Magic Happens When You Pour Molten Aluminum into a Watermelon

Since this definitely took place in Florida, this is a great Floridaman photo

Quick: What do you expect to happen when you shove a bunch of molten aluminum into a watermelon? An explosion, right? Because of all the water and heat? That's what the viewers of YouTube channel TheBackyardScientist thought too.

What actually happens, well, I'll let you guys see that after the jump.

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Cookie Monster Saves the World with The Aveggies in this Sesame Street-Produced Spoof

Dr. Brownie

It's been a bit since Cookie Monster learned that cookies were a sometimes food, but it's that cookie-eating ability that's helping him save the world in latest short released by Sesame Street's YouTube channel, The Aveggies: Age of Bon Bon.

The short, a play on the Avengers, is a joy, full of some of the most clever food puns on the internet today.

Check it out after the jump.

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Someone Needs to Bring this Taco Cannon to Orange County Now

Load it up

Half of the fun from going to live sporting events is watching people throw super expensive food because they're about to get into a fight or a ball is coming at their face. A close second though, is having free stuff fly towards you, whether it's in the form of t-shirts from cannons, foul balls, or burritos that float from the sky like at the Bren.

But as fun as those burrito-shaped stress balls wafting down from the rafters are, they're just not as nice as immediate free Mexi food just flying at your face (for those of you who haven't gone to a game at the Bren yet, the occasionally drop Chipotle burrito stress balls from the rafters attached with a coupon for a free burrito). Now if only someone imported this taco cannon from Omaha, all our dreams could come true.

Check it out in the video after the jump.

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This Is How Sharp a Chef's Knife Can Get

Like glass

When I was a dumb college student sometime during my third year, I took some of my loan money and bought a fancy, schmancy chef's knife, because I thought I'd eventually do something involving food for a living. I took it home, cradling it like my baby cousin, and was in awe of how ridiculous sharp it was. A day later, I was in awe again when I accidentally poked myself while cutting tomatoes and it didn't even hurt (boy, did it bleed though).

But that knife? Nowhere near as sharp as the knife in the video after the jump.

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Learn How to Cook Carbonara with an Unemployed James May

For someone who's worked in TV for so long.. he's not very good at things

Are you having Top Gear withdrawals yet? Want to take a swing at Clarkson? Miss the Hamster? Even craving Captain Slow?

Well, if you're one of those strange people who miss James May, you can still get your fill of his matter-of-fact, extremely British humor from his.. YouTube channel. Where he teaches people who to cook. Yeah.

After the jump is the first of his two-parter on Carbonara, loving titled "Carbonara pt1". It's beautiful in how badly put together it is -- it looks like it's uploaded directly from his phone, it's shot from one angle almost the entire time, it looks like his phones camera is from 2008. Check it out, and if you like it, you should definitely watch his five parter on Shepherd's Pie. It's meandering, and it's hilarious.

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Watch Noma's René Redzepi and Jiro Dreams of Sushi's Jiro Ono Talk Shop


Noma's René Redzepi and Jiro Ono are both incredibly decorated chefs, but they couldn't seem more different. At only 37, Redzepi's got a lot of restaurant-ing left in him while Ono's at 89 and watching his sons (and former students like Daisuke Nakazawa in New York) take over his mantle. What happens when the two of them meet for tea? What do they talk about?

You can watch Redzepi do most of the asking in the video after the jump. Passion, love and innovation all come up, and who wouldn't want to listen to Jiro talk about that?

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This Is the Magic Behind the Soda Can

It's magicallll

We interact with so many aluminum cans a day, we forget how amazing they are. Trillions are produced a year, and how often do you see them fail on their own?

The video after the jump looks at the engineering and design magic behind the can. It's almost 15 minutes, sure, but it's one of the most interesting 15 minutes you can spend thanks to University of Illinois Professor Bill Hammack, known as the engineeringguy on YouTube. Where are cans shaped the way they are? When did tabs become a thing? And how are they so strong?

All these questions are answered after the jump.

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Here's Something You Can Do With Your Leftover Chocolate Bunnies


Easter's over, which means you can eat whatever you want again and say goodbye to all of those cheap fast food fish sandwiches. It also means you might have a bunch of extra hollow chocolate bunnies laying around, and if you don't want to eat them for some reason, I have some ideas for you, and they all involve heat.

Check the video after the jump for somethings that make me.. uneasy. What you'll see in the video is striking, it's beautiful, and in its own way, it's a little horrifying. Don't tell me you're not a little curious.

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AnQi Noodle Madness: Five Specials Through April 6

Anne Marie Panoringan
Meatless eats

Dishes involving noodles rank right up there with rice cravings. Pancit, spaghetti, pho-- we don't discriminate against tasty strands. So when AnQi's kitchen wanted to remind us of their noodle bar, we were all in. The following food porn can also be ordered from the dining room or to-go. Take your pick from these twirlable, slurp-worthy options, but only through Monday during lunch service.

Butternut squash in kale soba noodle salad (pictured above)
While most of us envision steaming plates, this entree keeps it cool with a coconut and peanut vinaigrette. If the description wasn't healthy sounding enough, they added blueberries for good measure. The sweeter elements made it unique, but we were ready for warmer options.

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This Can Cheese 3D Printer Is the Future

Cheese printer.

It's rare that I can just see something and say, "That thing, that thing is the future," but I just watched a video of a 3D cheese printer, and well, tomorrow is yesterday. It's just so magical, and I don't want to say too much as to rob the contraption of its majesty.

Just know that the video after the jump is one of my new favorite YouTube videos.

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