Anne Marie's Top Five Restaurants Of 2014!

Anne Marie Panoringan
Shellfish at its finest

I spend the whole damn year thinking about whether a place I'm at could make Top 5. What I've come to learn is that my instinct is generally right. If it's good, I won't have to think about it. I'll go without hesitation, and the menu will make me smile every time.

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Charles' Top 5 Restaurants of 2014

Photo by Charles Lam
Can you believe it's been less than a year?

Sometimes, I wish life were more like, and I could see all the data behind where I ate and went on a whim (Does Foursquare do this? If it doesn't, it should). That would've made putting this list together a lot easier, because as I scrolled through my Instagram feed I kept thinking to myself, "Yeah, this is a lot of food posts, but I'm sure I ate more".

I mean, I can come up with a list of places I love pretty easy, but what if I'm forgetting someone?

Alas, the Internet does not yet keep track of everywhere I go--and if it does, it won't tell me--so I'll go with my gut. Here are my favorite restaurants food places of 2014.

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5 Desserts to Try During the Orange County Holidays

Categories: Five Great...

Photo by Allie Caulfield
Wait, it's supposed to be cold?

When you think of "holiday desserts," what comes to mind? Marching gingerbread men? Candy canes? Grandma's hot apple pie?

That's what I figured. Now, while those are all well and good, we shouldn't forget about Orange County's specific dessert needs. I mean, it's 79 degrees outside. We don't just need pie. We need ice cream, too.

Here are five holiday treats to try this season - some of which will keep you festive, and some of which will keep you cool.

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Edwin's Top Five Drinks of 2014

Categories: Five Great...

Photo by the Elmo Monster
World of a glass.

Yes, we Forkers drink a lot and get to charge it to the company. I usually spend my allotted amount on drinks that has a lot of fruit juice in it. That and variations of gin and tonic. Because well, I like gin and tonic. So without further ado, herewith is my top five drinks of the year.

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5 Filipino Foods to Buy Now That Seafood City Is Open

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Photo by Edwin Goei
Now open!

Let's take a walk through Seafood City.

Enter the shiny new Filipino super market. To your left is a sculpture of a red bee (Jollibee's mascot, of course) and, within two steps of that, you're hit by the scent of Grill City's barbecue pork. Though pungent, the smell evaporates when you arrive to the main space: the grocery area.

If this were a video game, the aisles would be a maze and your job would be to collect as many Filipino treats as you can. Ah, but where to start?

Well duh. Obviously dessert. Ever heard of corn and cheese ice cream?

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Dave's Top Five Drinks of 2014

Dave Lieberman
No, it isn't Pappy... but it's close.
As I was sifting through my notes and photos to develop this list, I kept having one particular thought: damn, was I a lush. How do I pick five drinks from a cast of literally thousands? Many worthy candidates were skipped here--which just goes to show that drinking culture in OC is finally starting to move beyond vodka "martinis" and huge fishbowls of cougar juice Rombauer Chardonnay.

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Charles' Top 5 Drinks of 2014!

Photo by Charles Lam
My booze corner! Featuring three of this year's winners

A year goes by quick, doesn't it? One day, you're wandering around Newport drinking irresponsibly and the next, you're getting ready to wander around Long Beach and drink irresponsibly.

Where did all that time go? All those cover stories and camping trips and miles on the 405 all seem so distant now.

Oh, I remember where they went. I drank a bunch of them away. But hey, it was a good year with plenty of great booze so here's the best I had in 2014 and to another wonderful year!

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Five Restaurant Trends We Can Live Without, 2014 Edition

Thumbnail image for BosscatBrunchPoutine.jpg
Photos by Dustin Ames

This needs nearly no introduction: food trends evolve. A while back, it was cupcakes and stuff stirred into mac 'n cheese; before that, it was reinvented comfort food and moonshine. Many of the items on this list appeared years ago in Los Angeles. As with many things, it took a while and now it's started to appear in the desolate stretches of South Orange County.

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5 Ways to Make a Better Turkey

Categories: Five Great...

Photo by Tim Sackton

Well, it's that time of the year again. The Weekly newsroom is working in overdrive so we don't fall too far behind taking time off, I'm churning out holiday-themed articles, and we're all planning not to drive on Wednesday -- It's Thanksgiving.

Nothing about the holiday really changes much year to year. Nothing's ever going to supplant turkey as protein number one (much to my chagrin), but there is one change Clam clan this year: I'm finally going to be making my family's turkey. So, for myself, and for those of you who're taking a crack at the bird for the first time or for the 40th, here's five ways you can make it better than ever before.

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5 Amazing Pumpkin Products at Trader Joe's

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Photo by jarchie

Pumpkin: the edible symbol of America; the squash that represents togetherness (read: gluttony). The annual autumn muse of Trader Joe's.

Okay fine, pumpkin is everyone's muse during the fall. But Trader Joe's is different. It's that overachiever in class everyone wants to hate, but can't because they actually are good at everything (and they're actually really nice and friendly, too).

Name any general item of food, and you'll find its pumpkin version at Trader Joe's. While you're doing that, here are five of the overachiever's greatest accomplishments.

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