This YouTube Channel Will Teach You How to Cook Like You Lived During the Depression


Do you ever wonder what food was like before all of the charred brussels sprouts? Or all of the sous-vide? Or the invention of gelatin? Well, if you do (and even if you don't), you should check out this YouTube series on cooking food from the depression. It's even authentic, hosted by a wonderful woman who grew up in the 30s.

Here's a preview: Potatoes. Check the rest out after the jump.

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I Don't Know What Happened to This Carrot, But It Was Magical


Is watching a three-and-a-half-minute video of someone cutting a carrot ever worth it? Especially if there's no narration and a constant, low-level drone going on in the background the entire time?

Normally, I would say no, but after watching the video after the jump, well, it was definitely worth it. Hopefully that teaser image up there's got you convinced, because the clip is a feat of knife wizardry I've never seen matched.

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Follow RiFF RAFF on His Journey to 240 Pounds, From San Francisco to Santa Ana


For a few months now, gonzo rapper RiFF RAFF has been putting on muscle weight in his effort to join the WWE/stand out from posers/some other thing I don't understand, and he's done a pretty good job at it, going from a from the skinni-ish high-100-somethings to the buff 200s. While he was slightly skinnier, Vice followed him around for their MUNCHIES imprint, checking out his workout and bulking routine as he performed on the West Coast.

The video prominently features his November 2014 show at the Observatory, so what did he do while he was in town? Check it out in the video after the jump.

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This Video of Miniature Deep-Fried Shrimp Is Completely Mesmerizing


I have a lot of words to describe deep frying tempura (messy, dangerous, a pain), but cute is not one of them. It's one of my least favorite things to cook, not only because I feel like I'm wasting a bunch of oil (yeah, I know you can save it but.. how many people actually do), but also because I feel like I'm danger of burning my skin off constantly.

But then there's this Japanese video of someone frying up some teeny, tiny mini tempura shrimp. The video is down right relaxing, from its complete lack of narration, to its amazing sound design and adorable tiny kitchen. Check it out after the jump.

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VIDEO: OC Weekly Visits Jason Quinn's Dough Exchange

Photo by Charles Lam
It was magical

UPDATE: The last day of the Dough Exchange experiment has been moved up to FEBRUARY 14. After that, you can make your way over to the Fourth Street Market starting February 16 to buy the pastries. Go, eat and throw the bakers a few dollars, the pastries are definitely worth it.

It's been a few weeks now since Jason Quinn switched Dough Exchange over into almost-everything-is-free mode, and it looks like the results have been pretty good. The pastries, which Dave didn't love before, are now near top notch. The Playground's patio, which was normally only full during dinner service, has had a fair share of day-time visitors (which is impressive, given the abysmal day-time foot traffic in the area). And there's no debating more people have tasted their bread.

But how does Quinn feel the experiment himself? Well, watch this video and find out.

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Watch This Guy Make Ice Cream in Under a Minute Using an Anti-Griddle

Just give it a few seconds..

Liquid nitrogen ice cream was all the rage in Orange County last year (see: Creamistry, À la minute, some other people I'm probably forgetting), but even those mixer-heavy methods look slow next to how this place in Jacksonville prepares their desserts. Instead letting a machine churn away, Three f(x) Ice Cream uses what looks like an anti-griddle (it's like a griddle, but it gets super cold instead) and spackle knives to make their ice cream.

It's a tech-heavy way to do it, and of course it was Alton Brown who posted it to his YouTube channel (It's very obviously a cellphone video, which is honestly kind of cool). Check it out after the jump.

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California's Attorney General's to Appeal Lift on Foie Gras Ban

Photo by Kate Hopkins

We sort of knew this was going to happen: California Attorney General Kamala Harris will be appealing the strike down of the foie gras ban. Her office filed papers with the Ninth Circuit Court of appeal earlier this week stating their intention to challenge the January decision that re-legalized foie gras in California (It's currently legal to import but illegal to produce in the state).

California restaurants can continue to serve foie as the appeal goes through the courts as no stay has been requested.

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Watch Iceland's Last McDonald's Burger Decay

Looks dry

McDonald's decided to close all of its Iceland locations at the peak of the 2009 recession, but the day before that happened Hjörtur Smárason, a very forward thinking Icelandic man, went and bought one last meal.

What'd he do with it? Inhale it? Savor every bite? Nope. He left it in his garage so he could watch it age. Now, it's been moved to the National Museum, and you can watch it via live stream.

We live in the future.

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Does Rainn Wilson Really Hate Hipster Foodies?


A lot's been said about foodie culture over the past few years, much of it negative. It's gotten to the point where hipster hate (which has been thrown around so much that the definition of the word 'hipster' has become basically 'person') and foodie hate has made late night cable television.

Example: when Rainn Wilson made an appearance on Conan earlier this week, he made went on a little baby tirade on how much foodies suck. Check it out of the jump.

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Watch Conan Visit Taco Bell's Irvine Office

Taco Bae

Ever since Conan left NBC, the best part of his show has been the remotes, when he and a camera crew leave the studio to go on adventures. And the latest remote, where Conan takes his Taco Bell-loving IT director to the chain's Irvine HQ for a tour, might be my new favorite.

Follow along as the pair travel through the "tiny little Mexican village" that is the headquarters (also known as that building you pass on your way to the Spectrum). Watch as they eat quesolupas, stalk attractive employees and create their own menu items, including the "La Cona" and the "O'Taco".

Yes, it's a paid placement, but it's honestly pretty funny. Check it out after the jump.

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