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It's that time of year again..

Get your beer bellies ready because the fifth installment of the annual Orange County Brew Ha Ha will be taking place this Saturday in Oak Canyon Park in Irvine. If you've been to a brewery over the last few weeks, you may have noticed Cameron Collins or other Brew Ha Ha minions selling discounted event tickets and festival swag. If you were smart, you took advantage.

This festival will have over 80 -- yes 80 -- breweries from around the world pouring unlimited tasters for your drinking pleasure. Of course some of our Orange County favorites including Bottle Logic Brewing, Noble Ale Works, Beach City Brewery, Bootleggers Brewing and others will be serving up their classic brews for the end-of-summer beer bash. Aside from flagship beers and easy-drinking beer for the heat, you can always plan on the beer community to put out something funky and original.

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The 5 Best Breakfast Beers in Orange County

Photo by Mark Longair
Orange juice?! Who needs orange juice

Apparently, September is National Breakfast Month, so happy National Breakfast Month, everybody! But instead of writing another list of breakfast restaurants (which you can read here), here's a list of all the best Orange County beers that would be pretty great for breakfast. Note: I'm not telling you to start every morning with a drink, but football season is kicking off soon and those East Coast games do start kind of early...

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Costa Mesa To Join the Craft Brewing Scene With Barley Forge Brewery

Dave Lieberman
Orange County's going through its sophomore run of brewery openings lately, but most of the breweries opening are in the city of Anaheim. Of course, it's hard to compete when the mayor of Anaheim is actively recruiting breweries, to the point of personally driving brewers around and pointing out properties that can be built out cheaply and with no residential neighbors to cause conditional-use permit issues.

Well, Costa Mesa, your time is coming. Barley Forge Brewing will be opening next month on Randolph Avenue in Costa Mesa, down the street from Rooster PM and the Tin Lizzie.

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Craft Beer Bar Native Son Alehouse Opens in DTSA, The Copper Door Opens Kitchen

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Photo by Cleo Tobbi
Now open and with food!

Big news for craft beer in downtown SanTana the past few weeks: Native Son Alehouse has finally opened its doors for crowds and craft beer lovers alike. Currently serving beer from various Orange County breweries, the joint also aims to incorporate beer, wine and mead from around the world into its tap list.

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Legends Brewery To Open In Anaheim

Legends Beer
Proximamente, en Anaheim.
Legends Brewing has secured a space in east Anaheim and applied to transfer their beer manufacturers' license, according to ABC records. The space is located at 1301 S. Lewis St., just down the street from The Ranch restaurant and almost exactly halfway between Anaheim Brewery and Noble Ale Works. It will contain a working brewery and, eventually, a tasting room.

Owner Jay Talley has posted pictures of the space, which is currently an empty warehouse, on their Facebook page. Currently, they their beers, an American lager at 5.5 and a double IPA, come out of an industrial space in Costa Mesa, near the airport, which means it's only available for purchase at beer bars and liquor stores.

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Understanding Beer: Glassware, Smell, and OC Beer

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Photo by Cleo Tobbi

Most people order a beer by asking for a "pint," a "glass" or even just "one." But while it may look pretentious to ask for a goblet or tulip glass for your favorite Belgian, these glassware options aren't just for show. Most American-style beer, like American pale ales or ambers, don't need fancy stemware, but everything from steins to snifters have a place in the beer world, and every savvy beer drinker should understand why these different glasses will enhance your beer drinking experience.

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5 Rules for Your First Bottle Share

Photo by Cleo Tobbi
Whale, whale, whale..

Bottle shares are the best part about the craft beer world. Brewers bust their buns for terrible pay all so we can crack a couple of bottles open with pals and spend a night tasting the brewer's hard work in the comfort of our own homes. These fancy BYOB gatherings are what turn this hobby into a lifestyle.

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The Michelada VW Bus Is as Awesome as It Sounds

Photos by betovision
From left: Fernando Lopez, some fancy paisa, and Bricia Lopez

So I got married over the weekend, an epic street party in downtown SanTana. Lot of food, lot of family, lot of fun--but the undisputed life of the veritable you-know-what was the MicheMobil, a repurposed VW van that serves micheladas on tap.

Let that register in your alchohol-wanting liver again: An immaculate Kombi. With taps. That serves micheladas, those Mexican beer cocktails that find cerveza spiked with a chingo of stuff that's entering the mainstream.


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TAPS Hosting Two Events This Month

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Photo by Cleo Tobbi
TAPS Time!

Beer season is upon us, and TAPS Fish House & Brewery plans to do right by hosting two events this month, their annual Craft Brew Festival and their Summer Luau. Get excited.

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Understanding Beer: Sours, Infections, and How One OC Brewery Handles It

Categories: Hops to It!

Photo by Cleo Tobbi
Oh, The Bruery

You guys already know about old beer, but a refresher: Kegs aren't immortality chambers, beer expires, and air is bad. But today I'm going to tell you that beers can be ruined before they even see the light of day. Yes, there are steps in the brewing process that can easily turn a beautiful brew into soured swill before you even take a sip.

I'm talking about bacterial infections.

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