Watch Aziz Ansari Try His First Bánh Mi With Guest Cameo By Jonathan Gold

Eat it

For a guy who calls himself a sandwich expert, it's a shame that Aziz Ansari hasn't tried bánh mi until just lately, especially since he lives in Southern California. Thankfully, that transgression was rectified in his latest video, Food Club, which was created with Tim and Eric's Eric Wareheim and Jason Woliner, who's directed several episodes of Parks and Rec.

The video sees the trio (plus their "swab") traveling around Southern California eating more or less everything. In addition to bánh mi from Alahambra, the first episode also includes a nine-course dinner at Wolvesmouth and some late night tacos at Last Call Tacos. At the end of each meal, the "captains" must choose whether to give the restaurant their coveted plaque or burn a plaque on the restaurant's door steps.

The entire video is kind of out there. But hey, if you like that kind of comedy (and there's a cameo by Pulitzer Prize-winning food critic Jonathan Gold!), give it at watch. You can find it after the jump.

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Häagen-Dazs Is The Most Technologically Advanced Ice Cream Ever With New App

We live so far in the future guys. The future happened like 10 years ago

Ever wait for your ice cream to thaw and think to yourself, "Man, I wish some virtual musicians were playing for me right now"? I'm going to assume no, but someone at Häagen-Dazs apparently thought it was a cool idea because their pints of ice cream each come with honestly one of the coolest, most superfluos uses of augmented reality that has ever been used by an ice cream company.

Flip over the cover, download the app, and pretty soon you too can have a string section playing for you. Don't believe me? You can see the app in action after the jump. The magic starts at 1:40, and trust me, it's damn magical.

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Watch a (Sort Of) Irish Brewmaster Taste America's Favorite Shitty Wine

Only the finest of wines for the brewmaster

Surprisingly, playing slap the bag in college didn't really develop my palate for wine, so seeing someone actually try to taste whatever the grape version of swill is is kind of.. bewildering, in an entertaining sort of way.

Like the video of a wine expert tasting shitty beer before it, BuzzFeed's newest video is honestly very entertaining. This time, they're pitting an Irish brewmaster that works at an American brewery against some of the United States' favorite cheap wines (Franzia's there, two two-and-a-half buck chuck isn't). Ever wonder what floral notes are sealed inside those cardboard boxes? Well, click through to find out.

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Regular Ordinary Swedish Meal Time Back With a Lethal Lasagna

They're back..

2011 was a weird time for the Internet. People were finally starting to figure out how to how to present content correctly, the first nascent YouTube networks were gaining footing, and Epic Meal Time -- who recently recruited the OC Baking Company to create giant sandwich buns for former Governator Arnold Schwarzenegger -- was just gaining prominence as a some what amusing, but kind of stale series of obscene and obnoxious achievements in gluttony.

2011 was also the year that Regular Ordinary Swedish Meal Time, originally a tongue jab at Epic Meal Time, debuted, complete with similar stylings but much more funny. After a string of successful videos, Regular Ordinary Swedish Meal Time went dark for two years. Until yesterday.

Yes, that's right, Swedish Meal Time is back with the epic music, ridiculous cooking, and honestly-pretty-interesting "swenglish." There first food back it a "lethal lasagna." Check the video out after the jump, and please, don't die.

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Timbuk2's Dehydration Pack Might Be The Best Thing Ever

I'm going to do some sick track stands with this thing on my back

Yeah, there are downers who like to hate going on the Internet today, but I appreciate April 1 for the creativity it can inspire in people. And I'm not going to begrudge something that lets most people have a little fun, either.

That being said, I'm calling Timbuk 2's Dehydration Pack the best beer-related April Fools Joke so far today.

Is anyone going to beat them? Maybe Russian River will announce the new $25-an-ounce, quintuple IPA Pliny the Infant and release it only to some bar in Stanton? We'll see, but until then, check out the superb "commercial" after the jump.

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Watch McDonald's Executive Chef Make a Big Mac from Sort Of Scratch

Photo by rob_rob2001
I'm always taken aback when I remember Big Macs only have one slice of cheese

Say what you will about fast food, but McDonald's has long unlocked some arcane proportion of fat, salt and beef that gives their burgers just the right amount of addictivity that you just can't cooking for yourself.

A burger on the grill is nice and all, but does it hit the spot when you're craving a Big Mac? Hell no, and that's never been more apparent than in this video.

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Stephen Colbert Fires Shots at North Carolina Barbecue While Interviewing NC Congressman

Photo by David Berkowitz
Now that's a plate

It's no secret that Stephen Colbert feels strongly about his barbecue. He grew up in South Carolina, one of the major centers of American barbecue, after all, so what'd he do when interviewing G.K. Butterfield, the representative of North Carolina's first congressional district? Take a few (not particularly) friendly pot shots at North Carolina barbecue, of course.

You can watch the full interview after the jump, but the gold is at the end. And I quote: "That's as close as we could get to North Carolina barbecue. It's just straight cardboard soaked with vinegar."

Really though, you should watch the rest.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger Concocts Massive "Steak & Egger" Sandwich on OC Baking Company Bread

Now THAT'S a sandwich!

When our Dean of Bread, OC Baking Company's Dean Kim, published photos of a super-sized hunk of bread last month, we wondered what kind of client would make such a request. Now we know.

The video after the jump!

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McDonald's Meal Made Entirely Out of Cookies Is Just Magical

Oh yeah, that's edible

Turns out people in Japan really like food that's in the shape of other things. First, there were the tanks made out of katsu, now, there's this McDonald's value meal made entirely out of cookies.

Honestly, if you're far away, you wouldn't even be able to tell the difference (There's an argument to be made that those sesame seeds actually look better).

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'How To Break Open a Parmesan Cheese' is 15 Minutes of Illuminating Cheese Lecture

Here's a teaser from the end, but it's the middle that's important

Cheese is magical. It just is. The entire human race owes such a large debt to whoever the first person was that transported milk in a rennet-rich cows stomach.

But cheese isn't just magical because of its lactose-destroying, umami-rich tastiness. Watch this video of Master Cheese.. Breaker(?) Carlo Guffanti taking apart an entire wheel of Parmesan. It's educational and right around the six minute mark, there's some black magic too.

And hey, you get to watch a master do his work, and that's always pretty awesome.

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