5 Great Places to Eat at Coachella

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Photo by T.Tseng

Coachella is different things to different people. For Drake fans, it's about belting to "Hold On, We're Going Home," even if it's super down-tempo. For douches, it's about taking their favorite tribal headpiece out for a spin (eeek...) For potheads, it's about three days of, well, pot. And for foodies, it can also be about pot -- but the Roy Choi kind (no, the other kind).

If you're the latter type, here's a rundown of the festival's food landscape: the beer garden, located at The Terrace, is the main festival food hub, and you can also eat at the craft beer barn. For those willing to put down $225, the Outstanding in the Field dinner series is a four-course pop-up you can try (no VIP wristband needed!) For $50, you can eat a prix-fixe dinner with a fancy chef. If you want to reserve a seat, do it with Reserve app.

Now that you know what to expect, here are five great places to eat at this crazy festival...

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5 Things You Learn by Shopping at a Mexican Market

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Dave Lieberman
Northgate Market #3 on East St. in Anaheim

I grew up shopping in regular American supermarkets, like Shop-Rite and the A&P. Ethnic markets were treated as oddities by outsiders, where you went for strange meat innards and bizarre canned foods.

Then I moved to a ZIP code that's nearly 80 percent Latino, and while there is an Albertsons, a Ralphs and a Vons within reasonable distance, my closest stores all have Spanish signage in the window. I couldn't be happier, frankly, because while I do still need to go to gabacho grocery stores for some things (ahem, buttermilk), the bulk of my weekly grocery shopping happens in the Mexican market.

My local Mexican market is Northgate, which I love for its outstanding "Rancho González" produce section and its meat counter, but these tips go for almost any Mexican market: Vallarta, El Super, Superior, or just the local mom-and-pop shop.

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Five Reasons to Make the Drive to Long Beach (Even Though It Ain't OC)

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Photo by Dustin Ames
And this is just the start

I know you guys get a little riled up when we spend too much time talking about Long Beach, but come on, it's closer to most of Orange County than most of Orange County is. And really, it's a very nice city with a lot of great food (as now LA Weekly Food Editor Sarah Bennett reviewed in her wonderful column of old, Long Beach Lunch).

So, to make it easier on all of you, I've shoved five of the best things about LBC consumables into one little list. Hopefully, you'll see it's worth making the drive.

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5 OC Food Places to Take Non-Californians

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Photo by Michelle Woo
Omf homf

You're waiting for your out-of-towner relatives at John Wayne. It's the first time they're visiting Orange County, and, in the midst of looking for familiar faces, you realize, "Oh shoot. Where do I take them to eat?" Because if one thing's certain it's that they will be hungry.

Figuring out where to eat is a daunting task -- it forces you think deep and hard about Orange County's food culture. What's so special about it? What would entertain guests?

But save the stress. Here's a starter list to ease your planning so that you focus on what's important: catching up and eating.

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5 Holiday Foods to Try at Disneyland

By Justin Shady
Disneyland's open on Christmas, y'know

A change in season calls for a change in clothes. For Disneyland, that means wreaths, garlands, and lights in blue, red, and green hung on every building. Oh, and holiday food offerings.

But we're not talking about the gingerbread cookies and homemade candy canes all along Main Street. That's easy. We're talking the special stuff -- festive foods that take festive to a whole new level. Here's what I mean.

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Dave's Top Five Restaurants of 2014

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Dave Lieberman
Stop reading this caption and go order this pizza.
Another year-end list? Already? Well, fortunately, it's been a fat and happy year. Thank you, Orange County.

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Edwin's Top Five Restaurants of 2014

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Dustin Ames
Here fishy fishy fishy!

For this list I had to whittle down a list of many worthy places. The criteria I used was simple: "Which of these 50+ restaurants I ate at this year would I most likely return and become a regular."

This was the answer:

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Anne Marie's Top Five Restaurants Of 2014!

Anne Marie Panoringan
Shellfish at its finest

I spend the whole damn year thinking about whether a place I'm at could make Top 5. What I've come to learn is that my instinct is generally right. If it's good, I won't have to think about it. I'll go without hesitation, and the menu will make me smile every time.

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Charles' Top 5 Restaurants of 2014

Photo by Charles Lam
Can you believe it's been less than a year?

Sometimes, I wish life were more like Last.fm, and I could see all the data behind where I ate and went on a whim (Does Foursquare do this? If it doesn't, it should). That would've made putting this list together a lot easier, because as I scrolled through my Instagram feed I kept thinking to myself, "Yeah, this is a lot of food posts, but I'm sure I ate more".

I mean, I can come up with a list of places I love pretty easy, but what if I'm forgetting someone?

Alas, the Internet does not yet keep track of everywhere I go--and if it does, it won't tell me--so I'll go with my gut. Here are my favorite restaurants food places of 2014.

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5 Desserts to Try During the Orange County Holidays

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Photo by Allie Caulfield
Wait, it's supposed to be cold?

When you think of "holiday desserts," what comes to mind? Marching gingerbread men? Candy canes? Grandma's hot apple pie?

That's what I figured. Now, while those are all well and good, we shouldn't forget about Orange County's specific dessert needs. I mean, it's 79 degrees outside. We don't just need pie. We need ice cream, too.

Here are five holiday treats to try this season - some of which will keep you festive, and some of which will keep you cool.

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