McDonald's Meal Made Entirely Out of Cookies Is Just Magical

Oh yeah, that's edible

Turns out people in Japan really like food that's in the shape of other things. First, there were the tanks made out of katsu, now, there's this McDonald's value meal made entirely out of cookies.

Honestly, if you're far away, you wouldn't even be able to tell the difference (There's an argument to be made that those sesame seeds actually look better).

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'How To Break Open a Parmesan Cheese' is 15 Minutes of Illuminating Cheese Lecture

Here's a teaser from the end, but it's the middle that's important

Cheese is magical. It just is. The entire human race owes such a large debt to whoever the first person was that transported milk in a rennet-rich cows stomach.

But cheese isn't just magical because of its lactose-destroying, umami-rich tastiness. Watch this video of Master Cheese.. Breaker(?) Carlo Guffanti taking apart an entire wheel of Parmesan. It's educational and right around the six minute mark, there's some black magic too.

And hey, you get to watch a master do his work, and that's always pretty awesome.

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How It's Unmade Is A Witty Look at How Wizards Collect Raw Ingredients From Oreos

Unmake these and you probably wouldn't actually get any candy corn

I could never decide if I loved How It's Made or hated it. At face level, it's kind of boring, what with the consistent, monotone narration and generic, cell-phone levels of music production. But I'll admit, whenever my friends and I ran into it while flipping channels, we stopped.

[I also admit that while writing this I took a five minute break to watch a How It's Made segment on hotdogs.]

But there's was no question with How It's Unmade, a smartly funny look at how Oreos (really, Newman O's) are a major source of raw materials. It's really just the Newman O's segment backwards, but man is the writing on spot. Check it out after the jump.

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Watch This Pizza Delivery Guy Get A $1,600 Tip

Big Mamas and Papas Pizza
So much pizza

Remember the guy who delivered pizza to Ellen and a bunch of celebrities during the Oscars? Well, he finally got his tip, to the tune of $1,600 (and a ridiculous amount of free advertising).

Edgar from Big Mama's and Papa's Pizzeria in LA made it on Ellen yesterday for a debrief of the Oscars. Find out more about what happened and watch him get $1,600 worth of tips in the clip embeded after the jump.

Meanwhile, how's the pizza? Well, according to Reddit, the pizza is basically just "Meh, it's pizza" pizza.

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Watch a Wine Expert Taste Cheap Beer, Call Steel Reserve Her Favorite

I actually do miss this beer

We have some feelings about BuzzFeed here, but when they're not getting their ass kicked by us, they do some pretty cool stuff -- especially when it comes to video. Take their latest for example. They had a sommelier do a tasting.. of some of the most popular cheap beers in the United States.

Who won between Pabst Blue Ribbon, Rainier, Narragansett, Shiner Bock, Natty Ice, Schlitz, and Steel Reserve? Has to be Shiner Bock, right? Seeing how it's not really a cheap beer? Nope. You can find out in the video after the jump. Just remember, the more she drinks, the higher her scores get and the last one, well, it's a doozy.

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Fresh Guacamole is the Shortest Film Ever Nominated for an Oscar

I don't want to spoil the video, so here's some avocado

Did you guys know the shortest film to ever be nominated for an Oscar is about guacamole? Well now you do, and you can watch it too because it's embedded after the jump.

We posted about Fresh Guacamole , a short film in PES, in 2012. In 2013, it was nominated for an Oscar in the animated short film category along with four other shorts.

What's so special about this one? Well, it has one of my favorite cooking-related puns, so enjoy. (It's dice. Think about it, dice. Dice. Dice.)

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Crazy Scot Teaches Journo To Taste Scotch With $50,000 Bottle


The sad part of this story is that the journo in question is not me.

A few years ago, Master Scotch Blender Richard Paterson taught Vancouver Broadcast Anchor Sophie Lui how to taste scotch, topping off his five-minute presentation with a vial of $50,000 scotch. The entire clip is an education, but the final reveal? Wow.

If only I were half as passionate as Paterson, well, I'd probably still be right here.

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San Jose Competitive Eater Finishes 4 Chipotle Burritos (And a Diet Coke) In 3 Minutes

Matt Stonie

I'm the first to admit that I enjoy the occasional burrito bowl, but my love for the cilantro lime rice vending transplant from Denver is nowhere near San Jose's Matt Stonie. Matt (who, I should tell you now is a competitive eater quick enough to rival Joey Chestnut) posted a video of himself polishing off four Chipotle burritos yesterday, all under three minutes.

What'd he wash it down with? Diet Coke, of course.

You can watch the spectacle yourself after the jump. Me? Well, first I'm going to drive to the nearest Chipotle, then I'm going to give Stonie a call 'cause I could use some exercise tips.

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Korean Women Makes $9K Per Month Broadcasting Meals, Lives Life I've Always Wanted


A young Korean woman has found a way to live the life I've always wanted. How? She spends every day broadcasting herself eating Korean food to a crowd of thousands and gets paid six figures to do it, according to Reuters. Wow.

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The Most Beautiful Grilled Cheese I've Ever Seen Only Has Three Ingredients

Food Wishes
Ain't it a beaut?

Grilled cheese sandwiches are one of those foods that have gotten a little lost in how fancy they can be. Sure, you can slap some short ribs or shellfish between two slices of bread with some cheese, but do you really need to?

Does it make it better? Or does it just make your sandwich fancier?

The best grilled cheese I've ever seen (and one of the best I've ever eaten -- what can I say, I'm not that great of a cook) only had three ingredients: extra sharp Cheddar, butter and white bread. Check out the video after the jump.

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