Japan's Most Intense Noodle Challenge Has You Eat Hundreds of Bowls in Under 10 Minutes


Think you love noodles? How many tiny bowl of noodles could you eat (think miso soup bowls)? 10? 20? Could you break 100?

Well, if you think you could break a hundred, Japan's got the perfect challenge for you. The wankosoba challenge is an eating challenge hailing from the Iwate prefecture of northern Japan. There, they serve buckwheat soba noodles in miniature bowls out of tradition. People regularly eat dozens paired with different condiments, and hardcore noodle lovers can take on a challenge to see how many tiny bowls they can eat in one sitting.

The biggest eaters? The record stands around 400 bowls in 10 minutes.

How hard can it be? You can watch a British expat take on the challenge in a video after the jump. Spoiler: he doesn't do well.

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Watch 3 Japanese Guys Eat at 10 Burger Places in 1 Day


Japanese variety shows are some of the best TV that has ever existed. Wacky, strange, and full of commentary and editing, Japanese shows just offer something that can't be found in American television.

Case in point, this video series created by three Japanese exchange students in LA. They go on an adventure to eat at 10 different fast food burger chains in one day (they're all the one's you'd expect). On the way, they're faced with uncaring, hard of hearing staff, extremely good (or bad) luck, and just plain translation issues.

But what really makes the series -- and much of Japanese TV -- is the interaction between the guys, whose personalities shine through super clear. The show's wacky, but you end up commiserating with them, full on empathizing. It's a good series.

Check it out after the jump, and make sure to watch everything in the playlist.

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Alton Brown Makes the Second-Best Grilled Cheese I've Ever Seen


Everyone knows I love Alton Brown, and his new grilled cheese video is amazing (especially that crunch at the end), but I'm going to tell you guys: it's only the second best grilled cheese video I've seen.

First some background..

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Alton Brown Shows You How To Properly Saber A Bottle of Champagne


My college journalism friends know that I have an unhealthy love of opening bottles of champagne with knives. My college partying friends also know that I have a kind of shitty record. Over my champagne sabering career, I've gone a dismal 2-2, strangely enough succeeding in front of journos and failing in front of everyone else.

Well, now hopefully that record will get better. I had basically retired after my last attempt left bleeding from multiple places, but this new video from Alton Brown's new YouTube project has me tempted.

Today, Mr. Brown himself shows you how to correct remove the top off of a bottle of champagne with a saber. For those of you without weaponry, I always try to use a Chinese cleaver.

Check the video after the jump:

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"Hey Pass Me A Beer" Has Me Craving Shitty Beer

Seriously though, pass me a beer

Internet marketing is hard, and viral video marketing is even harder so when an obviously corporate-produced viral video actually makes me go wow, well.. wow.

Hey Pass Me a Beer is a video of a series of more and more complicated beer hand-offs produced to promote Old Milwaukee beer, Pabst Brewing's other cheap brand. It combines the best of football trick shot videos, sort-of-obnoxious YouTube food videos, and just sheer amounts of [corporate] not-giving-a-fuck.

But despite how obviously inorganic it is (not to mention I wouldn't be surprised to find out if part of it was doctored), it really hits to spot.

Aw hell, someone pass me a beer, I'm watching it again.

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VIDEO: OC Weekly Staffers Take the 70-Ounce Chimay Challenge

LP Hastings
Very important work
Sometimes we like to do silly things in the hopes of entertaining our readers. Once before, it involved eating the spiciest burger on the planet (we think) and this time it involves alcohol, our favorite.

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This is How Alton Brown 'Boils' Eggs

There's even the perfect, slightly moist center.

There's probable no person more responsible for young home cooks than Alton Brown, the wonderfully analytical mind behind one of the best shows to ever grace the Food network, Good Eats. Too bad then, that he retired that show after 14 seasons (sure, it sounds like a lot, but there's always more food to learn about).

He can still be seen on screen (and on the road, over the Internet, in book form, etc etc), but without an adequately analytical science-y show, the Alton Brown empire just felt kind of hollow.

Well, not anymore, because Alton has a new YouTube channel, and he's starting to post videos in the good ole Good Eats style. Check out the newest one, in which he makes the perfect "boiled" eggs (for those of you that don't have a sous-vide machine at home).

Check the video after the jump.

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This Is How You Save 30 Seconds Cutting Cherry Tomatoes

Super quick!

Do you lack the knife skills to cut cherry tomatoes without wasting precious, precious seconds? Do you wish there was a better way to individually halve them?

Well, you could either practice a little, or you can use the technique in this video, which solves a problem I never really felt existed.

(Real talk though, of all of the videos I've watched today, this tutorial on how to quickly cut many cherry tomatoes has made me go "huh, look at that" the most.)

Check it out after the jump.

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Watch Aziz Ansari Try His First Bánh Mi With Guest Cameo By Jonathan Gold

Eat it

For a guy who calls himself a sandwich expert, it's a shame that Aziz Ansari hasn't tried bánh mi until just lately, especially since he lives in Southern California. Thankfully, that transgression was rectified in his latest video, Food Club, which was created with Tim and Eric's Eric Wareheim and Jason Woliner, who's directed several episodes of Parks and Rec.

The video sees the trio (plus their "swab") traveling around Southern California eating more or less everything. In addition to bánh mi from Alahambra, the first episode also includes a nine-course dinner at Wolvesmouth and some late night tacos at Last Call Tacos. At the end of each meal, the "captains" must choose whether to give the restaurant their coveted plaque or burn a plaque on the restaurant's door steps.

The entire video is kind of out there. But hey, if you like that kind of comedy (and there's a cameo by Pulitzer Prize-winning food critic Jonathan Gold!), give it at watch. You can find it after the jump.

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Häagen-Dazs Is The Most Technologically Advanced Ice Cream Ever With New App

We live so far in the future guys. The future happened like 10 years ago

Ever wait for your ice cream to thaw and think to yourself, "Man, I wish some virtual musicians were playing for me right now"? I'm going to assume no, but someone at Häagen-Dazs apparently thought it was a cool idea because their pints of ice cream each come with honestly one of the coolest, most superfluos uses of augmented reality that has ever been used by an ice cream company.

Flip over the cover, download the app, and pretty soon you too can have a string section playing for you. Don't believe me? You can see the app in action after the jump. The magic starts at 1:40, and trust me, it's damn magical.

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