Restaurant Roll Call for October 2015

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As we say goodbye to October, we say hello to November, the holidays, and the restaurants that opened in the month that's past in our usual round-up. There were a lot of openings that we wrote about last month. There was, of course, more poke shops, which makes our count at about a million, but also a new Laotian place, which ups our tally of Laotian restaurants in OC to two.

Without further ado, here's the list of the open/shut cases.

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Baja Beach Cafe Replaces Garlic Jo's in Newport Beach

Garlic Jo's on 2332 West Coast Hwy has now closed and been turned into the second location of Baja Beach Cafe, a San Diego County outfit that has its original location in Pacific Beach.

They're open for breakfast, serving pancakes, waffles, breakfast burritos, and skillets washed down with Bloody Marys and ice-blended Mexican coffee. For lunch and dinner, fish tacos, surf-n-turf burritos, fajitas and nachos are offered. There's also prime rib specialties and sandwiches and burgers, such as a "Grilled Mahi Sandwich" or "Tsunami Burger".

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Restaurant Roll Call For September 2015

Halal Guys' Facebook page
Now in Costa Mesa: garlic breath.

As we head into pumpkin spice season, it's time for another restaurant roll call as we say goodbye to another month gone by. Herewith is our a list of open-and-shut cases for September.

But let's not kid ourselves. This last month was all a lead up to the only opening that seemed to matter: Halal Guys in Costa Mesa. Though it officially opened on October 2nd, we wrote about it breathlessly in September.

And if you're at the restaurant waiting to get in while you read this, it will feel like you've been in line since September.

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Restaurant Roll Call For August 2015

Jason's By The Circle's Facebook
Ways and Means, we hardly knew you.

'Twas a hot month and not just with the weather. August was on fire with a whole lot of restaurant openings including more poke joints than we know what to do with and the debut of Rock & Brews by two KISS band members.

Here's the monthly rundown of the open-and-shut cases we wrote about on this thing we call a food blog.

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Tony Roma's In Fullerton Is Now Harbor Prime Restaurant

Tony Roma's in Fullerton has been a fixture in its spot at the corner of Harbor and Orangethorpe for as long as I can remember. Now it has closed and turned into a new restaurant called Harbor Prime.

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Uroko Cafe Opens in Costa Mesa; Chaya Closes

Poke proliferation.
Chaya, the Costa Mesa Japanese cafe that we've written about and awarded for its salad dressing some three years ago, is now shuttered and has become Uroko Cafe. Care to guess what Uroko Cafe sells? Yes. Uroko continues the proliferation of poke. It is the umpteenth poke shop to open within this past year and it won't be the last, not even in the same block. Another poke store is slated to open soon down the street at Bristol and Baker any day now.

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Crazy Rock'N Sushi To Open in Irvine

We're gonna need a bigger boat.
Crazy Rock'N Sushi, which has branches in West Hollywood and La Puente among others, is coming to Irvine at Alton Square, which has been an unlikely hotbed of new restaurant activity in the past year. Both Mooyah Burgers and Pizza 90 opened there recently, and in a few months, the space vacated by El Cholo Cantina will become a California Pizza Kitchen.

Crazy Rock'N Sushi will be located next to Mooyah and takes over the space of Yen Sushi which closed in the last month.

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Restaurant Roll Call For July 2015

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Anne Marie Panoringan
Del Taco's loss; our gain.

It's time for our monthly round-up of open-and-shut cases. But let's get down to brass tacks: this month was all about local food blogger Christian Ziebarth's relaunch of Naugles and the viral sensation it has since become. Yes, there were some new openings, and a few surprising closures, but Naugles was all that anyone really wanted to talk and read about. So without further ado, here's our list for the month, something you can peruse as you're waiting in line at Naugles.

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Coconut Rabbit, Our Winner For Best Thai 2014, Closes (Hopefully Temporarily)

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Photo by Edwin Goei
Let's hope this dish comes back when the restaurant does.
Coconut Rabbit, the Los Alamitos Thai restaurant that won Best Thai on our Best Of Issue last year along with countless of other accolades we bestowed upon it, has closed after two years. At least temporarily.

Their website has this phrase: "We will be closed as we are going through some exciting changes. Stay tuned!"

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Kiki Bakery Closes in Irvine; Chan Chan Food House Moves In

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Edwin Goei
So long, Kiki Bakery; Hello Chan Chan Food House
Kiki Bakery, which opened in Irvine's Heritage Plaza three years ago as part of a chain that hails from SGV, has closed. As others of its ilk are known to do, Kiki offered bread products from what seems like the same batch of sweet dough, with almost all of its products derived from it, molded into shiny egg-washed domes; injected with custard cream; wrapped into little danishes filled with ham and cheese.

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