(Another) Creamistry Grand Opening And Giveaway TOMORROW!

Photo by Dustin Ames
Smoke gets in your eyes

Is it just us, or does there seem to be a lot going on in Orange County tomorrow? Add this to your list of treats. The second Costa Mesa spot for Creamistry launches Saturday over at The Triangle Square off Newport Boulevard. And yes, there will be celebrating in the form of giveaways.

Don't be confused by the location, since Costa Mesa #1 launched next door to The Halal Guys recently. Although the familiar frustration of locating parking will still ring true. Sigh.

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Ashley Guzman Dessert Pop-up This Saturday!

Photo by LP Hastings
Woman crush Wednesday

One of the sweetest friends we've made this year is pastry chef (and former On the Line subject) Ashley Guzman. Formerly of The North Left, this Golden Foodie Award winner and contributing chef to Irenia Supper Club is hosting her first ever pop-up this weekend.

Her Sweets & Beats, dessert-only evening can be found in the old Dough Exchange spot at Santa Ana's 4th Street Market. 90's jams will be blaring, with boozy beverages available for purchase.

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Creme and Sugar Coming to Anaheim Hills

Photo by Vanessa Porter

A new coffee and dessert parlor called Creme and Sugar is setting up shop in the same complex as Slater's 50/50 in Anaheim Hills. The shop will serve cappuccinos, espressos, affogatos, ice cream sandwiches, shaved ice, and their specialty: cold brew on tap.

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Bon Epi Adds Donut Stuffed With Ice Cream to Its Menu

Edwin Goei
If you can't beat 'em, join 'em.
Bon Epi Patisserie at Irvine's Diamond Jamboree Plaza has added ice cream to its menu. What's more, it's offering what it calls "Creamery Buns" where you can put that ice cream into not just donuts a la Afters, but also macarons, waffles, croissants or cream puffs for about $5.00. The price includes a free topping (cereal, nuts, and sprinkles).

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Weekend Roundup: Newport Beach Wine & Food Festival And Creamistry Giveaway

Photo by Dustin Ames
Desserts, stressed, whatever. It's FREE!

Being bored is a terrible thing. For many of us, if we knew about something ahead of time, maybe we'd make it. We're not fans of attending things alone, so you've got 24-plus hours to text a friend about these shindigs.

Swing by Creamistry's newest branch in Costa Mesa. No, not the one at The Triangle Square; we're talking next door to Halal Guys. Cool off from the not-so-fall-weather between 4 and 8 p.m. tomorrow with a scoop of customized liquid nitro. While this does not include mix-ins or toppings, it's still a five dollar value. If you're gonna gripe, move over so we can place our order. You can find them at 3033 Bristol Street.

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Now Trending: Milk Bar's Rainbow Bar Ice Cream Sandwiches

Kristine Hoang

It really feels like each week in Orange County, a new trendy dessert shop opens. Take Milk Bar in Fountain Valley, which has something sort of resembling a Milky Bun and some milk tea in glass jars on its menu. Pretty standard for an OC dessert shop, but after adjustment time, the shop has broken through with its own specialty item: the rainbow bar ice cream sandwich.

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On the Line: Shahira Marei And Sally Elgamil Of The Dirty Cookie, Part Two

Photo by Dustin Ames
Work, lunch, live life

We continue our discussion with the women who know a thing or two about milk and cookies.

How did the two of you meet, and how did the collaboration between you occur?
Shahira Marei and Sally Elgamil: We made a connection at the workplace, we clicked and our relationship grew in time. We do everything together: carpool to work, get work done, have lunch, go back home and live life. We know each other's strength and weaknesses. That made our collaboration almost instant.

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On the Line: Shahira Marei And Sally Elgamil Of The Dirty Cookie, Part One

Photo by Dustin Ames
Besties in business

Friends are part of our support network. They know what makes us tick, and we count on them for advice and support. So when you get into business with one, it can be a great thing. The ladies behind The Dirty Cookie inside Tustin's Union Market prove it.

Most undervalued ingredient:
Sally Elgamil
: Not the ingredient itself, but its quality. People undermine the power of local organic ingredients and how delicious they taste. It's more about the freshness and goodness of the ingredient than anything else, really.
Shahira Marei: Vanilla. People don't value the power of vanilla.

Best culinary tip for the home baker:
Follow the recipe to the letter! Unless it's your own recipe, then follow your heart!

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There Is No Honor Without Pie: KCRW's Good Food Pie Contest Is Oct. 4

"when come back, bring pie."
The sun is out, the weather is hot, and the heat is on: the seventh annual KCRW Good Food Pie Contest is Oct. 4 at UCLA's Fowler Museum. The winner this year gets a fancy KitchenAid stand mixer with a heated bowl (side note: BRB going to Surfas), but everyone who attends wins: the participants are asked to make two pies, one of which is to be distributed to the public.

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Chamoy Dole Whip Is Trending Even Without a Hip Name

Paul Bernabe

Kups, an Italian ice joint in Westminster, has been around for a year, but it was only recently that their chamoy dole whip began popping up on Instagram like crazy. Unlike Cauldron Ice Cream, their decor is simple--just a small space with menu boards, hanging lights, and a large frame of inspirational quotes. Unlike Cauldron Ice Cream and Afters, their chamoy dole whip doesn't have a hip name. And perhaps they don't need one.

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