AnQi Noodle Madness: Five Specials Through April 6

Anne Marie Panoringan
Meatless eats

Dishes involving noodles rank right up there with rice cravings. Pancit, spaghetti, pho-- we don't discriminate against tasty strands. So when AnQi's kitchen wanted to remind us of their noodle bar, we were all in. The following food porn can also be ordered from the dining room or to-go. Take your pick from these twirlable, slurp-worthy options, but only through Monday during lunch service.

Butternut squash in kale soba noodle salad (pictured above)
While most of us envision steaming plates, this entree keeps it cool with a coconut and peanut vinaigrette. If the description wasn't healthy sounding enough, they added blueberries for good measure. The sweeter elements made it unique, but we were ready for warmer options.

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This Can Cheese 3D Printer Is the Future

Cheese printer.

It's rare that I can just see something and say, "That thing, that thing is the future," but I just watched a video of a 3D cheese printer, and well, tomorrow is yesterday. It's just so magical, and I don't want to say too much as to rob the contraption of its majesty.

Just know that the video after the jump is one of my new favorite YouTube videos.

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This Is How You Make a Giant Chocolate Easter Egg

Imagine laying that one..

Lent is almost over, which means it's almost that time of the year when I start craving hollow chocolate shells of bunnys, eggs, and Santas left over from Christmas (chocolate doesn't really expire, right?) Most of them are going to be the manageable-but-not-quite-satisfying, small-enough-to-hold-with-one-hand sized, but if you look around you might find one of those obscenely giant ones.

Ever wondered how the nicest ones are made? Well, if you check the video after the jump..

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In An Ode to Orange County, The Vulgar Chef Unleashes Doritos-Crusted Carne Asada Balls

Photo by Kyle Marcoux
Said balls

Kyle Marcoux feeds the internet filthy, filthy food porn. Bacon cannoli gushing canned cheese like silly string. Cookie dough taco shells stuffed with melting ice cream. Big Macs dismantled and put back together as pseudo-sushi.

Operating under the title of The Vulgar Chef and nearly 60K Instagram followers deep, Marcoux popularized NSFW geotagging and captions to brand his work. A photo of a hash brown waffle lovingly topped with egg yolk? Geotagged as "i wipe side to side fuck off" and detailed as "I prefer the canned dog food looking trash has over some homemade waste of time cocksuckery... I can't wait to shit this out of my hairy light socket."

Bravo, sir.

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Watch OC Chefs Read Their One-Star Yelp Reviews

Of course..

Everyone's open to criticism. I'm sure you all get it in real life, I get it in the comments, but no one really gets as much or as vicious criticism as chefs. If you're successful, you'll get thousands of Yelp reviews, and more of a few of them will be one-stars. And it's not surprising, 'cause it's easy to be a jerk online.

But, as this video by our friends over at Foodbeast will show you, chefs are people too. The video features three OC food purveyors (Playground's Jason Quinn, The Lime Truck's Daniel Shemtob, and Afters Ice Cream's Scott Nghiem) readings their one-stars à la Jimmy Kimmel. Check it out after the jump.

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This Is How You Open a Beer With a Piece of Paper

Can you guess what's going to happen?

Ever find yourself in need of opening a non-twist-off beer without a bottle opener or lighter or hard-edged surface? Do you for some reason have a piece of printer paper with you? Well, I have the perfect video for you after the jump.

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VIDEO: ¡Ask a Mexican! on Why Mexicans Hate Yellow Cheese So Much

Buzzfeed Video

Earlier this week, Buzzfeed released an amusing video where they gathered a group of Mexicans from Los Angeles (the King Taco shoutout was the giveaway, Adrian!) to try Taco Bell for the first time. Typical hilarity ensues, but the part that got me the most was the above reaction from the mujer, because it dovetailed nicely with stories I had been hearing from Mexicans about their revulsion to yellow cheese on Mexican anything and how that was not "authentic."

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VIDEO: Watch Weeklings Each Try to Drink a Gallon of Milk Tea!

Video by Leandra Romero

Nestled into an unassuming little strip mall in Garden Grove lies Mio Tea House, a pretty nice place with a decent array of appetizers and boba and non-boba beverages. But Mio is not the innocuous local joint it pretends to be, oh no - it holds a deep dark secret, buried not underneath its floorboards or locked in its closet but scrawled in bone-white chalk across the top of its menu.

Unashamed, cruelly proud, Mio Tea House is the progenitor of the latest local culinary monstrosity - the gallon milk tea challenge.

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Watch BuzzFeed Drink Purified Waste Water from OC's Groundwater Replenishment System


I've learned a lot about Orange County's water system the past few weeks for reasons that will soon be clear, and my favorite part of it has got to be the Groundwater Replenishment System, a facility run by the Orange County Water District to treat Orange County's sewage and turn it into potable water.

It's amazing, turning Orange County's waste into drinking water that is actually so pure, adding Orange County's groundwater to it actually makes it worse (okay, it's complicated. Dissolved minerals are good, and reverse osmosis, one of the processes GWRS uses strips dissolved minerals out.)

Have a problem with drinking toilet water? You're dumb, and this BuzzFeed video after the jump shows you why.

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This Is What It's Like (for Conan) to Eat in Cuba

Rum is my friend

I haven't done that much traveling in my short school- and work-filled life yet, especially lately, so I haven't gotten to do the international food and night life thing in other countries just yet. First on my list would probably Vietnam and then South America, but until then, I guess I'll just have to live vicariously through Conan O'Brien.

For those of you who don't know, Conan spent an entire episode this week based out of Cuba. You can check out a clip of him eating at a paladar, a Cuban family-owned restaurant, after the jump. The entire episode is fun though. Conan visits a rum museum, learns how to dance and play salsa, but the most striking thing is how much (understandably) less of a celebrity he is over there.

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