This Is Reddit's 20 Most Overrated Foods

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Photo by Michelle Woo
Fun fact, I went to Dominique Ansel's bakery during my recent trip to New York. They were out of Cronuts

I've been known to be a little bit of a hater in my earlier life (Read: last year. For examples, see: From Pancakes to McRibs, the 5 Most Over-Rated Foods Ever, Pliny The Younger Is Overrated, Or: Why I Won't Be Lining Up Next Year, Vietnamese Food is Hip Now (And I Hate That), If You're Still Crazy About Bacon, You're an Embarrassment, and Seriously, Hipster Chefs Really Need to Stop Calling Their Non-Pho Dishes "Pho"). But my disdain isn't anything near random-people-on-the-Internet level. No, for that you have to go to Reddit, and man did they do it.

Here are the 20 foods they think are the most overrated. The average redditor isn't a foodie, so don't expect too much but, hey, it's a pretty good list.

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Crispy M&M's Are Starting to Show Back Up in Stores

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I don't know how I missed this news when it came out in October, but crispy M&M's, the most superior of the m&m flavors, is starting to show back up in stores enroute to a national roll out earlier next year.

I don't know if they're in any Orange County stores yet, but keep on the look out, because these were the candies that were so popular, they got taken off the American market because they cannibalized too much of the original's sales (They've been available in Europe, but reports were they just weren't the same).

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Taco Bell to Open Over 1,000 Restaurants Across the World (Except Mexico)

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Taco Bell is not only the world's largest Mexican-food chain, with nearly 6,000 restaurants in the United States (refry that for a second) and about 200 international outposts, it's about to go even bigger--like, conquer the rest of the world bigger.

Nation's Restaurant News is reporting that the Bell is following on the success of its wildly successful Doritos Loco and breakfast menu and investing in a push to conquer the rest of the world--except Mexico, that is.

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Foie Gras Dinner in LA this Week--With an OC Connection!

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Johannes Dewald
Brasserie Pascal's foie gras two years ago.
No matter where you stand on the issue of foie gras--whether you believe some chefs who think that government should not dictate what we can and cannot eat, or you're on the side of the activists who think gavage, the process of force-feeding birds to make foie gras, is the very definition of cruelty--you can't argue opinion wasn't a side dish to a plate of goose liver when it was banned in California two years ago.

Now we've gotten word that there will be an event in L.A. where foie will be served this Thursday.

We got this e-mail and was invited to share it with you folks:

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Future Restaurateurs: You Can Stop Naming Your Restaurants "Urban" Now

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One of the first Urbanses...
Listen up future restauranteurs and those who would name restaurants: Using the word "Urban" to name your eating establishment is now officially overdone. That is to say: If your first name ain't Keith and you're not a country music star looking to open a rib joint, you might as well as try to come up with something more original than "Urban BBQ".

Here's proof.

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Dave & Buster's Apologizes for Tweeting "'I Hate Tacos' Said No Juan Ever"

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Photo by the Elmo Monster

I think I've gone to maybe one Dave & Buster's in my life--at the Block, of course, or the Outlets at Orange or whatever the hell they call themselves now. I hear it's popular for its happy hour and games, but still can't conceive how it's been open all these years (it's one of the few original Block tenants). In fact, I can be honest in saying I think about Dave & Buster's about once every other year, so insignificant it is to me.

But now I have nothing but Dave & Buster's on my mind: as a cowardly pendejo company that doesn't have the huevos to stand by a tired, semi-funny joke that they tweeted yesterday, almost immediately deleted, then apologized for it.

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Pepsi Has Its Own Official Mariachi, and It's Not Half Bad!

Photo courtesy of the Godfather
Dig the logo on their suits...

SO...a friend of mine was recently at the latest store opening for Northgate, the Anaheim-based Latino supermarket for which my dad works as a troquero. They opened their 40th store in Long Beach, off of Cherry Avenue, in an area that's not exactly Latino but which is nevertheless already getting mucho business from African-American and gabacho clientele.

But the most fascinating thing about Northgate's fiesta for the occasion? The appearance of a Pepsi-sponored mariachi, down to the soda gian't ying-yang logo on each musician's charro suit. CRAZY!

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Next Thursday, Have Dinner With Your Own Personal Truffle in Long Beach

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Photo by bluumwezi
Pfftfft, that's not enough truffle

Do you love truffle? Like, really really love truffle? If you do, I've got the dinner for you. Next Thursday, Nov. 13, Michael's on Naples in Long Beach is having a $300 six-course dinner with wine pairings included. The biggest perk though? Your own personal Alba white truffle complete with truffle shaver so you can shave to your heart's delight.

Interested? Details are after the jump.

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"Watered-Down Ketchup Broth and Tomato Skins": A Foodie Reviews the Food in the OC Jail!

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Note, jail guards: I did NOT give this book to our columnist

SO...we got a friend whose friend is doing time at Theo Lacy. And not just any
friend of a friend: this guy is someone who loves the good life, who frequented some of the best restaurants in the county...and is now relegated to eating the horrid stuff that jail guards heap on inmates. How horrid? Let the friend of the friend (who's calling himself N.S. Lechuga) describe in this letter from the OC Jail...

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Toro Burger, Purveyor of Noodle Burgers, Introduces Bao Tacos

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Picture Courtesy of Toro Burger
Hello Good-Bao
You may remember Toro Burger, the Santa Ana burger joint that earlier this year started selling a copy of Keizo Shimamoto original (and trademarked) Ramen Burger. Now they're expanding the menu to include something they're calling Bao Tacos.

What are Bao Tacos? Well, they're TBNO (Tacos By Name Only); actually soft, steamed bao buns stuffed with either Angus steak marinated Korean BBQ, spicy pork, grilled chicken, or BBQ pork belly.

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