New Restaurants Coming to Tustin and Irvine's The Marketplace

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Edwin Goei
Urban Plate's mango tart.
We just learned that there's a whole bunch of new restaurants slated to open at The Marketplace, the sprawling shopping and entertainment center split between Irvine and Tustin by Jamboree Rd.

We already mentioned a second outpost of California Gogi Korean Grill is planned, but now also Bondi Grill House, Famous Dave's Barbeque, Miguel's Jr., and Urban Plates.

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Coming Soon: New Locations for Zov's and Slapfish and Some Pacific City Speculation

Anne Marie Panoringan
Now you see it. Now you don't

Some of us have parking karma. We've got restaurant karma. We are occasionally privy to establishments in the works--whether that's by formal announcement, coincidence or otherwise.

Recently, we heard about a trio of joints looking to open up shop. And since we are such generous Forkers, it's about time we shared the news. You ready?

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The Naugles Pop-Up Was Even Awesomer Than Expected--And More to Come

Photo by Brian Feinzimer
Oh, sweet beef burrito...

See our slideshow of the Naugles pop up event right here!

This past Saturday, somewhere deep in Fountain Valley, a mysterious consortium of people brought back from the dead Naugles, the legendary Mexican fast-food chain absorbed by Del Taco in the 1990s and whose mere mention brings back nostalgic hunger pangs for a certain generation of Southern Californians. The pop-up was supposed to start at one in the afternoon, but there was already a line by 12:30, a line that would increase as the hours went on.

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Out Of The Park Pizza Announces Second Location

They've hit a double!

A place better known for their brews than pies, Out of the Park Pizza recently shared that a sister location was in the works. How are they celebrating? By selling some beer! Duh.

Bottles upon bottles of inventory are being unloaded at reduced prices to make room for new craft whiskey barrels in Anaheim. The party appears to be nonstop over there, as karaoke and flashback nights are local favorites.

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Moulin Opening Tomorrow In Newport Beach

Anne Marie Panoringan
C'est magnifique!

A French revival is underway off Bristol, as Moulin prepares to open in the former Pascal Epicerie spot. Classifying itself as a bistro, epicerie and cafe, the space experienced an extreme makeover in recent months. An outdoor fountain, beer and wine selections, and eye-catching Rotisol oven are a few of the details included in this French owned and operated establishment.

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Porto's Bakery is Coming to Buena Park!

Porto's is coming!

Rejoice, OC lovers of Porto's: your favorite Cuban-style bakery is coming to Buena Park! Soon there will be no need for traffic jam treks to its Glendale or Downey locations. The Buena Park City Council wisely and unanimously approved a purchase agreement last night to bring the popular panadería to Beach Boulevard.

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Taco Maria to Host Indie Chefs Week Event in October!

Go GO GO!!!

I walked by Taco Maria yesterday on the road to...something, and head cabrón Carlos Salgado reminded me of a crazy event they're hosting in October: Indie Chefs Week, a critically acclaimed happening that brings in chefs from across the country to culinary hot spots. It'll be the first time it's happening in Orange County, it'll happen over three nights from October 16 to October 18, and it'll involve over 20 chefs cooking and talking in Taco Maria's small kitchen.

"We want to get people talking about what these indie chefs are doing out there in the food world," says the official blurbage. "We are excited that Indie Chefs Week is spreading out across the country, bringing together dedicated chefs to cook, collaborate, and inspire."

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LYFE Kitchen To Open in Irvine Spectrum

Anne Fishbein
Beets and farro salad at LYFE Kitchen.
Irvine Spectrum is getting yet another new restaurant. This time it's Chef Art Smith, Tal Ronnen and Jeremy Bringardner's health-food concept called LYFE Kitchen, which stands for "Love Your Food Everyday". It's planning to open at the outdoor mall in November, next to TLT Food (which is The Lime Truck's brick-and-mortar joint) and Pho Saigon Pearl's second Irvine location.

There are already locations elsewhere, including two in L.A. According to the Irvine Company description, the menu will feature "chef‐inspired, delicious recipes and plant‐based proteins." Also, all LYFE Kitchen dishes reportedly "contain fewer than 600 calories and 1,000 milligrams of sodium, with most choices containing much less."

If you recognize the name Art Smith before, he was on Top Chef Masters but might be best known as Oprah's personal chef.

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Kingchops, Taiwanese Pork Chop Specialist, To Open in Irvine

Photo by thatguy
Chop chop!
I think I've dubbed Irvine O.C.'s unofficial Taiwan Town before. But I'll say it again now, because along with the recent Taiwanese additions such as the second Class 302 at the Irvine Marketplace, Meet Fresh at Diamond Jamboree, and so many others I don't feel like listing because I'm actually under the weather as I write this, there's now a Kingchops planned for the city, next to Clay Oven at the corner of Irvine Center and Jeffrey.

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Surge, Legendary Cult Soda from the 90s, is BACK!

Coca-Cola Company

From 1920 to 1933, America experienced the dark days of Prohibition. Apparently forgetting the lessons taught by those 13 grueling years, America endured a similar dry spell of the nation's lifeblood from 2001 until today, this most historic and glorious of days.

Surge is back, you guys.

The legendary super-soda with a cult following reigned supreme in the late 90s with it's "fully loaded" citrus taste that came with a buzz fit for a rabid monkey, much to the chagrin of parents everywhere.

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