Watch Jason Quinn Talk About Failing, Winning, and Finding Your Audience


We all know Jason Quinn is an outspoken person, but did you know he's a pretty good speaker, too? It makes sense, since he's been on TV and the Internet a bunch, but if you haven't seen Playground's head honcho talk about anything yet, here's your chance.

Earlier this month, Quinn spoke about his pathway to success, failing, and finding his audience at Connecting Things, a monthly speaker series focused on creative professionals. It's a solid talk (they all are), and it's particularly funny, and kind of inspiring, so check it out after the jump.

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Chicken Charlie Deep Fries Six OC Foods

Photo courtesy Chicken Charlie
Pizza? No problem!

After interviewing Chicken Charlie last week for On the Line, we were invited to conduct an experiment: Select six food items for Charlie to deep fry. For a little twist, we agreed to make all our choices local to Orange County. From dim sum to pizza to a Milky Bun, we went all in. Here's how it went.

Name your all-time favorite fried fair food in the comments for a chance to win a pair of tickets to the OC Fair. The winner will be selected Friday!

Round one: Capital Seafood dim sum
The items: Steamed BBQ pork bun and egg custard tart

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Watch This Olympic Cyclist Toast a Slice of Bread with His Legs

He has thighs bigger than some people's waists

Cooking takes a lot of energy, but that's kind of easy to forget. What's not easy to forget is what happens when this Olympic cyclist tries to toast a slice of bread using power generated only from his peddling in what I think is a video for energy conservation.

How long can he run a 700-watt toaster? And will be bread end up actually crunching? Or will it just be kind of warm. Check it out in the video after the jump.

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Need to Reskin a Grape? Get this Robot To Do It for You


It's easy to forget how amazing technology is today when we're all walking around nose in phones that're wirelessly receiving information from servers hundreds and thousands of miles away, but the things we can do today with robots and computers and things are just downright magical.

You need a reminder, so check out the video after the jump, which shows a miniature surgery robot putting stitches into a grape. It's mesmerizing, partially it's legitimately really cool but also because the video features some of the bounciest surgery music I've ever heard.

That grape will heal right up, right?

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Now for Something Different, America's Test Kitchen Tests 7 Different Stain Removers


Don't you hate it when you leave Cham Sut Gol, and you're covered in Korean BBQ stains? The smell will wash out, but the sesame oil, aerosolized fat and gojuchang? Good luck with that. Stains are a real whether or not you're on the cooking side of food enthusiasm, so I'm glad to say the people over at America's Test Kitchen got the perfect equipment review for all of us -- a review of the most popular stain cleaners.

And before you question their experimental design, I have to tell you, it's top notch. They tested six different kind of stains at two different temperatures over seven kinds of cleaning products. Check it after the jump.

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[VIDEO] Watch Our Mex-in-Chief and Managing Editor Eat One of OC's Hottest Burgers


We're pretty big spice heads here at Weekly World Headquarters. Whenever a new spice challenge comes to town, we're liable to try it, so when we head about the Nuke Burger over at Bomburger in Huntington Beach, well, how could we resist.

The Nuke Burger is quite possibly the spiciest burger in Orange County at the moment, featuring a who's who's list of hottest peppers in the world (Scorpion and Reaper for you pepper heads, as well as Ghost Pepper Jack Cheese). OC Weekly Editors Gustavo Arellano and Nick Schou came out and tried it. How'd it go? Check out their attempt after the jump.

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VIDEO: ¬°Ask a Mexican! on How REAL Mexicans Should Celebrate Cinco de Mayo

Photo by Benjamin Leatherman
Celebrate like these fine young chavos

Decrying Cinco de Mayo has become one of my many stock trades for this infernal rag. I wrote about why I can't stand the holiday all the way back in 2003, did another video last year, and here's my latest video yet. This time, though, I give up and give advice on how REAL Mexicans should celebrate Drinko de Cinco.

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When You Put Radiation into Foxes, They Learn How to Make Sandwiches

Stack it high!

Just because I don't like sandwiches doesn't mean other people (or animals) can't. Apparently sandwiches even have their own true spot in nature, as evidenced by this video of a fox in Ukraine staking pieces of meat and bread like a sandwich to save for later.

The fox, which lives in the Chernobyl exclusion zone, ran into a few Radio Free Europe journalists earlier this year while they were checking out the area. The journos started tossing some bread and meat at the fox (which I feel like is a bad idea). The fox snacked a bit, but next thing you know.. well you can check it out after the jump.

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Magic Happens When You Pour Molten Aluminum into a Watermelon

Since this definitely took place in Florida, this is a great Floridaman photo

Quick: What do you expect to happen when you shove a bunch of molten aluminum into a watermelon? An explosion, right? Because of all the water and heat? That's what the viewers of YouTube channel TheBackyardScientist thought too.

What actually happens, well, I'll let you guys see that after the jump.

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Cookie Monster Saves the World with The Aveggies in this Sesame Street-Produced Spoof

Dr. Brownie

It's been a bit since Cookie Monster learned that cookies were a sometimes food, but it's that cookie-eating ability that's helping him save the world in latest short released by Sesame Street's YouTube channel, The Aveggies: Age of Bon Bon.

The short, a play on the Avengers, is a joy, full of some of the most clever food puns on the internet today.

Check it out after the jump.

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