Owners of Anaheim's El Patio, Glo-Room Blast City's Plans to Demolish Their Businesses

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Gabriel San Roman / OC Weekly
Tacos, burritos and tortas: Who could ask for more?
The fate of an Anaheim shopping center and the future of its tenants swings in the balance this afternoon. The city's planning commission is holding a public hearing at 5 p.m. to decide on moving forward with a proposal that would level businesses on the corner of La Palma and Magnolia avenues in favor of a future McDonald's, Rite Aid Pharmacy and retail space. The center is home to longtime and legendary Anaheim establishments like El Patio Drive In and the Glo-Room. If the planning commission approves the proposal by Frontier Real Estate Investments, they'll be crushing the hard work of immigrant entrepreneurship from El Salvador to Vietnam along with it.

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El Patio, The Glo Room and Other Legendary Anaheim Businesses Set to Be Demolished?

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An Anaheim staple...
Anaheim's El Patio Drive In is rallying a Mexi food militia against plans to bulldoze the shopping center where it has stood for decades. The hole-in-the-wall on the city's west side sounded the alarm on Facebook telling its loyal legion that Frontier Real Estate Investments, with Anaheim's all-too-eager blessing, wants to raze existing businesses in favor of putting up a McDonald's, Rite Aide and other bland retail outlets!

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Marilyn Hagerty Reviews McDonald's!

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Edwin Goei
Marilyn Hagerty, if you don't remember, is the 88-year-old Grand Forks Herald restaurant critic whose Olive Garden review went viral several years ago because of the snarky hipsters who pointed at it to show how unhip she was. Backlash against the snark quickly ensued and many came to her defense, including Anthony Bourdain, who not only said this to his Twitter followers "Very much enjoying watching Internet sensation Marilyn Hagerty triumph over the snarkologists (myself included)," but also offered her a book deal.

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Irvine Marriot Opens CANVAS, A Food And Drink Concept Lab For Aspiring Restaurateurs

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Photo Courtesy of Marriott
This could be you.
No, CANVAS is not another hotel restaurant. CANVAS apparently is a venue where aspiring chefs and restaurant entrepreneurs can pitch their ideas to the Marriott Hotel group and then, if selected, get some start-up capital and see their ideas tested as a restaurant. It sounds like Restaurant Wars from Top Chef in real life, doesn't it?

Here's how the press release describes it:

By this Thursday, local start-up chefs can pitch their food or drink concept, and be selected to incubate their ideas at the Marriott Irvine hotel, receive up to $50,000 in startup money, and get professional advice from Marriott to realize their ambitions.The space is ready-to-build at the Irvine Marriott, and Marriott's expert team of designers will work with start-up Chefs to help realize a space that supports their vision. Marriott will test their restaurant chops and get the Chef's idea off the ground.
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Anatomy of a Santa Ana Pronto Pizza Robbery with Photos and Video

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All photos courtesy of Santa Ana Police Department
The pair entered the Pronto Pizza just before 10 p.m. Saturday.
The Santa Ana Police Department is looking for two guys who robbed Pronto Pizza on West First Street Saturday night--and the pair may have also hit a Radio Shack and Video Sky store on West 17th Street before that.

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Chapter One's Chef Moves To Hotel Irvine

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Thumbnail image for Montelibano1.jpeg
Photo by Christina Bryson
Jason "Chicken Wang" Montelibano
I used to joke that there are a total of two Filipinos in Irvine and I knew both of them. I reasoned that this was why there was no Filipino restaurants and markets in the Kingdom of Bren and will never be. But then Seafood City opened up and rendered my joke obsolete.

Now on the heels of that news, there's even more Pinoy-ness to celebrate. This next scoop was sent to me by one of those Filipinos I know (our own Anne Marie). She told me that Jason Montelibano, the executive chef at Chapter One: The Modern Local, is now cooking for Hotel Irvine at its Eats Kitchen & Bar.

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Yes, French Toast Crunch Is Back

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General Mills
They'reeee backkk!

Alright, I'm going to make this easy for you guys.

Yes, French Toast Crunch is back. You'll be able to find it in most grocery stories by the end of January, with boxes starting to pop up by mid December.

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Surge, Legendary Cult Soda from the 90s, is BACK!

Coca-Cola Company

From 1920 to 1933, America experienced the dark days of Prohibition. Apparently forgetting the lessons taught by those 13 grueling years, America endured a similar dry spell of the nation's lifeblood from 2001 until today, this most historic and glorious of days.

Surge is back, you guys.

The legendary super-soda with a cult following reigned supreme in the late 90s with it's "fully loaded" citrus taste that came with a buzz fit for a rabid monkey, much to the chagrin of parents everywhere.

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Northgate Postpones Hatch Chile Roasts Scheduled For Aug. 16

Dave Lieberman
Delayed chile is still worth the wait.
Northgate Markets have announced that due to heavy rains in Hatch, New Mexico, they will be cancelling the roasts scheduled for the Buena Park, Santa Ana (Harbor Blvd.), and Paramount stores. Those roasts will be postponed to Saturday, September 6.

If the suppliers can harvest today, the roasts scheduled for Sunday will still take place. We suggest you call the stores in question to see if the Sunday roasts are still on. If not, they will be postponed to September 7.

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Yelp Sued By Shareholders For Lying About Suppressing Bad Reviews In Exchange For Cash

A group of shareholders led by Joseph Curry have filed a federal class-action lawsuit against Yelp in San Francisco, the SFGate blog reports.

The suit alleges that Yelp management lied to shareholders about the widely suspected but never officially proven tactic of charging businesses money to suppress negative reviews, and that they promoted non-first-hand positive reviews (i.e., shills) in order to bump up paying customers' ratings.

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