Irwindale City Council Unanimously Declares Sriracha Fumes a Public Nuisance

Willy Blackmore
Remember, Huy Fong's the one

Just when you thought you were safe from Huy Fong Sriracha shortages for a little while, the city of Irwindale just has to show up and ruin the party.

The Irwindale City Council voted 4-0 last night to to declare the spicy scent that leeches from the Huy Fond factory during production time an official "public nuisance," nevermind that a judge had already granted the city a preliminary injunction back in November and that the company is already working to reduce the spicy, spicy aroma.

Irwindale just wanted Huy Fong to be on double secret probation.

"The City Council is determined to assert its authority regardless of the status of the odor remediation efforts," Huy Fond Attorney John Tate told the LA Times.

So what's next for Huy Fong?

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Tyson Recalling Tons of Chicken After Possibly Shoving Plastic Everywhere

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Photo by Melter
Not so delicious

Are you one of the rare, rare unicorns in Orange County that goes to Sam's Club instead of Costco? If you answered yes -- and if you bought Tyson Foods Chicken Nuggets -- you might want to check your freezer.

Tyson Foods is recalling over 75,000 pounds of chicken shipped to Sam's Club because of what the USDA calls possible contamination "with extraneous materials."

Check after the jump for identification information you can use to find out if your chicken might be extra artificial.

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Mexican Restaurants Now Charging Customers for Limes in Wake of Massive Price Hikes

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Green gold
So there I was at a local taquería, ready to chow down on four tacos al pastor, when I noticed something was missing: a lime wedge.

As I wrote last week, the wholesale price of a 40-pound case of limes from Mexico--where the vast majority of limes bought in the U.S. are grown--is reaching unprecedented levels due to chaos south of the border caused by the drug wars (although the Mexican government is putting the blame on a plague). When I wrote the post, a case cost $90; on Saturday, a local restauranteur tweeted a photo of a case costing $105. I warned in my post that customers would be feeling the pinch soon, as limes help Mexican food reach its heights from the taco to guacamole to ceviches and more.

Back to the missing lime wedge. I asked the taquero what was going on, and he said he'd give me one--but he'd have to charge me extra.

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Lime Prices Explode Due to Drug Wars in Mexico, Leading to Armed Escorts--and Robberies

You like lime on your tacos, or a wedge in your margarita? Be ready to pay more--much more.

Last month, we published a gripping story about how residents in SanTana that come from the lime-growing region of Mexico known as Tierra Caliente are helping to wage a secret war against the main drug cartel there. Though largely successful, the offensive is also waging havoc with the lime industry. Produce managers at local supermarkets tell the Weekly that they're accustomed to paying about $10 to $15 per case. Last week? $90, by far the highest price they've ever paid.

And it's only going to go up.

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An Open Letter to Picky Eaters: Stop It

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See all of this food? Delicious

Dear Picky Eaters,

Stop it. Just stop it.

Nothing is worse than someone who is unwilling to try something new. It's one thing to be a little kid who only likes chicken nuggets and fries; it's another to be an adult who won't try Brie -- or really, any other soft cheese.

Look, Brie is delicious. Whatever you think is gross? It's probably delicious. You just have to give it a shot. Don't just try it once. Try it at least three times before you give up on it completely.

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Starbucks' La Boulange Pastries: The Most Disgusting Breakfast On Earth

Dave Lieberman
Starbucks has always had crappy pastries. Their scones have always been dry; their doughnuts have always been leaden; their much-vaunted hot breakfast sandwiches taste like salty cat tongue and rubberine egg inside a miniature bedroom pillow three weeks overdue for a wash. The pastry case has always been the breakfast of last resort for bleary-eyed business travelers on autopilot, purchased in airports only because it's better than the spooge served on board the aircraft.

They've outdone themselves this time, though, with the co-option of the La Boulange name, a small chain of decent-but-nothing-special bakery-cafés in San Francisco. Starbucks bought them out for $100 million a year and a half ago, in the hopes of revitalizing their quick-service food options.

It didn't work.

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California's Much-Loathed Glove Law for Chefs and Bartenders Most Likely Repealed This Week!

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Photo by Dave Mau
Out ye damn gloves!
California has been the laughingstock of the food world this year thanks to a new rule that proposed to make chefs and even bartenders wear gloves at all times. Our Dave Mau wrote about how impractical it would be from a workplace point of view, and even appeared on KFI-AM 64 to talk about the story.

And it was Dave who alerted me to this exciting development: emergency legislation has been proposed to stop the bill before it ever really got out of the gate!

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Buzzfeed Gets "13 Dishes That Aren't Actually Mexican" Listicle Laughably, Stupidly Wrong

Taquitos at Cielito Lindo--as Mexican as they come
Despite all the money spent on hiring up, despite the spinoffs into "longform journalism" (what us at the OC Weekly have called "reporting" since 1995), politics and an investigative unit, the sentient world still thinks of Buzzfeed as an outlet for 20-some-year-old writers and readers to feel like they've accomplished something by investing the least amount of effort. And nowhere is this more evident than in a recent Buzzfeed listicle called "13 Dishes That Aren't Actually Mexican."

This article is Buzzfeed's journalism reduced to one embarrassment of a combo plate: do the least research possible. When doing research, rely on third-hand sources like Wikipedia. When using second-hand-sources, rely on whatever Google tells you. And avoid first-hand source at all costs because, you know, that actually takes work.

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Man Throws Burrito With "Wetback" Written on Wrapper at Fasting Protestors Outside ICE Offices

Since Monday, there has been a hunger strike outside the ICE offices in Phoenix by relatives of undocumented folks slated for deportation. It's part of a larger movement to go after Obama's record two million deportations in his term as president.

Of course, there are haters. And, of course, some pendejo thought it funny to throw a burrito at the fasting protestors. And, of course, that same pendejo couldn't help but to write racist messages on it.

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"Operation Guacamole" is Name of San Diego Sheriff's Latino-Gang Sweep--Racist, or Not?

Not the sheriffs in question, but you get the drift...
Last week, my colleague Dennis Romero wrote about a San Diego Sheriff's Department gang sweep titled "Operation Guacamole" and condemned it for its bigotry. The Sheriff's department, unsurprisingly, defended the move, saying the name was penned not because they were targeting a Latino gang but because it happened in Fallbrook, the avocado capital of the world.

I join Dennis in unequivocally calling bullshit.

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