Sweets News: Confetti Italian Ice, Creamistry And Afters Building Next OC Locations

Photo by Charisma Madarang
Opening closer than you think

If you thought speedy pizza was uber popular, you haven't been paying close enough attention to desserts. The cool stuff is marking its territory-- one brand at a time. Three Orange County originals are branching out a little further on home turf, and we're loving them all.

First up, the Costa Mesa treat that knows how to pair soft serve custards with Italian ice hits the Balboa Fun Zone this weekend. Confetti wants you to visit their sophomore spot over in Newport this Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. Save us some cookie butter!

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Godiva Reopens At South Coast Plaza

Anne Marie Panoringan
Yes, it's as good as it looks.

Less than a month ago, we walked into the previous Godiva location by Lawry's Carvery to indulge in some swirled dessert. It was then we learned of their impending move to the Bloomingdale's wing. Why would they relocate? In a word: Strategy.

Williams-Sonoma started the domino effect by relocating across the street and (finally) joining home furnishings relatives Macy*s, Crate & Barrel, Z Gallerie, etc. Now that the chocolatier has moved over, this particular wing of South Coast Plaza received a luxury makeover. Roberto Cavalli is now open up there, and Dolce & Gabbana's new digs relaunched the same day as Godiva.

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Special Ice Cream Flavors at Strickland's This Week for Cinco De Mayo and Mother's Day

Edwin Goei
Just as good: cookies-n-cream.
Strickland's Ice Cream in Irvine can always be counted on to commemorate holidays with special flavors of ice cream. This week's two holidays are no exception. Today, for Cinco de Mayo, they're offering avocado ice cream. And on Sunday, they're churning rose ice cream for Mother's Day.

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Starting Today, You Can Get an Ice Cream Brrr-ito at Ben and Jerry's

Doesn't that kind of look like a Choco Taco?

I'm fairly certain that, after the Churro Ice Cream sandwich and the Milky Bun came out, my friends and I joked around about ice cream burritos. That was the only food delivery system that hadn't been kissed with ice cream, we thought. But who would dare?

Well, today's 4/20 and Ben and Jerry's dares.

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In the Truck with Drive Me Cookie's Kooky Doughmander-in-Chief

Courtesy Of: Drive Me Cookie
Now that's a sandwich

Southern California is the birthplace of food trucks serving everything from gourmet tacos, Asian-fusion, and grilled cheeses (we're responsible for both nouvelle and classic loncheras, after all). And while we all have different cuisines that excite our tastebuds, there's no more universal a love than for hot, right out of the oven cookies right at your fingertips. For those cravings, OC-based Drive Me Cookie is here to make your culinary dreams come true. We spoke to Kohlman Verheyen, Doughmander-in-Chief of Drive Me Cookie about what they're serving, the most disgusting cookie they've ever created and the future of the company.

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FroYo 5k Coming April 11 to Irvine!

FroYo5k Facebook
Will work for dessert!

A friend roped us into doing a race, but knew enough to make it worth our while. Orange County's leg of the FroYo 5k is a dash like no other, because you're guaranteed Yogurtland at the end of this road! What better way to kick off a Saturday than getting both exercise and dessert before lunchtime?

The sweet location is none other than Verizon Amphitheater, down the street from Irvine Spectrum. Each race location benefits a different charity. This time, 15% of gross profits goes towards the Mommy & Me Cancer Foundation: a group that provides support for mothers with cancer, raising children. If that doesn't compel you to put on sneakers and go, pretend there's bacon.

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Eat This Now: "Lovers" Dessert at Sahara Falafel

Gabriel San Roman / OC Weekly
What's not to love?
Anaheim's Little Arabia District is all about pastries these days. Trays of rich baklava and sugary mammouls are being served up and down Brookhurst Street restaurants where they weren't before. Sahara Falafel, one of the oldest restaurants of its kind still around, is getting in on the act too.

A new baker brings the freshly made goods in the evenings. The most unique among his offerings is loqmat al-ushaq: "lovers' dessert." The Palestinian pastry comes by way of the West Bank city of Nablus, which also birthed the sweet and salty cheese pastry known as knafeh.

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Strickland's Making Girl Scout Thin Mint Ice Cream THIS SATURDAY

Edwin Goei
Thin Mints.

If you're like me, you're probably a bit low on your supply of Girl Scout Thin Mints right about now. This is why I'm calling Strickland's announcement that they're making ice cream with this most popular of Girl Scout Cookie flavors on Saturday perfect timing.

In my opinion, if anyone's going to do a Thin Mints ice cream justice, it's the ice cream parlor that made too many of our Best Of lists to count.

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Yogurtland Launches 'Flavor Quest' With 10 International Tastes

Mona Shah-Anderson
A perfect swirl

It's hard to imagine a time before Yogurtland. The inexpensive, self-serve, poppin' boba fro-yo giant knows their dessert market well. Their founder, Philip Chang, was also a previous On the Line subject. Yogurtland's dedication to introducing new flavors and joining forces with other brands (HELLO, Kitty!) keeps them relevant in a competitive industry.

To celebrate their third annual celebration of tastes known as Flavor Quest, we joined a mass quantity of fans to taste test some of them. You can say there was a whole lotta swirling going on-- and sugar highs! Here's a brief rundown of their flavors. Note: each flavor is brand-new to the family, and will only be dispensed for two to four weeks before being replaced by another.

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Strickland's Ice Cream Selling Rose and Red Velvet Ice Cream for Valentine's Day

Edwin Goei
Not as romantic, but just as good: cookies-n-cream.
Strickland's can be counted on to commemorate every major holiday with a flavor of ice cream to match. And this year's Valentine's Day is no different. The lone outlet of this Ohio franchise is making two flavors tomorrow for all the lovers and lovers of ice cream out there: rose and red velvet.

For the red velvet, they swirl pieces of real velvet cake swirled into their vanilla. It's delicious. The rose flavor, I gather, will involve rose water and might be similar to what Persians call bastani.

Ah l'amour!

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