Molten Lava: The Best Way to Sear Your Steaks

Rare, please

Alton Brown contends that the best way to cook your steak is to grill it directly on top of some coals, ash be damned. No other way will you get the maximum sear while keeping the center nice and red.

Well, I think humanity has found a better way: Grill your meat over some molten lava.

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This 'Trekking' Burger Is a War Crime Against Burgers

Oh, thank you, Ashens

Camping food can be.. interesting. Sometimes, you can be out with an amazing camp cook and have a great meal. Sometimes, you'll be out with a bunch of journalism students, one of which who is vegan, and then accidentally throw all of the vegan chicken on the ground. Sometimes, you'll be so tired from hiking that even granola bars taste amazing.

But there will never be enough hiking in the world to make this "trekking burger" palatable.

It comes in the can, it's precooked, and everything between bread is an unidentifiable vomit texture.

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This Hangover Omelet Is the Worst Hangover Omelet Ever


The perfect hangover breakfast is the holy grail of breakfasts. It needs to be hearty, it needs to be filling, it needs to stay down, AND it needs to be easy enough to cook with a horrible headache.

Sure, hearty and filling are easy to do when you're feeling fine, but have you ever tried to roll a burrito while dry heaving? Or make a perfect egg in a basket when you can't even see straight?

And thus is the sad story of this hangover omelet. It looks perfectly delicious, but it's not really hangover appropriate.

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This Chinese Tourist Trap Might Be the Fastest Line Cook in the World

Flip 'em, flip 'em good

No one gets quiet as good as cooking flashy as people who cook for tourists, whether it's curling up some dragon beard candy, chopping coconuts, or flipping miniature pancakes like our friend here.

It takes a lot to impress tourists after all, or else, why would they even buy what you're selling. Case in point: The video after the jump. The guy flips miniature pancakes so quickly that I momentarily forget how much I hate pancakes (that's a story for another post).He might be the fastest line cook in the world, but one things for sure: Someone's buying those pancakes.

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The Life of a New York Truffle Dealer: Turf Wars, Moving Product, and Salmon Sperm

Pictured: Way more money than I make in a week

Selling truffles can be a rough business, seeing how they're worth more per gram than most drugs. There's stiff competition, smuggling, and yes, salmon sperm.

Munchies, an imprint of Vice, just released their newest mini-doc following one of the largest truffle dealers in New York. It's an interesting look at specialty food, and though it clocks in at a decent time commitment (12 minutes, the horror), it's super interesting.

Check it out after the jump.

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The (Near) Entirety of Gordon Ramsay's Cookery Course Is On YouTube, and It'll Make You a Better Cook

Photo by Benjamin Jopen
Yes, even you can make food like this

Ever want to try one of Kiera's ridiculous recipes, but too intimidated by your lack of cooking ability? Want to impress someone, but can't even sear a steak?

Well, if you're serious about improving your cooking skills, I have the YouTube links for you. The near entirely Gordon Ramsay's Cookery Course, a great TV series that teaches how to cook in the home kitchen, is on YouTube. Two episodes (seven and eight) are missing, but there's still a good 18 20-something minute episodes. Don't worry, Ramsay doesn't do any yelling, and he coddles you -- he even explains what sautéing is and why frying pans are so cool.

So what're you waiting for? Have at it. The videos are just after the jump.

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This Is How You Peel a Bag of Potatoes in Under a Minute

Photo by Aneil Lutchman
Eh, good enough.

I hate peeling food so much that I eat persimmons like apples, and they're honestly pretty easy to peel.

Potatoes? Forget about it. Every potato dish I make basically has some skin in it.

That is until now. Why? YouTube has gifted me with the fastest way to ever peel potatoes. It's so fast that you can go through a bag of potato skins in under a minute. All you need is a drill (and a long stick, and a bucket, and a very clean toilet brush).

Check out the method in the video after the jump.

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Watch a Brazilian Reporter Fail at Pranking Mexican Soccer Fans with Not-So-Hot Sauce

Too easy

Seems like Brazil just can't win against Mexico lately. First, the ran up against great wall of Ochoa, and now they can't even prank people correctly.

A Brazilian reporter took the streets earlier this week to try to prank some Mexican soccer fans into eating some obscenely hot salsa. The only problem? Well, his hot sauce was kind of weak sauce.

No one even broke a sweat. Seriously, someone just straight up called it sweet.

You can check the video after the jump. Don't speak Spanish or Portugese? It's okay, spice is (or well, it should be) the Universal language.

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Watch Pete Holmes Do an Interview After Eating a Habanero Pepper

Good night, sweet prince

So, after a 70-some episode run, TBS' The Pete Holmes Show will show its final episode tonight.

I guess Pete tested better on the Internet than he did on cable. It's a shame really, because Holmes is a pretty funny and genuinely likable guy. Need proof? Check out this video of an interview he did (he was interview, he didn't conduct the interview) immediately after eating a whole Habanero pepper.

There's pain, but there's still so much funny and I don't want to ruin it for you. (Seriously though, watch it).

Here's hoping he can make it back on TV eventually, maybe once all of the Internet people get a little older.

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This Is What Happens When You Drink 25-Year-Old Beer

Particulate matter adds flavor, right?

God bless the guy from Beer Mumbo. He promised his readers that if he reached 1,000 likes on Facebook, he's drink a can of Hu Dey Beer produced in 1988, the last time the Bengals went to the Super Bowl (Beer Mumbo is a Cincinnati-based beer blog, so it makes sense).

Well, he did, and he did, and there's video proof.

Warning: There's vomiting, but if you ever wanted to know what it was like to drink novelty beer that's been stored in a garage for over two decades, this is the video for you.

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