Sweetee Thai Opens S. T. Noodle Bar in Long Beach

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This week, the Sweetee Thai family of restaurants, which includes the eateries in Cypress and Artesia, opened a new place in Long Beach they're dubbing S. T. Noodle Bar.

S. T. focuses on noodles. Khao soi, boat noodle, and rad nah are their specialties. But there's everything else you expect from a Thai joint, including rice, apps and a "Crying Tiger" salad.

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This YouTube Channel Will Teach You How to Cook Like You Lived During the Depression


Do you ever wonder what food was like before all of the charred brussels sprouts? Or all of the sous-vide? Or the invention of gelatin? Well, if you do (and even if you don't), you should check out this YouTube series on cooking food from the depression. It's even authentic, hosted by a wonderful woman who grew up in the 30s.

Here's a preview: Potatoes. Check the rest out after the jump.

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Fuoco Pizzeria Napoletana in Fullerton Dazzles With Neapolitan Know-How

Photos by Jennifer Fedrizzi
What an oven!

At Fuoco Pizzeria Napoletana, everything that counts comes from Naples. Extra-fine Caputo flour is used to make the dough. San Marzano tomatoes are imported not just because they're required for certification by the Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana--a group that designates whether a pizza is truly of the Naples style--but also because they happen to taste the best. And the oven--a cherry-red monolith covered with a mosaic of tiles that resembles the helmeted head of an X-Men villain--was hand-built using sand from Mount Vesuvius by Stefano Ferrara, who is to Neapolitan-style pizza ovens what Enzo Ferrari is to Italian sports cars. All the die-hard Neapolitan pizzaiolos of late swear by this man's fornos as much as they rely on the Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana seal to prove they know how to use it.

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Bronx Sandwich Company Grand Opening In Tustin TODAY!

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Anne Marie Panoringan
Hot damn!

Technically open since early January, Bronx Sandwich Company may be the concept that breaks the property curse on the corner of Newport Avenue and Irvine Boulevard. Although its neighbor, Nieuport 17, has plans to close their doors for good next month. Maybe the unlucky streak simply shifted next door?

With a second location nearing completion in Anaheim, it was time for this East Coast-style deli to officially make its presence known. And what better method to debut than with an old-fashioned ribbon cutting! If you plan on heading northbound on the 5 freeway after work, go ahead and make the detour today-- you'll be glad you did.

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Mick's Karma Bar Owner Opens Pie Dog, A Beer-Burger-And-Sausage Bar Opens in Fullerton

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This puppy's open!

CORRECTION: I have just been informed that although Michael Schepers of Mick's Karma Bar was initially involved with Pie Dog, he no longer has a dog in the fight here (pardon the pun).

It is still open, however. And there are burgers afoot.



As Anne Marie revealed on this blog nearly two years agoMichael Schepers of Mick's Karma Bar had been planning a beer-burger-and-sausage bar in Downtown Fullerton. This weekend, the man who created one of OC's best burger joints (when he was just trying to open a juice bar in an Irvine office park), is ready to open Pie Dog (actually it's already soft-opened).

Here's the Facebook post announcing its opening this weekend:

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5 Fancy Foods to Feast on During Disneyland's Dapper Day

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Thumbnail image for 24-layer-cake-creative-commons.jpg
Creative Commons
To my stomach... and beyond!

This Sunday is Dapper Day at Disneyland, which means guests will be visiting the park in the vintage remix of their Sunday best. Now, it'll be exciting to see modern-day Sandra Dees, suspenders, and poodle skirts, but let's talk about something just as important: food. Specifically, the kind that's just as fancy as how you'll look.

Pinky's up! Here are five fancy feasts to eat on Sunday...

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VIDEO: Is it Important for Mexican Men that Women be Good Cooks?

Categories: Mexi Meals

Photo by Brian Feinzimer
Chef Jaritza González of the fabulous Ink Waffles in SanTana--more on her soon...

By now, it's a cliché that women are the bulwark of every Mexican man's life, that hombres are helpless without them. And nowhere is this more evident than in men's expectations that the women they're with be good cooks, just like their tías, mamis, and abuelitas. Of course, all of this is heteronormative bullshit, but might as well take on this stereotype in the video version of my ¡Ask a Mexican! column.

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Eat This Now: "Original" Pork Cutlet Sandwich at Mr. Katsu

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Kristine Hoang
My god...

If you could do anything to a pork katsu cutlet, what would it be?

Would you slather it with habanero aoli and pesto, or would you stuff it into your grilled cheese? Or... are you more of a curry type (and hence would bath it in that) who also wouldn't mind sandwiching it with yakisoba? Welp, the dreaming ends here, baby.

For years, OC-based katsu-cravers have flocked to places like Curry House and/or Coco Ichibanya for Japanese katsu dishes--namely, traditional curry with rice. But it's 2015, which means the age of the Japanese katsu sandwich has finally come. And there's no better place to try it (in all of those crazy concoctions above, too--mind you) than at Mr. Katsu in Fullerton.

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Corner Bakery Is Serving What Looks Like Banh Mi

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Is that you, banh mi?

Corner Bakery sent out an e-mail to those who subscribe to its e-mails a few days ago. It was offering its new sandwich free by appointment. The free offer is long gone. The appointments filled up in about a few hours time. I got mine in under the wire, but I realized as I gazed upon the picture of this sandwich that it looks an awful lot like banh mi.

There's the cilantro, the carrots, the cucumbers and yes, the jalapeño even though fresh peppers instead of pickled are used in banh mis.

And there's what it's calling it: Spicy Asian Pork Sandwich.

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We Eat It So You Don't Have To: Little Caesar's Bacon-Crust Pizza

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Photo by Ryan Cady
Hello, Pizza

I'm gonna go out on a limb here and voice what is probably an unpopular opinion - I think Little Caesar's pizza is actually pretty great.

Now, before you all jump down my throat, and I have to hear "it's cardboard pizza!" for the forty billionth time in my life, just... just shut up and listen. That's hyperbole, and you know it.

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