to remind us of their noodle bar, we were all in. The following food porn can also be ordered from the dining room or to-go. Take your pick from these twirlable, slurp-worthy options, but only through Monday during lunch service.

Butternut squash in kale soba noodle salad (pictured above)
While most of us envision steaming plates, this entree keeps it cool with a coconut and peanut vinaigrette. If the description wasn't healthy sounding enough, they added blueberries for good measure. The sweeter elements made it unique, but we were ready for warmer options.

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Taco Asylum Chef Wins Cutthroat Kitchen

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Photo by Duc Duong
Taking names and kicking ass

We don't watch as much reality television as we used to, but when it involves a former On the Line subject like Carlos Anthony, consider it scheduled on our DVR. Alton Brown's devious host duties on Cutthroat Kitchen also make for a compelling hour of competition.

Last night, guest judge (and So Cal Restaurant Show "Emeritus Host") Chef Jet Tila lent his expertise on a brutal Food Network episode. It was a double dose of local representation. Here's a recap of the Taco Asylum chef's successful stint.

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Secret Mole Menu at Amor Y Tacos!

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Amor Y Tacos
Amor y mole

We don't often get a chance to dine beyond the orange curtain. But when we do, it's for a worthwhile reason. Take for example, Edwin's review of Amor Y Tacos in bordering city Cerritos last November. Well worth the commute through miserable weather and traffic.

The highlight of our meal-- mole. 21-ingredient mole Edwin described as, "...a concoction so complex you'd think it less Mexican and more Google algorithm." Found in their signature tots, entrees and even dessert, its addictive flavor wins diners over. So we were pleased to learn that a secret menu revolving around the sauce was recently launched.

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Nekter Juice Bar: Fresh Food Items and Free Drinks!

Photo by Anne Watson
Spinach, berries and nuts = lunch

Nekter's gone through renovations, updates and promotions in the last month. If you're a fan of their liquid nourishment, we've got all the juicy updates ahead.

Why would a brand with "juice" in their name decide to add items that don't require a straw? Because eventually they all do. Starving people cannot should not live on liquids alone. Sometimes you just want to chew.

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Silver Oak Wine Dinner At St. Regis This Friday

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Photo by LP Hastings
Chefs and drinking pair well together

Our inner wino sometimes craves a place to imbibe besides a date with our couch and DVR. We're sure some of you feel the same way, and who are we to deny you of such a request? That's why we've got intel on the good stuff.

Serious grape action is scheduled for this Friday evening over in Monarch Beach. Back in 2012, we interviewed Chef Frederic Castan of Motif inside the St. Regis. While his back-of-the-house responsibilities keep him busy, Castan manages to crank out the occasional rustic dinner.

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This Friday, Get a Free Donut from Krispy Kreme (If You Show Up In Costume)

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Get in line!

Don't feel like paying $3 for a boo-rito at Chipotle this year? Want something completely free instead? Well, I've got news for you, and it's coming in donut form.

This friday, Krispy Kreme, our beloved donut chain that gives away free stuff on random occasions, is giving away free donuts if you show up in costume. Unlike Chipotle, which only selling discount burritos after 5 p.m., Krispy Kreme's promotion is all day. Perfect for your lunch break if your office is forcing everyone to show up in costume (it raises morale, right?).

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This Halloween, Get a Chipotle Burrito for $3

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It's that time of the year again. Temperatures have dropped below 80, pumpkin spice is starting to get boring, and Christmas stuff has already overstayed it's welcome. Yup, it's almost Halloween, and that means it's time for one of my favorite food promotions of the year: Boorito.

October 31 after 5 p.m., go in to any participating Chipotle wearing a costume and you'll be able to buy one their Mission-esque burritos for a paltry $3. It's perfect to soak up the Halloween party booze, especially considering that this year, Halloween falls on a Friday.

And you know what's even better? Chipotle is donating a cut of the sales to (its own) charity! Checking out the details and rules after the jump.

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