A Gorgeas Mix Now Delivering Vegan Meals in OC

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Kristine Hoang

When I saw the words "vegan" and "plant-based" in A Gorgeas Mix's online biography, I stopped, waited for the slight hesitation to wear off, and clicked on the "Get Started Now" button--which my cursor had been hanging over for several minutes.

Since 2013, Oceanside-based A Gorgeas (pronounced "gorgeous") Mix has been delivering vegan meals to San Diegans and is now bringing their services to Orange County. The chefs cook different sets of meals each week; customers can choose between those plans and have them delivered on Mondays and Thursdays. Being the person who endorses monthly Korean barbecue sessions and weekly Wingstop trips, I chose the starter plan ("for people who are new to green eating," the description read), which comes with breakfast, lunch, and dinner per day.

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Vegan Nirvana Has Great Vegan Food and a Guy in a Cow Suit

Photos by Jennifer Fedrizzi
Light and bright

The first thing I saw as I walked into Vegan Nirvana were pigs suffering in sow crates, a chicken whose neck was nearly plucked of all its feathers and a dairy cow that looked particularly sad. These images were all on a video the restaurant looped on a huge flat-screen at the back of the restaurant. Part propaganda film, part PowerPoint presentation that flipped through photos of famous vegetarians, it's something PETA can easily use as a recruitment tool. But here at the restaurant, it seemed like preaching to the choir. Does anyone need to be shown the evils of factory farming when they're already sitting down to order a vegan BLT?

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San Clemente Jarred Food Recalled After Two in Ohio Fall Ill with Botulism

Photo by Nan Palmero
Behold, the Mason jar menace!

Wuh-oh. VR Green Farms in San Clemente is recalling some of its jarred foods after two Ohio residents visited Orange County and then came down with botulism after they returned.

Specifically, VR Green Farms is voluntarily recalling its Pine Nut Basil Pesto, Pickled
Farm Mix, Old World Tomato Sauce, Sundried Tomatoes in Olive Oil, Tuscan
Grilling Sauce and Pasta Sauce, reports the City News Service. The food was being sold in Mason-style glass jars with screw-on metal lids and has a VR Green Farms label, according to the Orange County Health Care Agency.

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Juicing Comes To the Circle: Growl Juice Pub in Orange

Dave Lieberman
The sampler from Growl Juice Pub
I've been hearing a lot about Growl Juice Pub in Old Town Orange. At first, I just rolled my eyes, as I do whenever someone gushes about how juicing is going to save the world. I consider juicing to be an expensive fad aimed at rich people looking for another way to consume kale.

A funny thing happened, though. Chefs and bartenders whose taste I respect were perhaps the biggest proponents of Growl. I couldn't talk to anyone in the inland OC food industry without hearing about how they go to Growl and get juice by the six-pack.

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What The Hell Chia Seeds Are, And Why They're Great for You

Photo by Dominique Boubion
These are magical

At some point in your life, some one has probably asked: If you were stuck on an island and you only had one thing to eat, what would it be? I'm betting you answered something like "Mom's spaghetti," or the obvious choice, pizza. I always went with cheeseburgers, but that's beside the point because it turns out that all of those answers are wrong. There is a correct response. Chia seeds.

What are chia seeds, anyway? They've started to show up everywhere from Brazilian fruit bowls to grocery store yogurt. They should should be good for you, right? Well, let's break this down. If you're on an island, you will need a food that will sustain you for a long time, is very nutritious, can be stored without maintenance and expiration, and will curb your appetite. And ta-da - you have chia seeds. They don't call it a miracle food for nothing.

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A Q&A With The Biggest Vegan of Instagram

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The Vegans of IG

Instagram is a little bit of a food graveyard. It's a regular butt of hipster jokes and home to what might be one of the largest collections of badly-shot food porn in the world, but between the pictures of badly cropped plates and random sunsets, there are a few niche communities.

The fashionable show off their outfits of the day (#ootd), the fit share their exercise tips, and the vegans, well, the vegans share information, shoot food porn, and plan real life meet-ups.

Between fur protests in Los Angeles and social meet-ups in vegan (and veg-friendly) eateries, @VegansofIG account creator Amy Rebecca, the biggest vegan on Instagram, has been busy since April of 2012.

We talked with Amy about the creation and maintenance of this unique community of nearly 40,000 followers.

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On The Line: Gary Mead of Mead's Green Door Cafe, Part Two

Photo by Eleonor Segura

What we like most about the cuisine at Mead's Green Door Cafe is Gary's ability to not only cook meals that are not only good for you, but to execute them so that they have great flavor. In our second installment, we talk a little more about the things that mean most to him: his family.

Read our interview with Gary Mead of Mead's Green Door Cafe, part one.
And now, on to part two . . .

Hardest lesson you've learned:
LIFE. Still learning it.

We read something about tower gardens on your Facebook page; can you tell us more?

We are experimenting with growing some of our own greens. And we are selling the tower kits for people to grow at home.

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Most People Who Went Veg After Reading a Book Eat Meat Within A Year: Study

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Effective, for about a year

Once you go veg, you'll probably break the pledge, according to a study published in the journal Frontiers in Psychology on Oct. 31 conducted by Prof. Julia Hormes from the University at Albany, State University of New York.

"It can be concluded that the simple act of reading a book can have a significant impact on attitudes related to food production and consumption," the study reads. "However, it appears that at least some of this attitude change is relatively short in duration, with effects declining or disappearing over the course of a year."

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On The Line: Gary Mead of Mead's Green Door Cafe, Part One

Photo by Eleonor Segura

They say first impressions are made within moments of meeting someone. Our introduction with Gary Mead led us to believe that he may be a man of few words. However, by the time we met for his interview, his Bazinga! t-shirt (a nod to both The Flash and The Big Bang Theory we learned) changed our tune. A spiritual, family-oriented individual, Mead's desire to heal others through his cuisine lends to the warm vibe each time we step through his green doorway.

You're making breakfast. What are you having?
Morning stack with hummus, shredded carrot, arugula and our buffalo hot sauce, or chili eggs with our house-made quinoa chili.

Best culinary tip for the home cook:
Sharp knife and an open heart.

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Going on a Raw Vegan Diet Is Not All It's Cooked Up to Be

Dominique Boubion
Smoothie Time!

I've walked away from this week with two important lessons: Sometimes when you feel hungry and desire a 12oz steak and potatoes, a plum and some water will probably suffice. The second: Don't believe everything you read, or at the very least don't commit to three weeks of raw dieting before fully researching.

My regular, non-raw vegan diet consists primarily of carbs, meat and beer. It's not something that I'm proud of, and I actually didn't realize it until I broke it down meal by meal. I like to think of myself as a healthy person because I one time I got a salad instead of french fries as my side. But then all of a sudden, it's been weeks since a piece of fruit has entered my system.

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