Downtown Santa Ana Boosters Post IG Photo Of Mongols Biker Gang Ring-Wearer Enjoying Fries

Cropped screenshot by OC Weekly
Mongols as gentrifiers?
All signs seemed pointed to Downtown SanTana (or DTSA, as the hipsters call it) moving further upscale on the gentrification ladder. Artists courted to give the area its brand got the boot. Hell, folks can't even get a chicken waldorf at the Gypsy Den anymore. But all that conventional wisdom went out the window when Downtown Inc., the entity in charge of promoting the area, embarrassingly reposted a photo on Instagram showing someone wearing Mongols Nation rings enjoying some fries at the 4th Street Market.

Biker gangs boosted by DTSA as gentrifiers? HA!

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What the Hell Happened to the Gypsy Den in Downtown SanTana?

Photos by Jennifer Fedrizzi
The PBR says it all...

On its website, the Gypsy Den advertises itself as "Orange County's Original Alt Café," and no one save for maybe Alta Coffee in Newport Beach would argue. It's a legend--never necessarily cutting-edge, but always comforting to the hipsters and activists and lawyers and artists who frequented its downtown SanTana spot for more than a decade, jonesing for their daily, cheap fix of tuna melts, carrot cakes and hobo bowls. Those people have been howling for the past couple of months, as that location has essentially blown up what worked in an effort to become something it was never before: a hipster haven.

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Eric Samaniego, Chef at Little Sparrow, No Longer With Restaurant :-(

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OC Weekly archives
Keep your head up, Eric!

Terrible news from Little Sparrow in downtown SanTana: Eric Samaniego, the talented chef who won it praise everywhere from this infernal rag to the Orange County Register to Bravo's Best New Restaurant, is no longer with the restaurant.

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OC Register Explains to Readers What Pho Is--Um, What?!

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Photo by Das Ubergeek
Pho: a soup. Soup: a type of meal. Meal: What humans eat. Eat: Eat

The best way to gauge the readership of a particular publication is by seeing not only what kind of stories they publish, but examining the caliber and lingo of said stories. For instance, this infernal rag sometimes refers to hamburgers as "steamed hams," because we know most of ustedes are Simpsons geeks who'll howl at that joke. We'll also use ustedes a lot because we've taught core readers to know that ustedes means "y'all" and expect everyone else to have heard the word around.

When it comes to food, we'll explain new dishes that aren't yet part of our daily meals--sphihas, for instance, or pambazos. We sure as hell wouldn't explain what pho is, as you'd have to be a moron to live in OC and not yet encounter that most iconic of Vietnamese soups.

On the other hand, consider the Orange County Register.

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Trader Joe's Chicken Sausages Recalled After Bits of Plastic Found

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Send this one back

Hey all of you who've bought sausages at Trader Joe's recently: The company that produces the Trader Joe's house brand chicken sausages have issued a recall after finding bits of plastic in the sausages. Also affected by the recall are Al Fresco branded sausages. For more information, check after the jump.

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What Kind of "Best Tacos" List Bans Taco Trucks? Why, the OC Register's, of Course!

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Photo by The Mexican
Where real taco lovers eat, not pretenders

When I saw the headline last week that Orange County Register food critic Brad A. Johnson was offering readers his 10 best tacos in OC, I immediately chuckled. Would Brad offer tacos with French fries, given he's reviewed papas fritas at Mexican restaurants before? Would he manage to work in a hotel taco, given he's nowadays more prone to reviewing hotels outside of OC than doing his ostensible responsibilities?

Then I clicked on the link, and started to laugh. El Campeón? Roman's Taqueria? Getting carne asada at a birrieria? HA! But then I reread Brad's intro, in which he announced he excluded taco trucks from consideration, and began to fume.

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Racist Leaves 'Zipperhead' Tip at Anaheim Restaurant After Having to Wait for Thai Food

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What in the actual fuck

Having to wait a little bit for Thai food can be difficult, sure (I mean it's so delicious), but when I finally get it in my hands, I'm normally in a great mood. Not so much for some asshole who dined in Anaheim last Sunday, who allegedly scribbled a racist remark in the tip field of his receipt after having to wait 15 minutes for his food.

That's right. Just 15 minutes and this guy is throwing racial slurs all over the place.

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Sabra Recalls Hummus After Listeria Found in Batch Test

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Do you have any grocery store hummus in your fridge right now? If you do, you might want to check those barcodes because Sabra, one of the largest hummus vendors in the world, is recalling a batch of the bean dip due to possible contamination with Listeria bacteria.

Recalled are batches of the classic and garlic varities distributed to the entire United States. For the full list, check after the jump.

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Uh-Oh: Lime Prices Are Rising Again

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Photo by Das Ubergeek
Green gold

Around this time last year, this infernal rag was the first in the country to report that lime prices were rising, and were going to rise even more due to the drug wars in Mexico, specifically in the lime-growing regions of Michoacán. That particular group of narcos has largely been eradicated, but general unrest in the area means that lime prices are going to climb significantly again--not to the heights of last year, where cases were going for over $100, but still pretty expensive.

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Kraft Recalls 242,000 CASES of Mac and Cheese Because They Might Contain Metal

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This is how you find it

Bad news for those of you who like your mac and cheese near neon orange, you might want to look at the sides of your boxes because Kraft issued a voluntary recall yesterday after receiving complaints that customers found bits of metal in some of the boxes.

The offenders were sold both as standalone packs of mac and cheese as well as multi-packs and were available in the United States, Puerto Rico and some South American and Caribbean countries (none if it made it to Canada, so your "Kraft Dinner" is fine).

Check after the jump for full details.

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