The Burnt Truck & Dogzilla To Open Joint Brick-and-Mortar in Irvine!

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Photo by Meranda Carter
The Burnt Truck.
So there's this new restaurant called Burntzilla that's slated to open in the Trader Joe's-anchored plaza in Irvine at Walnut and Culver, taking over the Pizza Hut Golden Spoon* spot.

If you're familiar with the OC Food Truck scene, does the name sound oddly familiar? As if The Burnt Truck and Dogzilla joined forces? Yeah, that's what I thought too, especially because both trucks are known to be chums and have, in past Tweets, referred to themselves in group pictures as Burntzilla.

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Berkeley Dog Investor From Communist China Loses U.S. Immigration Request

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OC Weekly
A People's Republic of China businessman seeking special entry rights to the United States after investing $1 million in Berkeley Dog, Inc. restaurants in Orange County has lost the appeal of a Department of Homeland Security rejection of his "Immigration by Alien Entrepreneur" request.

Lianming Zhao wanted to take advantage of a 1990 law that grants immigration rights to foreign nations who make significant U.S. business investments that create at least 10 new, full-time jobs.

In May 2011, Zhao invested $1,000,100 in Berkeley Dog and three months later filed his immigration petition while asserting he'd create more than 20 jobs.

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Tyson Recalling Tons of Chicken After Possibly Shoving Plastic Everywhere

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Photo by Melter
Not so delicious

Are you one of the rare, rare unicorns in Orange County that goes to Sam's Club instead of Costco? If you answered yes -- and if you bought Tyson Foods Chicken Nuggets -- you might want to check your freezer.

Tyson Foods is recalling over 75,000 pounds of chicken shipped to Sam's Club because of what the USDA calls possible contamination "with extraneous materials."

Check after the jump for identification information you can use to find out if your chicken might be extra artificial.

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Taking a Gamble on Bill Rancic is Always a Good Thing.

Food Network

You may know Bill Rancic from his days on The Apprentice or maybe you know him for being an incredibly successful entrepreneur and being a bestselling author. Or quite possibly, maybe you just know him as being Giuliana's hubby (kidding...sort of). Nonetheless, you know Bill Rancic. His newest venture is taking place on the Food Network with the show he'll be hosting called "Kitchen Casino" and since it seems like everything this man touches turns to gold, it is sure to be a hit. Before the big premiere goes down tonight, we talked to Bill to find out exactly how the show works and if our money's on it, we're gambling on it being a straight up win.

OC Weekly (Ali Lerman): So I read the premise of Kitchen Casino but I'd love for you to break down the concept of the show in your words.

Bill Rancic: Yeah, it's pretty cool. I'm a huge fan of cooking shows. Cooking competition shows especially. This show is different than any show I've seen because it combines these amazing chefs in the kitchen and they're competing while we integrate these great casino game challenges. We basically have four rounds. We have a slot machine that dictates the theme or the category of the dish that they'll prepare. Then we have chef roulette where the chefs are competing and then midway through the competition or halfway through it, the entire kitchen spins like a roulette wheel. So if you and I were competing, the kitchen spins and I may end up with your dish in front of me and you may end up with my dish in front of you. Then you have to then take that dish over, prepare it, and then show it in front of the judges! You don't know what I may have put in there too! I may have sabotaged it and you'll end up with an inedible ingredient. There is certainly a lot of strategy in that round! You may see some horns sprouting out of people heads in that round! [Laughs.] Then we have chef poker where basically, they play poker to determine what ingredient they have to cook with. Then here is the kicker! At the end of it, you can go through this entire competition and win every round but we give you the chance to double or triple your money. Or, you can go home with nothing. So when people's greed sets in, just like in Vegas, they don't know when to say when! They may have ten grand but they want to go for thirty and take the last challenge. But there is then the chance that they go home with nothing.

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Now Casting: The Great Food Truck Race 5

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OC's Seabirds Truck were one of the last pro-teams
‚ÄčRemember the first two seasons of The Great Food Truck Race? When they pitted actual working food trucks against each other? Remember when OC's own The Lime Truck won Season 2, which provided co-owner Jason Quinn some of the seed money for his now infamous brick-and-mortar, The Playground?

Those were the good ol' days. But in the age of Twitter spoilers and blogs that easily decoded who the winner was before the show even aired, the set-up for the show had to change. After Season 3, The Great Food Truck Race rejiggered the rules. They didn't care if you had a food truck. Heck, they didn't want you if you did.

Their casting call specifically states: "Food truck newbies ONLY, please! You must have NEVER owned/run your own food truck to be considered"

As with all the other seasons since then, the show gives you a food truck, the supplies, everything. But when you win, you get to keep the food truck.

Season 5 is now casting. Here's the press release with more details.

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Santa Ana Finally Regains Its Farmers Market

After years of going without one, Santa Ana is finally regaining its farmers market. There's every reason for Santa Ana to host a large market downtown, given the population, the proliferation of market-driven restaurants, and the long tradition of open-air produce markets in Latino cultures.

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KTLA Anchor Thanks Us for Introducing Them to Ice Cream-Stuffed Doughnuts, Has Problem With Our Use of the Word "Diabetes"

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The KTLA Morning News, along with other news outlets, picked up on our post alerting the world to the existence of Afters in Fountain Valley--a new dessert shop that was stuffing warm doughnuts with homemade ice cream and calling them "Milky Buns." But the KTLA crew went one extra step than just re-reporting: They invited Afters to their studio and to bring some "Milky Buns" with them. Afters obliged (see the video after the jump).

I only became aware of the segment when co-anchor Frank Buckley sent me an email thanking us for the scoop (pun intended), but also to gently correct me on my use of the word "diabetes" in my post.

He writes:

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Poorman's OC '4 Freee': El Torito Celebrates National Margarita Day w/$2 Margs, Cheap Eats, & FREE $25 Food/Booze Certificates Here!!!


What is National Margarita Day?!? I had never heard of it until the day before yesterday! I guess it's a day where we glorify, celebrate, and consume margaritas. Nothing wrong with that! Still don't really know what it means, but thanks to the fine folks at the legendary El Torito, I am now a huge fan! You won't even believe what they're doing to celebrate it tomorrow at all 57 of their restaurants! Read on!!!!!!!

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World's Worst Neighbor Allegedly Points Gun at Girl Scout Selling Cookies in Temecula

Bob Aul / OC Weekly
On Saturday, Feb. 2, at about 11:30 a.m., a Girl Scout walked up to John Dodrill's house in the 31000 block of Strawberry Tree Lane in Temecula and attempted to sell him cookies. He allegedly pointed a gun at the girl, whose father called the police. Authorities responded, relieved Dodrill of his weapon, and arrested him.

As the father of a cookie-selling Girl Scout, let me tell you: This is why you have to order your Thin Mints from forms at mom's or dad's work or hope to find a sales booth outside your grocery store.

Anyone with information on the incident is asked to call Deputy Garcia of the Riverside County Sheriff's Southwest Station at 951-696-3000.

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Ways & Means Oyster House's Michelin-Starred Chef Out; New Chefs de Cuisine Hired

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According to a press release, there has been a shake-up at Orange's Ways & Means Oyster House.

Conrad Gallagher, the Michelin-starred chef they hired to open the restaurant last fall, is gone. In his place are two new chefs de cuisine, Benjamin Wallenbeck and Justin Odegard, both of whom have experience cooking at other named OC restaurants.

Yet Gallagher himself seemed to suggest that his time at Ways & Means was always meant to be short-lived.

So I asked Devon Klug, Ways & Means' PR rep for confirmation. I said, "I read on his Facebook that his time at Ways & Means was only supposed to be a three month consulting gig. Was that the plan all along?"

She answered, "For the most part, yes. During his time as executive consulting chef, Conrad helped to not only develop Ways & Means' menu, but also to work closely with Ben and Justin to seamlessly execute the menu."

Gallagher is now off on his own doing pop-ups and hosting cooking classes.

To read my review and then the restaurant's response to the review, click here and here.

Here is the press release that all news outlets like this one got on the announcement.

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