There's Now A Poke Food Truck

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Another week, another post reporting another new poke shop. But this week, I've got something a little different. This one's a poke food truck. Remember food trucks, kids? Yep, the latest food trend has finally circled back to catch up with the last one.

The Poke Hut, despite the static-sounding name, is an honest-to-goodness food truck that drives around serving poke bowls similar to what you've probably had, well, at all the other new poke shops I've written about in the past few months. We're talking white or brown rice topped with salmon or tuna dressed in either ponzu, shoyu, or spicy mayo, then garnished with green onion, onion, fruitcake furikake (damn you, AutoCorrect!), masago, and seaweed.

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What Kind of "Best Tacos" List Bans Taco Trucks? Why, the OC Register's, of Course!

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Photo by The Mexican
Where real taco lovers eat, not pretenders

When I saw the headline last week that Orange County Register food critic Brad A. Johnson was offering readers his 10 best tacos in OC, I immediately chuckled. Would Brad offer tacos with French fries, given he's reviewed papas fritas at Mexican restaurants before? Would he manage to work in a hotel taco, given he's nowadays more prone to reviewing hotels outside of OC than doing his ostensible responsibilities?

Then I clicked on the link, and started to laugh. El Campeón? Roman's Taqueria? Getting carne asada at a birrieria? HA! But then I reread Brad's intro, in which he announced he excluded taco trucks from consideration, and began to fume.

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White Castle Luxe Lonchera At San Diego Foodie Fest This Weekend!

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We've got our sights set on one.

San Diego may be out of our writing jurisdiction, but if that's the closest distance between us and the tastiest fast food sliders in the country, consider it next door! The first time we vacationed in NYC, our very first stop was a White Castle. We couldn't put our finger on what it was exactly, but that meal was one of the most memorable ones of our trip.

Formerly known as the Las Vegas Foodie Fest, the Great American Foodie Fest "Eat like a king. Party like a rock star" continues its tour to San Diego this Friday through Sunday over at Qualcomm Stadium. Promoters are promising over 50 of the best loncheras descending from around the country. Live entertainment, eating contests, a beer garden and even carnival rides are expected. Yet you are reading this post for one reason.

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Ding Dong! DoorDash Delivers Local OC Dishes to Your Doorstep

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Lyft and Uber make it easy for people to connect with drivers. DoorDash makes it easy for people to connect with someone who'll deliver local dishes to your doorstep.

DoorDash, a Palo-Alto-conceived startup offering food delivery services for local and chain restaurants, is now transporting burgers, sushi, tacos, and other things to the hungry bellies of Orange County--officializing its entry into a food delivery war with Postmates and Foodbur. After success in the Bay Area, Los Angeles, Boston, Chicago, and San Francisco, DoorDash chose Orange County as its sixth market, launching officially on February 16th. "At our LA office, we kept getting customer requests to deliver in Orange County," says Ryan Broderick, DoorDash's Head of Launch. "This market is going to be huge. The restaurant scene here is fantastic."

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VIDEO: ¡Ask a Mexican! on Why Politicians Hate Taco Trucks

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Photo by The Mexican
Alebrije's, the finest lonchera in the land

The proposal by the SanTana City Council to further regulate food trucks, both of the grocer and taco variety, has me pretty pissed--so much so that I decided to devote my weekly ¡Ask a Mexican! video to the issue. Just a warning to any restauranteur who has complained to those clowns about loncheras: if I find out you did that, I WILL expose ustedes as the pendejo wimps you are.

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Santa Ana City Council Wants to Regulate Food Trucks--Again ('Cause They're Pendejos)

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Photo by The Mexican
Dispatch from the best lonchera in OC...

Over the holiday break, the Voice of OC wrote a telling piece about how SanTana councilmembers want to do what they do best: fuck up a good thing.

Their latest self-manufactured controversy involves food trucks, both of the market and lonchera variety, and how they need to get regulated because...why, exactly?

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Hello Kitty Food Truck In Irvine NEXT WEEK!

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Dim sum at Capital Seafood and soju key lime margaritas from Urban Seoul 2.0 are a couple of reasons why we visit the Irvine Spectrum. Yet the one you should get excited about this month involves a cat little girl.

We broke the news earlier this month about the creation of the first Hello Kitty Cafe on the mainland. That will happen when it happens. In the meantime, followers can fall in line for their dessert truck.

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On the Line: Rashad Moumneh of Falasophy, Part Two

Jennifer Fedrizzi
Shiny, happy lonchera owner

Falasophy owner Rashad Moumneh and I met years ago while working with the same personal trainer. We never discussed work, but knew the other was hardworking (at least when it came to our gym sessions). Our acquaintance is a perfect example of 'it's who you know', with his mobile meals gaining momentum and my ongoing search for subjects to interview. I've been fortunate enough to meet Rashad's loving wife and son on multiple occasions, making this week's On the Line less formal and more coffeehouse casual.

Our interview with luxe lonchera owner Rashad starts here,
but the rest of his interview can be read below . . .

What's your favorite childhood memory?
Going out for Sunday lunch (more like an all-day eating activity) with my extended family. We would go into the woods in the mountains of Lebanon and barbecue. We would bring our tables and chairs, charcoal, drinks. Everything, really. I remember very well sitting under these very high pine trees, and there would be a small stream flowing right by us. The stream was very cold, so we would put watermelons and drinks in there to cool them. It was surreal.

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On the Line: Rashad Moumneh of Falasophy, Part One

Jennifer Fedrizzi
If you overthink Falasophy, you're missing the point

I thought luxe loncheras were starting to die down around here, until an acquaintance informed me he was about to launch one. Rashad's investment in Falasophy was a result of years of following a career path he wasn't particularly passionate about. His desire to provide a flavorful option to vegetarians (vegans, too!) leads us to this week's Q & A.

Why falafels and hummus?
I wanted to do a vegetarian concept because I felt that as a society, we eat too much meat. I also wanted to do something delicious that people would crave. Falafel and hummus were the perfect intersection of those two goals. Historically, falafel was invented more than a thousand years ago by the Copts of Egypt to eat during Lent. Falafel is now consumed all over the world, not necessarily because they are vegetarian, but because they taste amazing. It also helped that I knew these two items well, and honestly felt that we did not have good options for them in Southern California.

What is your beverage of choice?
Morning beverage: Turkish latte from Kean. Evenings: A good Belgian-style craft beer (which goes great with a falafel sandwich, by the way.)

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New Luxe Lonchera Alert: Falasophy

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Anne Marie Panoringan
Now that's a bowl!

When Seabirds went all brick-and-mortar, it left a void for those who spend their time trying to find a meatless meal. Sure, most loncheras had a salad or could serve a dish without meat. Yet diners were now missing a dedicated vegetarian/vegan option. This is where Falasophy steps in.

They officially kicked off a couple of weeks ago, and are slowly making the rounds. Their concept: falafels and hummus bowls topped with whatever you're in the mood for. Or you could be like yours truly and put both in one vessel to chow down.

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