Juicing Comes To the Circle: Growl Juice Pub in Orange

Dave Lieberman
The sampler from Growl Juice Pub
I've been hearing a lot about Growl Juice Pub in Old Town Orange. At first, I just rolled my eyes, as I do whenever someone gushes about how juicing is going to save the world. I consider juicing to be an expensive fad aimed at rich people looking for another way to consume kale.

A funny thing happened, though. Chefs and bartenders whose taste I respect were perhaps the biggest proponents of Growl. I couldn't talk to anyone in the inland OC food industry without hearing about how they go to Growl and get juice by the six-pack.

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Adonis Mediterranean Grill: Good, But Not a Donair

Dave Lieberman
The "donair" at Adonis Grill
7:03 p.m.: "Hey, it's Dave. I'm here at the restaurant. Did you get a table?"

7:22 p.m.: "Hey, just wondering if you're on your way. LMK."

7:41 p.m.: "Everything OK? We still on for tonight?"

7:55 p.m.: "Okay, it's an hour past when we were going to meet. I'm leaving."

Being stood up for a date sucks. Being stood up for a date in South Orange County, where people have nothing better to do than to walk past and say, "Hey, you look like you're waiting for a date," is even worse. Mind your own damn business, Rancho Santa Marga-housewives.

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Stages of Romantic Relationships Through Meals: A Completely Fictional Study

Photo by Ali West
How long have they been dating? Two months? Two years?

Relationships are perilous minefields of miscommunication. Countless people have spent countless hours trying to figure out if it's the right time to wear sweatpants or go without makeup.

How are you supposed to know when the honeymoon period is over and you can stop turning on the shower each time you use the bathroom? Facial cues and body language? It's a mystery.

Unless you're paying attention to what you're eating. A couple's meals together reveal more than how hungry they are, they'll also tell you what phase of their relationship their in, from courtship to the honeymoon stage and full on true love.

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Buy Half-Off Tickets to Artopia NOW!

Eric Hood
Last year's Artopia - you know you want to go!
We're just over a week away from our annual Artopia party on Saturday, March 22, and now we've rolled out a sweet deal where you can purchase tickets half-off for $10. It'll probably be the best $10 you spend this week, and here's why...

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For People Still Without Plans, Shuck Oyster Bar Offering 'Fourplay' Valentine's Menu

Photo by Dave Lieberman

Wait, you still don't have Valentine's Day plans? It's literally tomorrow.

Well, okay, luckily for you, Shuck Oyster Bar at the OC Mix at South Coast Collection (that's still a mouth full, even with out the whole Mix Mart, Mart Mix thing going on) is offering a special "Fourplay" four-course menu from today to Sunday.

Good news, it's not going to break the bank, coming in at $50 per couple. What do you get for your $50? Well..

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Tustin's Acai Republic Takes You Back to Brazil

Categories: Local Eats

Photo by Thao Ta
The menu!

Acai Republic, a tiny, one-counter Tustin Brazilian juice bar flanked by a small movie theater and an MMA gym, serves the kind of food that Orange County needs during the cruel Southern Californian Winters. How else are people supposed to deal with the bright sun and mid-70s temperatures without chilly bowls of fruit and light sandwiches that don't weigh you down?

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The Return of Renzo: Muelle Peruvian Cantina and the Best Lomo Saltado In the World

Dave Lieberman
When Renzo Macchiavello closed his eponymous food court café in Irvine last year, foodies all over Orange County went into mourning. While unadventurous office drones ate his sandwiches, spread with thick green salsa de ají, those in the know ate ceviche and parihuela.

Well, Renzo has resurfaced, cooking in the evenings at the restaurant at the recently remodeled Hotel Huntington Beach. You can see the chafing dishes used for the hotel breakfast along the side wall of the sparsely decorated room (frankly, it looks like the dining room at an assisted-living facility); his restaurant, Muelle, is open only for dinner. We sat down, ordered pisco sour and pisco mules (the pisco sour is better, like a thick slushie of alcohol and lime), and tried desperately to choose from the menu.

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Rick's Atomic Cafe Now Available For Private Dinners

Categories: Local Eats

Thumbnail image for Ba0Zag5CcAAMYFA.jpg-large.jpeg
Rick LeBlanc
Rick's Atomic Cafe, the office park eatery that normally serves only breakfast and lunch, but does it so well it made our 10 Essential Costa Mesa Restaurants list, is now available to do private dinners on demand and by request for groups of up to 12 guests. Owner and chef Rick LeBlanc announced it via Twitter a month ago with the above Twitpic of his dining room all doled up.

When I asked for details, this is what he told me:

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Vine San Clemente Changes Ownership, Brings Back Chef

Categories: Local Eats

Photo by Kevin Lara/OC Weekly

Everyone's got a go-to place: that coffeehouse where a barista starts making your "usual" the moment you enter, the unofficial parking spot we gravitate towards, or a Target so familiar, you can pick up toothpaste while on autopilot. Our go-to dining room in south county was a modest space known as Vine. Executive chef Jared Cook was an early On the Line subject we were fortunate to interview.

His culinary schooling led to positions at French 75, Chat Noir and The Crow Bar and Kitchen. However, Cook departed Vine at the beginning of 2013 to collaborate with colleague Scott Brandon on LinX in Old Towne Orange. It's here where our story takes a u-turn.

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The Best Dive Bars to Drink at in Your Neighborhood

Taylor Hamby/OC Weekly
See Best Neighborhood Bar, Coastal OC

As you may have noticed, we can't stop yapping about our largest issue of the year, Best Of 2013, and we're not done yet. A chunk of our Food & Drink awards go to awesome neighborhood, hole-in-the-wall and dive bars around the county each year. South County, North County, Coastal--even Long Beach--they're all represented here. We here at the Weekly love us some neighborhood and dive bars (can't you tell by my weekly column Dive Dive My Darling?) so we hope you'll check out all of our recommendations.

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