VIDEO: We Make (and Eat) a Pizza Cake

Ah, jeez. I was hoping nobody would see this.

Look, this is sort of embarrassing, okay? This is basically my version of having a homemade sex tape get leaked.

When my editor told me he was going to cook me a pizza cake, and that I was actually going to be allowed to eat it, I wondered what the catch was. None, he assured me -- I just had to consent to being filmed while I gorged myself like a ravenous beast. And now here's the video. We made a pizza cake, and I ate it.

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John Oliver Kills Pumpkin Spice With Newest Rant


I've been kind of over pumpkin spice since last year, when the major coffee chains came out with their autumn drinks in August during a Seattle heat wave (they happen, and they're horrible), but I never gotten around to writing one of my rants about it, and now it might be too late.

Why? Well, the hillarious John Oliver took shots at pumpkin spice in his latest segment on Last Week Tonight, and he basically covers everything I wanted to say.

My favorite highlight: "It's that special time of year where we voluntarily imbibe pumpkin spice lattes, the coffee that tastes like a candle."

Check it out after the jump.

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This Infographic Has Everything You've Ever Wanted To Know About Beef Cuts


Ever wanted to know what part of the cow "Chuck" beef comes from? Or where a seven-bone roast lives?

Well, this infographic from Cattleman's Beef Board, the people behind "Beef, It's What's for Dinner Campaign will sort of answer those questions and more! It goes over the standard grocery store cuts of beef, and features the tri tip, which for some reason only existed in California until fairly recently.

The graphic also gives you simple cooking method tips and highlights which cuts are leanest (so you can avoid them, I'm sure).

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Ramen Samurai Returns to Battle Ninjas in Manchester

He's back..

Remember Nissin's Ramen Samurai from when he did battle in Brazil? Well, he's back, and this time he's doing battle in Manchester.

And he's not just fighting some random street tough. No, this time the ramen company has him squaring off against three ninjas during what looks like a soccer half time (Is this what they call it?) in Old Trafford.

Check after the jump.

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VIDEO: We Eat the Hottest Pepper in the World

LP Hastings
You can't tell, but I'm dying here
Spice can be a funny thing. It can pierce, it can fade, it builds, it can be sudden, it can hurt, but it can also hurt oh so good. At Clay Oven in Irvine, where you can currently take The Shiv Challenge and eat the hottest pepper in the world, spice does all of those things.

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This Is How You're Supposed To Eat Sushi


I, like most people my age, started eating sushi in high school, as part of a little Otaku streak. I just kind of picked it up, dunked in soy sauce, and avoided wasabi/horseradish whenever I could.

Thankfully, I don't do that anymore.

For those of you who still do, here's a great instructional video produced by Vice's food imprint, Munchies, featuring Naomichi Yasuda, one of the best sushi chefs in the world (formerly of New York, you might've seen him on Anthony Bourdain's Tokyo episode of Parts Unknown).

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This Is What Poaching An Egg Looks Like

Photo by Charles Lam

Poaching might be egg preparation 101, but it's definitely the most difficult basic preparation, and I've always sort of wondered what was actually going on in the pot as I was trying my hardest to make a few vortexes.

Well, thanks to GoPro and, I don't have to worry any longer, 'cause the website's Davy Devaux dropped a GoPro into the boiling water with his egg.

It's an experience. Check it out the video after the jump.

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The Best Way to Cook Frozen Steaks Might Just Be.. Cooking Them Frozen?


Everyone knows that you should never freeze a steak if you don't have to. Did you invest in a cow and now have several hundred pounds of beef to store? Alright, freeze it. But buy a steak today to eat tomorrow? Just leave it in a fridge.

But how do you cook steaks that you've frozen for storage? After a water bath? A night in the fridge?

Well, according to America's Test Kitchen, you might just want to sear them from frozen.


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Bill Nye Has Been Uploading Episodes to YouTube; Here's the Episode About GMOs


I am of the generation that grew up with Bill Nye in the classroom. We love him, and I'm excited to tell you guys that he's been uploading more or less every single episode of Bill Nye the Science Guy and The Eyes of Nye onto YouTube.

Aw yeah, time to relive your childhood.

There's not too many, food-related episodes, we have Alton Brown for that, but Nye did produce an episode of the more technical Eyes of Nye on GMOs. In it is a fairly balanced look at genetically-modified foods. Check it out, and try not to lose too many hours to the playlist.

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Molten Lava: The Best Way to Sear Your Steaks

Rare, please

Alton Brown contends that the best way to cook your steak is to grill it directly on top of some coals, ash be damned. No other way will you get the maximum sear while keeping the center nice and red.

Well, I think humanity has found a better way: Grill your meat over some molten lava.

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