Cal State Fullerton Sorority Dinged for "Taco Tuesday" Event Involving Sombreros, Cholo-Wear

Is the red cup part of the Mexi costume?
Not since 'Seniores and Señoritas' day at Canyon High School in 2012 had there been Mexi mocking at a school sanctioned event in OC, but it happened again. Back in August, the sisters of Cal State Fullerton sorority Alpha Delta Pi (ADPi) held a Taco Tuesday recruitment party that went horribly wrong. As the Daily Titan reported earlier this week, the majority of Alphies dressed up as "Mexicans": sarapes, sombreros, and chola clothes, all things they'd never dare do down the street in Tokers Town!

"You can have a Taco Tuesday without being racist," says C@SA (Chicana Chicano Studies Alliance) Co-Chair Martha Contreras in the common-sense line of the century. "Just serve tacos."

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The 10 Most Important Tacos in Taco History

Categories: Mexi Meals

Thumbnail image for teriyaki_tacos.jpg
Photo by The Mexican
Tacos, tacos, tacos!

This week marks the beginning of Hispanic Latino Chicano Brown People Heritage Month, a time where corporations outdo each other in pandering for pesos. We here at the Weeklyare not immune to such cheap points--hell, we pander all year! So in the spirit of that, behold a listicle celebrating taco history, specifically the 10 most important tacos of all time. Why tacos? Because it's the 100th anniversary of the taco's official debut in the United States, as you'll soon find out...

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Museum of Ventura County Hosts Exhibit to Counter Chipotle's Cup-Essay Fiasco

Categories: Mexi Meals

Submit, por favor!

I've spoken twice at the Museum of Ventura County, so I can easily say it's hipper than your usual ossified collection of crap. But I didn't know how hip until head curator Anna Bermudez let me know that they're hosting an exhibit that's a direct response to Chipotle's weak-salsa move earlier this summer to have essays on their soda cups by famous authors...none of which were Latinos.

Called "Cuento Cups: Because Our Stories Matter" and co-produced with chingona author Michelle Serros, it will not only feature the contributions of Latino authors and writers but YOU, if you are so inspired.

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ESPN's Data Geeks Find America's Best Burrito! And the Winner Is...

Categories: Mexi Meals

Photo by Anna Maria Barry-Jester
La Taqueria's first-round score--no argument from me!

Earlier this year, I was invited by data wizard Nate Silver to participate in their search for the best burrito in America in his epic Burrito Bracket. Silver, of course, has his own ESPN vertical over at FiveThirtyEight, where they crunch data to delightful results, and I was flown into a secret room in New York City along with restaurant chingónDavid Chang, Mexican-food expert Jeffrey Pilcher, and Eater food critic Bill Addison.

Silver brought us in to be the human voices of reason to his beloved data, which used Yelp scores to determine what were the best burritos in America. He thought that crowd-sourced data would be more accurate than not in determining whether a burrito was great. Us humans, on the other hand, knew from first-hand experience that you really can't trust crazy Yelp kids. As a result, we recommended our personal favorite choices to FiveThirtyEight burrito correspondent Anna Maria Barry-Jester. Eventually, whittled down a list to 64 burritos that would face each other off, March Madness style, and off she went.

After months of eating, Anna Maria found a winner. And it is...

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Taco Maria Extending Hours To Brunch And Late Nights

Categories: Mexi Meals

Anne Marie Panoringan

If you know me, then you know that the way to my heart is through my favorite meal. So when I learned that Carlos Salgado was not only extending hours, but including Sunday brunch, I made time to visit their first service. While Edwin is the official restaurant reviewer, I have no problem admitting that my meal was epic. Okay, and a bit overindulgent.

Late-night tacos occur on Tuesdays and Wednesdays inside The OC Mix. I'll go over the details, but the bulk of this post will be brunch-related.

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Taco Asylum Undergoes Menu Makeover

Categories: Mexi Meals

Anne Marie Panoringan
Watch that spill

Who is well-spoken, has worked for both Thomas Keller in Napa and Brian Malarkey in San Diego and is changing things up in Costa Mesa? That would be one Carlos Anthony at Taco Asylum. If you didn't know that the asylum broke off from the Haven Collective (Haven Gastropub and Provisions Market in Old Towne Orange), now you do. Owner Ace Patel and his tight-knit team have reworked the menu and are ready to rock and roll, kicking off their newest creations last week.

The most obvious changes to the menu are price and selection. Six-inch tortillas, crammed with meaty classics like carnitas or vegetarian with roasted peppers and black beans start at $3.75. The most expensive bites are a shrimp duo, either pad thai or wasabi style for $6.75. Hover over your metal serving tray, since tasty morsels will spill out (or suffer the consequences, like my dress did).

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61. Consommé from Tacos y Birria El Güero

Photo by The Mexican
Drink up, Part Two!

Behold our annual 100 Favorite Dishes countdown! Every day until the publication of our fantabulous Best Of Issue, we'll list our favorite meals this year in descending order. Enjoy, pass it on, and tune in daily!

Let's go to the review I wrote of this place earlier this year, shall we? Let's shall!

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63. Breakfast Taco at Sapphire Laguna

Photo by The Mexican
Very bueno!

Behold our annual 100 Favorite Dishes countdown! Every day until the publication of our fantabulous Best Of Issue, we'll list our favorite meals this year in descending order. Enjoy, pass it on, and tune in daily!

"A breakfast taco at Sapphire?" I mumbled when I saw the breakfast options at Sapphire Laguna, the excellent farm-to-table restaurant of Chef Azmin Ghahreman. The place has always cut the difference between tourist-friendly offerings and Ghahreman's ambitions, and a breakfast taco--a trend slowly trickling in from Texas--seemed out of place here.

The dish came. "That's not a breakfast taco," I groaned. Indeed, if you look at it, it's more like a huarache--two tortillas on which a bed of scrambled eggs, pico de gallo, and cheese sit. And so pretty! I was ready to dismiss it as Laguna pomposity...and then I bit into it.

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The Michelada VW Bus Is as Awesome as It Sounds

Photos by betovision
From left: Fernando Lopez, some fancy paisa, and Bricia Lopez

So I got married over the weekend, an epic street party in downtown SanTana. Lot of food, lot of family, lot of fun--but the undisputed life of the veritable you-know-what was the MicheMobil, a repurposed VW van that serves micheladas on tap.

Let that register in your alchohol-wanting liver again: An immaculate Kombi. With taps. That serves micheladas, those Mexican beer cocktails that find cerveza spiked with a chingo of stuff that's entering the mainstream.


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Viet-Mex, New Vietnamese-Mexican Restaurant, Opening in Garden Grove

Gracias, source!
Coming on and gracias!

I've heard of Vietnamese restaurants renaming bún as "fideo" and goi cuon as "taquitos" to get Mexican clienteles inside their doors. I've heard Mexican restaurants rename their fideo as pho and burritos as goi cuon to get Mexicans in. Then you have Dos Chinos, who mashes the two cuisines into glorious luxe lonchera desmadre.

But a restaurant that served Mexican AND Vietnamese food, with no fusion but rather cohabitation? I think there was one in SanTana years ago, but OC consumers tend to like their Mexican and Vietnamese food separately. But that just might change with the opening of Viet-Mex, a restaurant about to open up shop on the corner of Harbor Boulevard and Lampson Avenue in Garden Grove.

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