Zero Degrees Italian Ice Is Selling Ice Cream Burritos Starting Saturday

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Zero Degrees Italian Ice

So, Zero Degrees Italian Ice in Westminster is going to start selling ice cream burritos starting THIS SATURDAY.


I can't say I'm not intrigued. Ice cream sandwiches are my favorite ice cream delivery method, and I like burritos on average a lot more than sandwiches (Sorry LP and Aimee), so an ice cream burrito? That might actually be kind of nice.

Full details after the jump.

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This Is How You Skip Din Tai Fung's Three-Hour Line

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Photo by Charles Lam
In and out in under 30 minutes

I headed out to lunch yesterday fully prepared to stand in line for three hours so I could get my hands on some soup dumplings at Orange County's newest DTF.

I had my notebook ready and everything, and I as I walked towards the storefront (it's by Sears, just so ustedes know), I was already making notes about the time I arrived, the stores I passed, and the line I saw.

Truly, the post I was going to write would've been a master piece, à la Caity Weaver's 14-hour odyssey at TGIF's unlimited appetizer special.

But then a funny thing happened on the way to soup dumplings: I got seated in 10 minutes. And you know what? You can too.

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The 3 Coolest Finds at Expo Comida Latina 2014

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Javier Cabral
Pickled pigs feet, a good example of truly comida Latina

Food and hospitality industry trade shows are all the rage these days. For the uninitiated, they are exactly what they sound like: huge conventions not usually open to the public, filled with everything from state-of-art restaurant equipment companies hustling their products, to hundreds of hungry, new packaged food and drink brands trying to pick up local distributors. Though there are dozens of them constantly taking place all over the country, not many focus on the rapidly growing Latino sector of the market. Behold, then, the Expo Comida Latina, a food industry expo that is completely dedicated to showcasing Latino products from Mexico, Central and South America trying to crossover into the American market.

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Redditor Buys 23 Burger King Pies to Spite Bratty Kid

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Photo by Jason Lam
No pie for you!

How far would you go to get back at someone who ruined day? Would you buy the last pie before they could? Would you buy the last 23 pies?

That's exactly what one Redditor did.

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Paradise Perks, Irvine's Coolest Coffee Shop, Closes Because of Noise Complaints; A Eulogy and a Rant

Photo by Kristine Hoang
Bye :(

As of June 22, 2014, Paradise Perks, the best coffee shop in the City of Irvine has closed its doors. Why? Was business poor? Was foot traffic not enough? No. Paradise Perks closed for the most stereotypical Irvinian reason ever: Its Wednesday night open mics, which ran from 7 to 11 p.m., attracted too many noise complaints.

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10 Ways to Use Your Penis Cake Pan After the Bachelorette Party

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Thank you, Penis Pans.

Now this is the kind of marketing I can get behind.

Every buy a penis cake pan for a bachelorette party (college guys use 'em too to troll each other) and not have any use for it afterwards?

Well, I (I being have a list just for you. Not one additional use or two additional uses, but a full 10 new uses for that penis pan.

Penis pan.

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Sunny Delight, Orange-Flavored Sugar Water, Is Now EXTREME

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Sunny Delight

Come on, SunnyD. Why you gotta do this.

Sunny Delight has hopped on the "extreme" bandwagon that's been plaguing 90s food lately (Cracker Jack'd, Planters' Power of the Peanut, etc etc). They're currently testing a new line of carbonated "energy" drinks minus the taurine and caffeine.

Where's the energy coming from?

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A Defense of American School Lunches, Or: We've Got It Pretty Good Here

Photo by Ben+Sam
Delicious AND Patriotic

If there's anything that the Internet loves more than talking shit on America, it's following pointless trends and meme-blasting the hell out of them until they're just one more Bad Luck Brian, to be picked clean by 9Gag or Cheezburger.

So, Por que no los dos?

Case in point: International school lunches. Amateur punsters and anti-patriots are stumbling upon ornate bentos, highly varied and inventive lunch trays, and overall just pretty-looking things on plates claiming to be from some school someplace that's not here, and slapping innovative captions about America's supposedly atrocious sense of taste and climbing obesity rates.

Except, my fellow Americans, dig around in your brain pans for a moment -- were your lunches really all that bad?

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In Defense of Dark Meat Chicken, Or: Chicken Breast Kind of Sucks

Photo by johnsember

I still remember the day McDonald's switched to all-white meat chicken nuggets. It was horrible. Only a week before, I would hunt through my six-piece boxes, looking
for the slightly darker, better tasting chunks of chicken, but that day everything was the same shade of lighter beige-ish brown. Not even barbecue sauce made it better.

And the worst part? They celebrated it like it was something that they were proud of. "Hey guys," they basically said. "You know those pieces of chicken we grind up, bread, and then deep fry? Well, now they're just the slightest bit healthier."

Never mind they were making their food slightly worse.

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Proof That Even Japan Doesn't Understand the Ramen Burger

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It's just kind of awe inspiring

I'll be the first to admit I don't understand the appeal of the ramen burger. I barely want to pick one up, much less eat one, so it's nice to know my bewilderment has some company.

Behold! Lotteria Japan's Taishoken Original Tsukemen Burger, proof that the country of Japan understands ramens burgers just as much as I do.

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