2015 Hatch Chile Roasts in Southern California Begin August 8--Here are Locations!

Dave Lieberman
Hatch your chile roasting plans now!
It's almost that time of year, when the front patios of supermarkets across the Southland turn into roasting pits for Hatch chiles. Here are the dates for this year's chile roasts, with Orange County and Long Beach's dates bolded and at the top of the list for each date. Bookmark this post for updates as we get them, especially if times change or if the season runs shorter or longer than expected.

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Mr. Cheese O's, Possibly The Greatest Cheese Snack Ever Made, Sold At Costco At The District

Edwin Goei
Eat your heart out, Cheetos!
You know what the best part of making a quesadilla is? When some of the cheese runs off the side, puddles on the pan and turns into a lacy, crispy chip.

I've always thought to myself: wouldn't it be great if someone made a snack that tastes exactly like this?

Last weekend, I was at Costco at The District in Tustin grazing the sample buffet as usual when I was given a taste of Mr. Cheese O's. I was floored. It had the exact flavor and crunch consistency of that pan-crisped puddle of cheese. The snacks were formed into hoops with the texture of coral and ten times crunchier than a Cheetoh.

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Tomorrow, Try Bacon Pastrami at Dog Haus Santa Ana

Dog Haus

During his recent Little Caesar's bacon-crust adventure, Ryan Cady lamented the lack of love for pastrami.Well, lucky for him (and you), tomorrow you can have the best of both worlds at Dog Haus in Santa Ana's MainPlace Mall, where they'll be having a special one-day bacon pastrami pop-up menu.

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This Thanksgiving, Eat an Unwise Amount of Shin Sen Gumi Ramen

$10? ONLY $10?!

Do you love ramen? Do you hate your family? If the answer is yes, I've got the perfect way for you to avoid the house for a few hours this Thursday.

One of my favorite food challenges (we know I love my challenges) is back in town! It's time for Shin Sen Gumi's Extra Noodle Challenge!

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Geeking Out: Making Zombie Sound FX With Food

We won't look at cantaloupe the same way again. Ever.

The last place we expected to find food blog inspiration was at a Game Stop. Standing in line, waiting to trade in some used titles for Madden NFL 15, it actually found us.

While we normally tune out everything around us (expect for the cashier saying "Next"), this particular instance had us zoning out by viewing what was on the monitor. Imagine our surprise when the topic was all about creating and editing zombie-eating noises. Eeep!

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VIDEO: We Make (and Eat) a Pizza Cake

Ah, jeez. I was hoping nobody would see this.

Look, this is sort of embarrassing, okay? This is basically my version of having a homemade sex tape get leaked.

When my editor told me he was going to cook me a pizza cake, and that I was actually going to be allowed to eat it, I wondered what the catch was. None, he assured me -- I just had to consent to being filmed while I gorged myself like a ravenous beast. And now here's the video. We made a pizza cake, and I ate it.

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Pillsbury Made Pizza Cake an Actual Thing

It's coming for you.

Do you remember that pizza cake that I thought was clone stamped into existence? You know, the one some small-to-medium-sized pizza chain thought would be cool to throw into a contest?

Well, Pillsbury has turned it into a real, actual thing that you can put into your mouth, and I have to be honest, I'm kind of afraid.

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[UPDATED] 2014 Hatch Chile Roasts in Southern California Begin August 2--Here are Locations!

Dave Lieberman
"Green or red?" What kind of question is that? GREEN, of course!
It's that time of year again: Hatch chile season is right around the corner. And while expat New Mexicans have always lined up for green chile to assuage their homesickness, the peppers have started to worm their way into the hearts of non-New Mexican Californians. Here is a running list of this year's roasting dates. As always, these dates are subject to change if there's any kind of supply problem or if the season runs short or long in southern New Mexico.

[UPDATED 9:45 p.m., July 30:] Albertsons cancelled their roasts for Saturday, August 2 due to weather and chile quality problems in New Mexico. Northgate's Aug. 2 and 3 roasts are still on.

This list will be updated as we get information from our friends in the grocery industry. Orange County and Long Beach locations are bolded and at the top of each date's list. Northgate González and Albertsons run their own roasts, the roasts hosted at Ralphs are from Frieda's Produce, and everything else on the list is from Melissa's Produce.

In addition, El Rey Farms will have their usual setup at La Puente High School; order yours in advance at elreyfarms.com.

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Burger King's Chicken Fries Might Be Making a Comeback

..they're back?

I was never a big fan of chicken fries when they were at Burger King, but I know they were a pretty cult-y food, so this might be some good news for a few of you: Chicken fries might be coming back.. for a limited time.

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This Summer: Eat Obscene Amounts of Food at Knott's Berry Farm

Photo by Randy Robertson
Sadly, not included :(

Apart from Knott's Scary Farm, Orange County's other theme park doesn't really get much spotlight since it's stuck in the shadow of its larger, distinctly more mouse-y cousin.

Sure, the rides are alright, but have you seen all of the endings on Star Tours? And yeah, the food is pretty good (and the place was originally named for its pies), but man, have you been to Napa Rose yet? Or Club whatever-you-call-it?

Well, Disneyland food might be on the up right now (See: Our 10 Best Things to Eat at the Disneyland Resort), but Knott's is working another angle to try to topple the Mouse: Value.

I (and by I, I actually mean Matt Coker) found a food bombshell buried in a recent press release from Knott's. This summer, for the pretty low price of $30 + tax, you can eat one meal every 90 minutes for the entire day.


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