Now Open: Miguel's Jr. In Tustin

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Anne Marie Panoringan
Salad and burrito. Because we couldn't decide.

Miguel's Jr. opened their newest dining room and drive-thru last Tuesday. Their third spot in Orange County, it's located in The Market Place, across the street from Carl's Jr. They're currently running a social media deal: Check-in on Facebook, and receive a free burrito card to use on your next visit (with any purchase).

As you're accustomed to reading, grand openings tend to happen after the fact. We've got news on exactly when you can join in on the official festivities, so pull out that calendar.

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Cafe Gratitude To Open Restaurant in Newport Beach

Yes, this is a vegan pizza.
If you're a card-carrying vegan, you're no doubt aware of Cafe Gratitude, the vegan restaurant that started nearly a dozen years ago in the Bay Area. Since then, they've expanded to three locations in Los Angeles (Downtown Arts District, Larchmont Village and Venice Beach), as well as restaurants in Santa Cruz, Berkeley, and Kansas City, Missouri.

Now they're going into OC for the first time at Castaways Commons, located near the intersection of 17th Street/Westcliff Drive and Dover Drive in Newport Beach. The planned restaurant will be huge--bigger than any existing Cafe Gratitudes. In fact, this one will just be called "Gratitude" and have 4,300 square feet of space, outfitted with a separate 1,200 square-foot patio.

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On the Line: Gio Bolivar Of Dory Deli, Part One

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Photo by LP Hastings
Give the man a Malbec

It's no surprise that Gio Bolivar is connected to (at least) three former On the Line subjects. The guy has "been there, done that" in terms of work and life experience as an Orange County native. His current gig in Newport Beach is a study in exceeding expectations. Dory Deli may sound quaint, but their concept attracts locals of all ages.

Please explain the concept and cuisine of Dory Deli.
While it's a deli at heart, we take a lot of pride in everything we put out. Here, all the effort and preparation that would go into a traditional plated dish goes into a sandwich.

Most frequently asked question by guests.
"Is this vegan?" Often times, no. We have a few vegan dishes that we're really proud of, but people often assume that anything we make IS vegan or could be.

Favorite meal growing up:
My favorite foods growing up were and still are Colombian empanadas with aji salsa and arepas with fresh farmers cheese.

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No Nanches! at Anepalco's at the ALO Hotel, Our Drink of the Week!

Photo by The Mexican

The great thing about chingones bartenders Cesar Cerrudo and Joe Valdovinos working under Danny Godinez at Anepalco's at the ALO Hotel (recently renamed from its former incarnation as the Ayres Inn) is that they're proud of being raza. That means that in addition to Cerrudo and Valdovinos mastering all the classic cocktails, Godinez encourages them to work their mutual Latino heritage into drinks beyond spirits. That's how they've come up with No Nanches! which uses the beloved Central American fruit nance.

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Habana To Open Second Restaurant in Irvine Spectrum

Cuban revolution.
Habana, the twenty-year-old Cuban staple in Costa Mesa, is making strides to open restaurant number two inside the Land of Bren, where no Cuban eateries currently exist.

It's set to open this winter at the Irvine Spectrum in a huge space by itself next to Sports Authority.

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Get Free Ice Cream Sandwiches at CREAM's Aliso Viejo Opening TOMORROW


CREAM, a famous Bay Area ice cream sandwich shop started by Jimmy and Gus Shamieh in Berkeley, CA, will be opening a new location in Aliso Viejo TOMORROW. For the occasion, they're giving out free ice cream sandwiches (plus vegan cookies for the non-gluten consumers) starting at noon. I agree--halt your weekend plans and get on THIS!

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11 (Super) Cool Coffee Shops to Try in Orange County and Long Beach

Jennifer Wong/Flickr
Lord Windsor is a beaut

The good thing about coffee is that there's never a bad time to have it. If you're hot, just grab a cold brew. Cold? A caramel latte might do. And lucky for us in Orange County, there are plenty of coffee shops to sip a cup of jo while, maybe, reading literature like a fancy person. But which ones are as great as they are cool?

Let's start with some honorable mentions--the places that deserve to be on this list but don't yet have brick-and-mortar locations--and then we'll explore the rest.

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Need to Reskin a Grape? Get this Robot To Do It for You


It's easy to forget how amazing technology is today when we're all walking around nose in phones that're wirelessly receiving information from servers hundreds and thousands of miles away, but the things we can do today with robots and computers and things are just downright magical.

You need a reminder, so check out the video after the jump, which shows a miniature surgery robot putting stitches into a grape. It's mesmerizing, partially it's legitimately really cool but also because the video features some of the bounciest surgery music I've ever heard.

That grape will heal right up, right?

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Noshing And Moshing: Checking In With Scott Brandon At The Observatory

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Anne Marie Panoringan
Irish nachos fries: cheddar, applewood smoked bacon, sour cream, pico, chives

After winning tickets to a concert at The Observatory (Shout out to KX 93.5! Matt and Kim were fantastic!), we promised ourselves to finally check out the new menu Chef Scott Brandon launched over there. The price was right, with bites ranging from $4 to $10. And since we were there, it was a good time to catch up with Scott and learn more about his collaboration.

How did you team up with The Observatory/Constellation Room?
We have been friends for several years and have talked about many different projects going back to 2010. The timing was just right now, and we put together what I think is a superior product. We have plans to remodel the space and build out a full-service restaurant in the next few months. The plan is to do lunch and dinner, and allow guests to come enjoy some great food in a cool atmosphere even if you're not seeing a show.

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This Saturday: Lobsterfest in Tustin

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Got $75? Have a hankering for shellfish that can't be quenched with just one lobster? The Tustin Santa Ana Rotary Club is holding an all-you-can-eat Lobsterfest Saturday, May 16, from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. at Tustin's Peppertree Park.

With that admission fee, you get all the lobster you can crack, dip in butter, and stuff down your gullet, as well as unlimited tri-tip, rolls, salad, side dishes, desserts, coffee and water.

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