Scoops N Scoops Creamery Opens in Irvine

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Scoops N Scoops' Facebook
Macaron ice cream sandwich.
Scoops N Scoops Creamery, a liquid nitrogen ice cream shop, has opened in Irvine. They seem to be in soft opening modes since last Friday, and though it appears that they are indeed making ice cream just like Creamistry does, using mixers and liquid nitrogen, they are also offering the ice cream stuffed between cookies, and macarons, as well as inside cones and on top of brownies.

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On the Line: Laurent Vrignaud of Moulin Bistro, Part Two

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Photo courtesy Moulin Bistro
Keeping it classy

How does one go from smoking two packs a day to completing over 30 marathons? And how does that tie into running an eatery that rules the breakfast circuit? You're about to find out in the second part of my interview with Moulin's rookie restaurant guy.

Our interview begins with part one, which you'll find over here.

Explain the meaning behind the name Moulin.
My mother came up with the name Moulin. It is French for "windmill," which is a symbol of my childhood home of Montmartre.

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OC Weekly Summer Fest Pre-Sale Starts TODAY!

It's about that time

Celebrating our Summer Guide and all things beach and music in Orange County, Summer Fest is a Saturday afternoon filled with performances, a beer garden, luxe loncheras , vendors, water sports and other treats. Stock up on sunscreen and break out your selfie stick, because tickets are about to become available for this Newport Dunes party.

A portion of this year's proceeds will benefit the Ben Carlson Foundation and honor Ben, a Newport Beach lifeguard who passed away last fourth of July weekend while saving a distressed swimmer. We've got a partial list of bites and drinks being offered, plus early access to purchase. Just follow us after the jump.

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Goldilocks Bakeshop Makes a Comeback In Cerritos

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Photos by WeFlipBurgers
Pinoy ahoy!
For 38 years, one of the biggest names in Filipino food around these parts has always been Goldilocks. Last year, all six of the Southern California locations severed its ties with the Goldilocks USA chain and became Leelin Bakery, including the one in Cerritos.

Now, it seems Goldilocks is making a comeback in Cerritos. A revived restaurant and bakery is now open at the Seafood City complex on Norwalk Blvd., competing directly with Leelin with a similar array of baked products and food.

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On the Line: Laurent Vrignaud of Moulin Bistro, Part One

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Photo courtesy Moulin Bistro

On opening day, I visited Moulin Bistro with friends for dessert. We were the only non-French people there. From the vibe to the cuisine, Moulin felt as authentic as any cafe I strolled passed last year. It was no surprise when Laurent announced plans to expand the space. They appear to be on schedule with the build-out, so what better time to question the self-proclaimed rookie restauranteur than the present.

Why did you create Moulin?
I grew up in Montmartre, a very down-to-earth district in Paris, and moved to California to surf when I was 18. During the next 30 years (while I was in the action sports business), I always told people that I was going to open a traditional bistro like the ones I missed back home. I wanted it to be full of big display cases packed with beautiful foods, just like places I would pass by when I walked home from school as a kid. But really, I just wanted to create a French man cave for my friends and I to hang out.

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Starting Today, You Can Get an Ice Cream Brrr-ito at Ben and Jerry's

Doesn't that kind of look like a Choco Taco?

I'm fairly certain that, after the Churro Ice Cream sandwich and the Milky Bun came out, my friends and I joked around about ice cream burritos. That was the only food delivery system that hadn't been kissed with ice cream, we thought. But who would dare?

Well, today's 4/20 and Ben and Jerry's dares.

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Learn How to Cook Carbonara with an Unemployed James May

For someone who's worked in TV for so long.. he's not very good at things

Are you having Top Gear withdrawals yet? Want to take a swing at Clarkson? Miss the Hamster? Even craving Captain Slow?

Well, if you're one of those strange people who miss James May, you can still get your fill of his matter-of-fact, extremely British humor from his.. YouTube channel. Where he teaches people who to cook. Yeah.

After the jump is the first of his two-parter on Carbonara, loving titled "Carbonara pt1". It's beautiful in how badly put together it is -- it looks like it's uploaded directly from his phone, it's shot from one angle almost the entire time, it looks like his phones camera is from 2008. Check it out, and if you like it, you should definitely watch his five parter on Shepherd's Pie. It's meandering, and it's hilarious.

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UC Irvine's Wayzgoose Festival Tomorrow

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I'm twice a UC Irvine alum. And in my years there, I never quite figured out (or bothered) to find out why UCI's annual festival and open house is called "Wayzgoose". What I know is that it's the time when parking around campus is free and in the middle where the park is, they set up booths and there's a lot of food.

This year's festival is special. It marks the 50th anniversary of the university. There will be all sorts of activities including a car show and cultural music and dance by the various student clubs.

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Stenson Salute From The RANCH Restaurant, Our Drink of the Week

Anne Marie Panoringan
Orange you ready to try one?

The RANCH's wine collection almost outshines its solid menu, but what you might overlook is their desire to pour a memorable cocktail. Resident mixologist Dan Minjares will conjure up classics and twists incorporating produce grown from their garden in Orange Park Acres. A perfect example is Dan's hat tip to a well-known bartender, the Stenson Salute. It honors one Murry Stenson, legendary in his industry for a beverage he brought back into mainstream named The Last Word.

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Now Open: Fideo By Mick In Irvine

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Anne Marie Panoringan
Fideo this

The space adjacent to Mick's Karma Bar was in the works for a while. After our On the Line interview with Michael Schepers back in 2012, we discussed his intention to launch a Thai beer bar. While open a brief time, it was not to his standards and become vacant once more.

It relaunched earlier this month as Fideo, the Spanish (sometimes Asian) word for noodle. Now if you're familiar with his Karma Bar, you'll know a name is just a name. 'Mick' is for Michael, 'Karma' references a brand of liquor bottles (previously) lining their shelves, and his 'Bar' closes at 10 p.m. He takes the same liberties with Fideo, interpreting his notion of what should be served. Unlike Karma's stable burger selection, the menu next door is evolving week to week. What we report today will have some semblance to what's on his chalkboard, but don't be surprised if it doesn't

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