Tonight Only: Strickland's Ice Cream Making A Girl Scout Thin Mint Ice Cream!

Flickr user Marit & Toomas Hinnosaar

For better or worse Girl Scout Cookies have infiltrated our collective consciousness as a brand name. Last year Coffee-Mate partnered with the Girl Scouts in introducing Girl Scout Cookie-flavored creamers. Surely you've seen the commercials. Or perhaps you even bought one. The product, to my knowledge, contains the flavor of a Girl Scout Cookie, and not the actual cookies.

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On the Line: Hanayo Martin & Akemi Lee of Hapa Cupcakes, Part Two

Photo by William Vo
Akemi (left) and Hanayo conducting quality control testing

I love when specialty shops have a flavor of the month, and Hanayo and Akemi were just as excited to inform me of their featured cupcakes. For the month of April, it is a lavender almond. And next month: MARGARITA!

Read our interview with Hanayo and Akemi of Hapa Cupcakes, part one.
And now, on to part two . . .

How did the two of you meet?
Hanayo Martin & Akemi Lee
: Our dads are best friends, our moms are best friends and we are best friends.

What's your favorite childhood memory:
: Birthday parties together.

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On the Line: Hanayo Martin & Akemi Lee of Hapa Cupcakes, Part One

Photo by William Vo
They're badass, and they can bake!

I met the ladies of Hapa Cupcakes at the counter of Green Bliss in downtown Fullerton, around the corner from their storefront. Best friends and entrepreneurs, the duo of Akemi and Hanayo is a united front, having accomplished an episode of Cupcake Wars and launching their line of alcohol-infused desserts.

Why cupcakes, especially ones with alcohol infused in them?
Hanayo Martin: Cupcakes are the perfect sized treat, and you can get them in almost any flavor. And adding booze makes it more fun!

Where does the bakery's name come from?
Both: Hapa means to be of mixed race. We are both half Japanese, and we mix our cupcakes with alcohol, so we thought we would play off the idea of mixing two different worlds together.

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Mikawaya Mochi Ice Cream Introduces 5 New Flavors

Photo by cherrylet
This, but more!

Think back to the first mochi-wrapped ball of ice cream you ate -- I'm going to guess it was either green tea or Kona coffee flavored. Chances are, it was made by LA's Mikawaya, a century-old purveyor of Japanese dessert whose founder was the first person to think to stuff some ice cream inside some mochi.

Well, now they're introducing five new flavors for the sansei kids running around and every single one sounds amazing.

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Kit Kats You Can Bake Coming to.. Japan

Nestlé Japan
Yup, black magic

Why does Japan always get the best Kit Kats?

Not only does the land of the rising sun get over 200 flavors since the year 2000 (including the magical matcha green tea flavor), they also have the first Kit Kat boutique in the world, where you can to find any flavor of the candy your heart desires.

Now, Japan gets to be privy to an entirely new kind of Kit Kat -- the kind that you bake.

That's right, Japan is getting Kit Kats that you bake.

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Girl Scout Cookie Season Is NOW


Unless you've been living under a rock (or have no co-workers with daughters), this is your official notice: GIRL SCOUT COOKIE SEASON HAS BEGUN!

It technically started over the weekend. Heck, it started the moment order sheets started popping up at workplaces. There's a Find Cookies search engine that you can drop a zip code into to find the nearest dealers selling sweet goods.

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Eat This Now: Ice Cream at Andrew's Ice Cream

Dave Lieberman
As I write this, it is 11:15 p.m. and 78 degrees Fahrenheit. Southern California is in the grip of immensely powerful adiabatic winds, which is to say the Santa Anas are wreaking havoc, blowing garden furniture around and generally making life hell for allergy sufferers and truck drivers. In short, it's ice cream weather.

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Frostbites Costa Mesa Opening Soon!

Edwin Goei

Frostbites, the frozen delight mini-chain we first discovered in Cypress, is expanding their reach in OC. My hunch: They see the cash cow Confetti's has already done. Whatever the reason, I was grinning from ear-to-ear when I spotted window dressings on the corner of Harbor and Adams (the same corner that includes Burrissimo and The Habit Burger Grill).

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Score Free Confetti Ice Tomorrow!

Confetti Ice FB page

Anniversaries are the best! We smile. We celebrate. And often times, there are gifts. Tokens of our appreciation. I think people use them as an excuse to party down, not that there's anything wrong with that. Confetti Italian Ice & Custard seems to agree.

Can you believe they've been open a whole year? After my initial visit, I was more than happy to find reasons excuses to go after dinner (or before, for that matter). We made it one of our Top 100 for a reason.

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See's Candies Supersized Shop Opens Friday

Hungry . . .

Of the two See's Candies factories in California, we were lucky enough to grow up down the street from the South San Francisco one. A symbol of chocolate and family values, it would bring a smile to our face whenever we drove by. Nowadays, it represents major holidays and platonic gifts to acquaintances.

With the holiday season starting a downpour (the person that gave the go ahead to play 24-hour holiday music before Thanksgiving should be hurt), we checked out a See's first-- a large format retail shop opening this week at The Tustin Market Place. Double the size of a normal location, and not to be confused with corporate discount stores, their goal is to accommodate Disney-esque crowds from Halloween through Mother's Day and beyond. Four registers instead of the standard two, with separate queues for small and large quantity purchases. Now the guy seeking a one-pound box of assorted chews won't be stuck behind the customer questioning options for their dozen co-workers. You know who you are.

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