Restaurant Roll Call for March 2014

March's big new opening was just like it was last month: it involved donuts. And both debuted in Fountain Valley, which seems to have some sort of monopoly on hype-driven donut concepts. Donut Bar which opened officially this past weekend doesn't stuff their donuts with ice cream like Afters, but it sure didn't stop people from obsessing over it.

So yeah, donuts seemed to be what y'all cared about in the past month. But we did write about other restaurants and eateries that opened, and closed. Here's our monthly roundup of open and shut cases.

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Restaurant Roll Call for February 2014

Toro Burger Facebook
Ramen burgers inside
Hey kids! It's Restaurant Roll Call time again! So let's talk about it. There were two restaurant openings last month that blew up big: Toro Burgers and Afters Ice Cream. And it was here that the world first heard about the ramen burgers Toro served and the donuts stuffed with ice cream at Afters. But there were other openings we wrote about this last month that didn't involve viral food trends, and here is the list.

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Restaurant Roll Call for January 2014

Photo by our anonymous tipster
This past month was a bruiser. So many restaurants and venues--some new, some old--went kaput. Some were already on life support since December (Assi Natural Market and Seasons of Japan), while other closures were a complete surprise (Chakra and Traditions). And by the looks of it, February may bring even more.

In spite of this, there were some notable openings: including the triumphant return of Renzo Macchiavello, who himself was on the closure list two years ago when his Irvine "Renzo's Taste of Peru" shuttered.

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Restaurant Roll Call for December 2013

Photo by the Elmo Monster...
It's the new year and a new month, which means time for another round-up of openings and closures we wrote about in the last month in this thing we call a food blog. Without further ado, here's the list, and happy new year!

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Restaurant Roll Call for November 2013

Thumbnail image for people-issue-2013-teemu-selanne.8610297.87.jpg
Photo by John Gilhooley
The big opening last month is a steakhouse by the man you see above. Yes, Teemu Selanne's long-awaited restaurant, called Selanne's Steak Tavern, opened in the old French 75 space in Laguna Beach. There were others, of course, but in terms of coverage here on these here pages, they were the ice under the Selanne Zamboni.

Here are the other open and shut cases for November.

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Restaurant Roll Call for October 2013

Thumbnail image for Ketri.png
My, my, a lot of stuff opened in October. We had the Hidden Dinner folks finally opening their long-anticipated brick-and-mortar called Ketri in Santa Ana; there was that Michelin-rated chef opening an oyster bar in Orange; more hot dogs and G Burgers; and that's just a few of what we wrote about on these pages we call a food blog.

Here's a rundown of this month's open-and-shut cases.

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Restaurant Roll Call for September 2013

Anne Marie Panoringan
This month saw a lot of openings in Irvine, including the hotly anticipated Creamistry, that ice cream shop that uses liquid nitrogen. But the big surprise was the changeover at Aria International Supermarket in Tustin, which seemed too big for its britches in a space that could conceivably store a fleet of Humvees or several small planes. It was sold to a Bahraini mall developer.

Here's what we wrote about last month in openings and closings.

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Restaurant Roll Call for August 2013

Thumbnail image for g-burger-irvine.jpg
Kevin Lara/OC Weekly
Hey kids! Time again for our monthly restaurant roll call! What did we see this past month in our fair county? More cronuts in the North, more G Burgers in the Middle, and a Blind Pig in the South. And let's not forget the long-awaited brick-and-mortar home base of the once itinerant taco truck Taco Maria in Costa Mesa.

Let's get to the list of the open-and-shut cases we wrote about this past month, shall we?

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Restaurant Roll Call for July 2013

Din Tai Fung is coming to SCP!
Here were are again at the end of another month, which means it's time for our monthly roll call of open-and-shut cases. The big news this month was the sudden closure of Rainforest Cafe at South Coast Plaza, which, for the record, won't be the location of OC's first Din Tai Fung--the McDonald's that was also recently closed upstairs will.

Here's the rest of the list.

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Restaurant Roll Call for June 2013

Thumbnail image for britta.jpg
Photo by Todd Barnes
There were a lot of notable closings this month: Britta's Cafe in Irvine shuttered just this past weekend, with Chef Pulliam retiring after a little over a quarter century in the kitchen. Across town, a popular Mediterranean joint called Pita Grill was denied a renewal on their lease by their landlords. Then there were the switcharoos: Pho Thanh Lich moved and so did Bistro Anju. But as always there were more than a few openings. Here are the "open and shut" cases that we chronicled the past month on this thing we call Stick A Fork In It.

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