Uh-Oh: Lime Prices Are Rising Again

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Photo by Das Ubergeek
Green gold

Around this time last year, this infernal rag was the first in the country to report that lime prices were rising, and were going to rise even more due to the drug wars in Mexico, specifically in the lime-growing regions of Michoacán. That particular group of narcos has largely been eradicated, but general unrest in the area means that lime prices are going to climb significantly again--not to the heights of last year, where cases were going for over $100, but still pretty expensive.

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Tea Party at Anepalco's at the Ayres, Our Drink of the Week!

Photo by The Mexican

Chingón bartender Joe Valdovinos has moved on from Playground, landing at Anepalco's at the Ayres in Orange and giving owner Danny Godínez a Latino Dream Team. Cesar Cerrudo still mans the bar here, but Valdovinos is now his back-up--the greatest pinch-hitter since Manny Mota.

He only started last week, but is already raising desmadre with his drinks, many using Ilegal Mezcal due to Valdovinos' association with the fine brand. Principal among them is a special he whipped up just the other night: the Tea Party.

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VIDEO: ¡Ask a Mexican! on Why Mexicans Hate Yellow Cheese So Much

Buzzfeed Video

Earlier this week, Buzzfeed released an amusing video where they gathered a group of Mexicans from Los Angeles (the King Taco shoutout was the giveaway, Adrian!) to try Taco Bell for the first time. Typical hilarity ensues, but the part that got me the most was the above reaction from the mujer, because it dovetailed nicely with stories I had been hearing from Mexicans about their revulsion to yellow cheese on Mexican anything and how that was not "authentic."

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Eat This Now: Potato Tacos at Taquería El Zamorano

Photo by The Mexican
The reason for the season

It's Lent for us papists, which means meatless Fridays. And while the gabacho Catholic ritual of fish frys are good, far better is what us Mexicans cook: capirotada and arroz de leche for dessert; chile rellenos floating in potato soup for breakfast; and the small miracle called tortas de camarones that find shrimp powder transformed into the shape of tater tots and dunked in a cactus-chile broth.

Taquerias also get into the mix, which is where Taquería El Zamorano comes in.

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You Can Now Drink Margaritas From Outer Space, Thanks to Jose Cuervo

Categories: Mexi Meals

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Courtesy of Mariano Martinez
Mariano Martinez, creator of the frozen margarita

I began my book, Taco USA: How Mexican Food Conquered America with the scene of astronauts making breakfast burritos in outer space. I pulled back to reveal that flour tortillas are actually a favored food of NASA, and that researchers had spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to make a tortilla that wouldn't quickly spoil during shuttle missions--AMAZING!

Now, in further proof that the ultimate plan for America is to get us out of Earth and onto Mars, scientists have made a frozen margarita in space.

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VIDEO: Is it Important for Mexican Men that Women be Good Cooks?

Categories: Mexi Meals

Photo by Brian Feinzimer
Chef Jaritza González of the fabulous Ink Waffles in SanTana--more on her soon...

By now, it's a cliché that women are the bulwark of every Mexican man's life, that hombres are helpless without them. And nowhere is this more evident than in men's expectations that the women they're with be good cooks, just like their tías, mamis, and abuelitas. Of course, all of this is heteronormative bullshit, but might as well take on this stereotype in the video version of my ¡Ask a Mexican! column.

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Record-Breaking World's Largest Taco Created with Cochinita Pibil--And Why That's Important

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Photo by Niyaz Pirani
Not the record-breaking taco in question; still delicious

If you want further proof of how Mexican food is conquering the world--and even Mexico--look no further than the recent successful attempt in Guadalajara to create the world's largest taco. The final result, according to reports, was over two miles long and used over a ton of meat and tortillas. Now THAT'S a taquiza!

But instead of using a stuffing common to Jalisco--say, carne asada or carnitas, or birria--the chefs decided to use something diametrically opposed to the state, but now embraced by la república wholeheartedly: the Yucateco pork specialty cochinita pibil.

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Urban Cactus: Delicious Sorpresa Near Angel Stadium

Dave Lieberman
¡Ay, qué fresa!
A menu from Urban Cactus showed up in my office shortly before Christmas. I didn't look at it--I was busy replenishing the water in the coffee machine, like a good corporate citizen--but I happened to drive past it last week, pulled in, judged it by its cover, and nearly pulled right back out onto the road.

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McDonald's Apologizes to Mexicans for Calling Tamales "A Thing of the Past"

McDonald's Mexico Facebook page
The ad that started it all...

As if McDonald's bad news can't get any worse--from plummeting sales to lame ad campaigns to their creepy newish mascot to everything--now comes this: they just apologized to Mexico and Mexicans everywhere for insulting the tamale, that most essential of Mexican meals.

The above ad was placed earlier this week, telling people that tamales are a "thing of the past" and for Mexicans to try the McBurrito, which is another wrapped meal. And, of course, Mexicans went nuts.

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Chipotle Finally Gets Hispanic Authors for their Stories-on-a-Cup Series...and None are Mexican

No nopales yet

Okay, haters: go for it. Go on and rant that the anger that Chicano authors and I have for Chipotle after they announced the latest batch of authors for their "Cultivating Thought" series is laughable. That we should rejoice that the series included Hispanic authors this time, from Brazilian self-empowerment guru Paulo Coelho to Dominican writer Julia Alvarez to Spaniard Carlos Ruíz Zafón. That we should thank Chipotle for including diverse voices after the travesty of last time, shut up, and get on with our lives. Actually, that we should get lives, period, and go bend a taco or something.

But the fact remains: when curating author Jonathan Safran Foer had another chance to expose hipster America to Chicano or Mexican authors, he chose not to. And the question must be asked: why?

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