OC Weekly's Bottoms Up: Food Updates And Special Offer!

Clinky clink clink

Can you believe it's the end of January? We're trying hard to ignore that fact. Although it does mean we are only a week away from our first annual Bottoms Up party! No Valentine's, just some tunes, booze and socializing over at Newport Dunes.

If you want to know more about the liquor, that was documented in our previous post. We're back to share a $10 off deal, plus the dining roundup for the event. Let's do this!

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McFadden's Restaurant and Saloon Now Open in Anaheim Gardenwalk

Kiss It, It's Irish.
Anaheim GardenWalk has had its ups-and-downs, and I'm just not talking about its Escheresque layout of stairs and balconies that you can never find a way down from. A few years ago it faced bankruptcy and was eventually sold. During those rocky times, the roster of eateries at the mall that was supposed to feed off the Disney tourist hordes remained pretty static. The staples of Bubba Gump's, P.F. Chang's, Roy's, The Cheesecake Factory, and McCormick & Schmick's hung on, but compared to other, more dynamic outdoor malls like the Irvine Spectrum, nothing new opened for years.

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Texas-Based Mooyah Burger To Open Its First Southern California Restaurant in Irvine

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This is the logo.
About two years ago, we wrote about a Texas-based burger chain called Mooyah that wanted to conquer our crowded Southern California fast-casual burger scene and compete with Five Guys, The Habit, and Smashburger along with our indigenous favorite, In-N-Out.

Now it appears they're finally going to open one.

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More Pizza Joints Open Across OC--and Even More To Come

Photo by thatguy
Back to...
There is a whole lot of pizza out there these days. And I'm not talking about just the Blazes and Pieologies--those newfangled custom pie purveyors that may or may not have been inspired by Chipotle or 800 Degrees. Though yes, there are an awful lot of those everywhere now.

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New Italian Sandwich Shop to Open at Irvine/Tustin Marketplace

Courtesy Irvine Company
This is their logo
Last week, California Gogi Korean Grill opened at the sprawling, 5-freeway adjacent complex known as the Irvine and Tustin Marketplace. And as we wrote about here, there are more new restaurants to follow, such as Bondi Grill House, Famous Dave's Barbeque, Miguel's Jr., TAPS Fish House and Brewery, and the second Urban Plates in the Irivne/Tustin area.

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Dory Deli To Open At Newport Pier

Anne Marie Panoringan
Roasted tomato, sweet/savory tofu, kalamata caper dressing

Who serves knishes, Kean coffee and quinoa kale burgers? That would be one Dory Deli, preparing to rise and shine at 6 a.m. on Monday, January 26. Previously housing Perry's Pizza and a barber shop, this maritime/Jersey shore space is far from your standard meat-and-bread spot.

After stepping foot inside on Monday to witness final inspection from the health department, a relieved Chris Rubinstein waited for an OC Baking Company delivery on their cozy patio. Besides the use of New York subway tiles to class up the kitchen, Chris explained what else makes them special.

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Boiling Point To Open Third OC Restaurant in Garden Grove

Edwin Goei

Boiling Point's hot pots are shabu shabu for the lazy. Everything you want and need--veggies, protein and a freshly cracked egg--is there already cooked to be picked off one-by-one in a simmering vessel heated by Sterno. All that needs to be done is to dip the still-steaming pieces into chile oil, garlic soy or a garlic chile paste more salty than spicy, then pair it with rice. And then there's the broth, a liquid to be sipped by a shallow ladle. The brew gets more complex the more the liquid reduces. The thinly sliced lamb melts into it, adding its own unique gamy stink; the egg poaches into amoeba-shaped ovals; and the Chinese pickled greens perk up the in-between bites.

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Capital Noodle Bar Confirms Second Spot In Costa Mesa

Photo by Jennifer Fedrizzi
We heart hainan (and noodles, too!)

With one successful offshoot of the Capital Seafood empire down, James Tea took the next logical step: build a sequel. The question that nags most owners is always where, as we know it's all about location, location, location. So Tea took time to research neighborhoods before coming to his conclusion.

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Marukai Costa Mesa Turns Into Tokyo Central

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Edwin Goei
What Marukai's food court looked like two years ago.

If you noticed that Marukai in Costa Mesa has been missing its food court lately, it's because it has been renovating for the past few months. Now those renovations are ready and in anticipation of its debut, the whole supermarket is closed from now until it grand opening January 22 (with a soft opening January 15).

When it re-emerges on that date, it won't be a Marukai anymore. Rebranded Tokyo Central, the new market will have the new food court, which the website describes like this:

"Specializing in an extensive assortment of ready-made foods and dishes from our open kitchens, TOKYO CENTRAL is a specialty market that offers a wide variety of imported foodstuffs and general goods from Japan..."

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Grand Opening Madness: Tempo Urban Kitchen, Nekter and Johnny's Real NY Pizza

Tempo Urban Kitchen Facebook
Chow bella!

If keeping busy is a New Year's resolution, then the following will certainly get you going. (Relatively) New places are finally celebrating their shiny selves in Brea, Irvine and Costa Mesa. Hit up one, or cruise by all. Guess it depends on how hungry you are?

From the North, a spot that used to house Lascari's off Imperial Highway is now a joint known as Tempo Urban Kitchen (same ownership). Eaters seeking a meal with a hint of molecular gastronomy should pull up a chair. Their most requested item: tableside liquid nitrogen ice cream service. We prefer their upbeat cocktail program. They've got a thing going on this Thursday today at noon. Ribbon cutting and appetizers for all during this midday mixer.

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