Five Tasty Reasons To Visit The OC Fair

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Say nacho cheese!

Sig Alert-style traffic on the 55 South begins this Friday. The OC Fair might only be 23 days of the year, but it's a reason for excessive amounts of sunshine, fried eats and the occasional concert. Most people want to be entertained and thrilled. Me? I get that from the seasonal bliss of Chicken Charlie's menu and a good parking spot. And let's not forget concert tickets include fair admission, unlike their LA counterpart. Here are the five food-related reasons why this year, summer starts at the fairgrounds.

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Four Foods to Avoid on the Fourth (And What to Make Instead)

Photo by Warren B.
Potluck time!

Fourth of July is a time for celebration, fireworks, beer and lots of cookouts. Burgers, chips, ribs, potato salad -- they're essentials to any cookout, but you might want to rethink your menu.

Is everything you're making going to be good? Will people actually want to eat it? Or are you just making it out of habit. You don't want to put your guests to sleep, so here are four foods to avoid on the Fourth. Trust me on this one.

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The 5 Most Awkward Pizza Deliveries...Ever

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Photo by David Baron
At least in China, they provide transportation

Pizza delivery drivers see a lot of shit (figuratively and literally, I'm sure). Drugs? Yup. Sex? Mhmm. Abuse? Unfortunately. The poor drivers really just want to drop off their pizza and hopefully get a tip big enough to cover wear and tear on their car. But no, their jobs can't be easy, as evidenced by a recent AskReddit thread. As always, the replies are mostly better than the OPs, but for your perusing pleasure, these are the five most awkward situations pizza deliverer have ever found themselves in.

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Taco Bell's Parent Company Is Opening a Banh Mi Shop; Here's 5 Tips So They Don't Screw Up

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Photo by Stuart Spivack
OK Taco Bell, aim for this

So, last Thursday, Escape Hatch Dallas reported that Yum! Brands, the parent company behind Taco Bell, KFC, and Pizza Hut, is going to be opening up a bánh mì shop in Texas. Excuse my lack of enthusiasm.

For one, there are a ton of Vietnamese people in the Dallas-Fort Worth area (my family being among them), if anyone should be starting a bánh mì shop, it shouldn't be Yum! For two, I'm sorry, but I don't trust some mi chang (especially corporate mi chang) to translate the art that is the Vietnamese sandwich to Mass America -- I'd rather Lee's Sandwiches do it (I mean, they're already showing Costco shoppers the beauty that is Vietnamese coffee). For three, well, the first two reasons were good enough.

But my complete hesitation aside, I'm going to give Yum! some free consulting. Here are five things you need to do to not completely ruin bánh mì. For the love of god, please don't ruin bánh mì.

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Five More Types of Diners Who Should Be Blacklisted From Restaurants

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Flickr user Slasher Fun
After reading the reaction to the initial post banning certain types of people from restaurants, it seems like many of you feel like I'm a bitter waiter. While I'm definitely bitter, I'm no longer in the hospitality business (unless you count the occasional times when I tend bar at private parties). Some of you commented many times (shout out to the Grand Poobah Editor of the Internet, who left 11 of the 49 comments) in an attempt to drown out everyone else.

Well, I'm not done banishing people from restaurants yet. There are a host of egregious violations of restaurant etiquette yet to be covered. Some of these were contributed by commenters in the first article.

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Five Things Downtown Santa Ana Needs

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The old, the new, and the coming soon... the eternal Santa Ana story.
I find myself in downtown SanTana more and more these days, whether it's buying clothes at Fallas-Paredes or having a drink at the Little Sparrow, and I love it. I love that it's a place that's still got one foot in its traditions and the other in its future. But from a food and drink perspective, there are a few things that would truly make it a one-stop destination for pretty much anyone.

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The 10 Best Things To Eat At the Disneyland Resort

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Photo by Punctuated
Good, but no, it didn't make the list

Starting this Friday, Disneyland will begin celebrating its new, not-yet-really-annual buffet of bachanality -- their 24-hour Day of Disney (Okay, it's called Rock Your Disney Side, but Day of Disney is a much better name). From 6 a.m. Friday to 6 a.m. Saturday, the Disneyland resort will be in operation -- rides will run, guests will crowd, some crazy AP holder(s) will try to stay awake for 24-hours. Really, this list is for them.

To stay up and cheery for 24 hours, you're going to have to eat, and why not eat the best things Disneyland has to offer?

These are the 10 best things to eat at Disneyland.

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The Top 5 Redditor Restaurant Ideas: Grandmas, Flapjacks, and Bondage

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Photo by Stuart Spivack
This is the dream

Anyone who's ever eaten has had an idea for a restaurant, even if unintentionally. Sure, most of the time they're completely forgettable, but don't tell me you haven't spent more than a minute wondering if your gourmet cereal bar could make it (I'm just saying, throw some mustaches on the wall and serve everything in Mason jars and maybe?).

But alas, most restaurant ideas will die in their thinker's minds (probably a good thing) due to lack of money or will, but for a special few, they will live on in the wonder that is Reddit.

An AskReddit thread popped up yesterday asking about everyone's best restaurant ideas. Now, the top 5 probably shouldn't get made, but they're fun to think about. Want a sneak preview? Grandmas, flapjacks, and bondage. The rest, you can read after the jump.

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5 Cold Drinks to Help You Survive the Heat Wave

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Photo by Clive Darra
It's that time of year again...

We Orange County folk are spoiled with the near perfect climate, so when the weather upsurges north of 75 degrees like it's going to this week, we call it a heat wave and go into major survival mode. Whether it's hitting the beach, spraying our faces with a water-fan all day long, or indulging in cold drinks, we'll do anything - seriously, anything - to keep ourselves cool.

If you do end up choosing the cold-drink route, there are several that do an exceptional job at alleviate high-temperature woes. Each of them are delicious and cold, and here they are in no particular order:

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The 5 Most Horrible Things To Have Ever Happened at a Dive Bar (Possibly)

Photo by Weekly Dig
Normally, great places to drink!

As Taylor "Hellcat" Hamby knows and frequently reveals in her wonderful weekly column, Dive, Dive My Darling, some weird (and often times horrible) shit goes down at your local dive bars, from vagina-shaving discussions to the worst bruschetta in Orange County, and much more in between.

Need more proof? Earlier this week, a Reddit thread asked dive bar bartenders to tell their most horrible stories, and well, they're doozies.

Curious? Check out the five most horrible stories after the jump. Some of these pretty bad, so don't say I didn't warn you.

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