Paninoteca Maggio Launches Temporary Luxe Lonchera

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Dustin Ames
Sharron is not one to sit still.

You're likely reading this for one of two reasons. Either you are a fan of Sharron Barshishat's cuisine, or his restaurant name makes you want to bust a move. Those of the former can cheer a small victory. Despite delays in his new address around the corner from Little Sparrow, Sharron intends to give the people what they want-- LUNCH!

Starting today, Barshishat is launching a panini truck to feed the neighborhood he recently moved into. When I reached out for more intel, he also hinted there would be new menu items. These would ultimately be featured at the brick-and-mortar.

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Tamarindo Truck To Be Featured On Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives

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Photo by Meranda Carter
Pedro Resendiz of Tamarindo Truck
We got a message from the good people at Tamarindo Truck informing us that they will be featured on Guy Fieri's show, Diners, Drive-In and Dives, at the end of the month. We featured Pedro Resendiz and his luxe lonchera on our On The Line column three years ago, and it's due time more people gave them props.

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A Duo of Food Fundraisers To Keep You Busy All Weekend

Aloha Plate website
Did someone say plate lunch?

UPDATE: (Friday, 10:52 a.m.) Per the event organizer for Saturday's event, Dogzilla will no longer be serving on that day. Aloha Plate will be the only lonchera on site.

What's your weekend looking like (besides a whole lotta sleep)? If you're in a giving mood, and have no particular lunch or dinner plans, stop by one of these local events to support a cause and fill your belly! Saturday is all about the luxe loncheras (including a winner from The Great Food Truck Race). If Sunday is what you're thinking, then cruise to Downtown Fullerton for a former On the Line subject. Details after the jump.

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Dogzilla Ranks In Buzzfeed's "25 Most Popular Food Trucks of 2013" Listicle!

Photo by Josue Rivas
Son Thai and Martin Tse: Social media studs

While zoning out on BuzzFeed, I came across a story featuring previous On the Line subject, Martin Tse (Actually, it was his luxe lonchera, Dogzilla-- but close enough.) As I perused the list, it occurred to me that they were the only true Orange County food truck representation to make it on there. So as far as I'm concerned, congratulations are in order.

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Roy Choi Book Signing At Diamond Jamboree This Saturday

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Luxe lonchera cult celeb Roy Choi will be hawking his memoir, L.A. Son: My Life, My City, My Food this weekend in the forever-busy Asian food court that is Diamond Jamboree. Released last week, Choi believes the essence of his dozen chapters, " ...feels and smells like LA and OC." We see what you did there, Roy.

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Amazon Fresh Begins OC Service; Pants No Longer Needed for Groceries

Photo by Atomic Taco.
Now on the 405.

Some people in Orange County no longer have to wear pants while grocery shopping, as AmazonFresh, Amazon's home grocery delivery service, is now active in parts of the county. AmazonFresh debuted in Los Angeles earlier this summer and has been operating in the Seattle metro since 2007.

"Since we launched AmazonFresh in Los Angeles in June, we have been steadily expanding our service area, which now includes communities in Orange County," said Amazon PR Rep Nell Rona by email.

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On The Line: Brian Fast Of Waff-N-Roll, Part Two

Photo by Christina Bryson

"While my sense of humor may be South Park-ian, I am a dead serious hospitality guy. I wish all humans had to pass a course on the subject. The process of realizing and relishing the infinite range of customer needs, and developing the desire, empathy and ability to satisfy customer expectations is a gift that improves all relationships. I've seen hospitality enhance many celebrations and heal many wounds. Hospitality rocks!" -- Brian Fast
Well said, Brian.

Read our interview with Brian Fast of Waff-N-Roll, Part One.
And now, on to Part Two . . .

What's your favorite childhood memory?
So many to choose from, but the one that comes to mind is seeing Peter Frampton open for Black Sabbath in 1974. I definitely need therapy.

When you're not in the kitchen, what are you doing?
Anything that keeps me from doing the accounting for both of my food concepts.

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On The Line: Brian Fast Of Waff-N-Roll, Part One

Photo by Christina Bryson

Luxe lonchera owner Brian Fast is no stranger to foodservice, but he is relatively new to the mobile meal scene. He draws his restaurant experience from Arthur's Coffee Shop in La Habra and collaborates with chef consultant Elizabeth Whitt to create fulfilling meals sandwiched in a waffle made with no oil. We bear the heatwave for an afternoon to figure out what makes him tick.

What sparked the idea of Waff-N-Roll?
It was the smartest way for me to enter the emerging worldwide waffle sandwich market. Also, the thought of a restaurant with a transmission simultaneously intrigued and terrified me-- so I knew I had to do it.

What surprised you most about operating a luxe lonchera?
Everything shakes . . .all the time.

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New Food Truck 'Tits N Tacos' Hits The Streets of OC

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Tits N Tacos
When we heard about a new food truck called Tits N Tacos rolling out of Huntington Beach, we groaned. The menu includes oh-so-charmingly-named items such as Hooterlicious (a buffalo chicken taco) and Pussy Galore (their fish taco, natch). Classy. We have to admit our expectations weren't the highest.

But turns out, the luxe lonchera isn't the drunken invention of a couple of Surf City bros. It's run by a rocker chick named Dani Rose, who has a great, homegrown grill-to-wheels story.

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On The Line: Alissa Grenis & Chris Rubinstein Of Bite Me Foods, Part Two

Photo by Amanda DeFrancis

Read our interview with Alissa Grenis and Chris Rubinstein of Bite Me Foods, Part One.
And now, on to Part Two. . .

Where's the strangest place you've ever parked?
I don't know if we have ever parked anywhere that strange, but until recently, she has never been scratched. I'm driving the truck mostly now, so watch out OC! I've hit a basketball rim, trashcan and a metal pole, all in the last month. Ahhhh.

I don't think we've had too many strange spots. Parking every night at the commissary is strange, though. I may get a little stressed out about squeezing the truck in our spot when there's no place to move. I've never hit anything, but Alissa has tried to killed us a few times. That's why I usually drive.

Last song playing on your radio:
Grenis:Love Line. Dr. Drew is the best! Seriously, the smartest man. At any point I turn it on, the topics are always relevant to my life. Anything country, I mostly only listen to the radio. I have this thing where I need to hear things at the same time as the rest of the world. Weird, I know. I'm the same way with television shows. Forget TiVo. I need to watch it in the moment.

Rubinstein:Last thing I listened to was The Dan Patrick show. Last song was August by Avail.

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