Scoopfest At Baskin-Robbins Is Going On NOW

Anne Marie Panoringan
Warm temperatures, cool desserts

It started yesterday, is going on now, and lasts until tomorrow. Scoopfest 2014 is happening at a Baskin-Robbins near you, and all you need to do is show up. A single kids scoop is a buck, two for $2, three for $3 and so on. There's also some unconfirmed rumor that (similar to an In-N-Out burger dare) this has no limits-- meaning someone could hypothetically show up with a bucket and ask for 100 scoops for $100. Hey, maybe my friends at Foodbeast should shed some light on this?

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Chipotle Raising Its Prices

Categories: Chain Reactions

Photo by Mr. T in DC
Soon to be just slightly more expensive.

According to an announcement by Chipotle during an earnings call last week, that barbacoa burrito with extra sour cream is going to cost you a bit more soon. The chain is instituting the first price hike since 2011. They cite rising costs for beef, avocados and cheese for the increase.

What does this mean for you? Expect to pay about 3 to 5% higher for your meal. For a typical $8 burrito bowl, this translates to about 24 to 40 cents more.

The price increase will be rolled out in a few weeks, as soon as the new menu boards are installed.

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Taco Bell Fires Back At McDonald's (After They Fired After Taco Bell Fired) w/Another Diss Commercial

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Think the Breakfast Fast Food War of 2014 was done after McDonald's tried to undercut Taco Bell by offering free coffee for the next two weeks? Nope.

Taco Bell debuted another McDonald's-specific breakfast ad yesterday, taking a shot at how dated the McMuffin is. That's near blasphemy levels. It's the second time they've made McDonald's a target, the first being their Ronald McDonald commercial.

Poor McDonald's, having to defend themselves from the Big Mac rip offs, and this Taco Bell onslaught.

Check after the jump for the commercial, AND for notes from Taco Bell's conference call yesterday morning.

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Del Taco's Response To Taco Bell's Breakfast: Its Own Line of Breakfast Tacos and Free Hash Browns

Looks more like a taco than a folded waffle.
Apparently this Taco Bell breakfast business hasn't gotten lost on the other OC-based fast food taco chain. As a response, the Lake Forest-headquartered company has put out a press release that notes that it has been "serving breakfast for more than 30 years".

Although it didn't follow that proclamation with "so there", it might as well have--the firm is adding breakfast tacos to its line up of breakfast burritos. It introduced the new items yesterday.

And to sweeten the deal, it's adding an order of hash browns sticks for free until April 27 if you buy two breakfast tacos.

Here's a snippet from their release.

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The 5 Most Egregious Big Mac Rip-Offs Of All Time

So good.

The fast food war is a rough life. No one thinks eating food from out of a window is a good thing to do anymore. The market for fast food isn't growing. So marketing fast food today is more about who's hip and who's cool than it is about the quality of the food. To grow, companies need to literally steal customers from each other.

The restaurants have sunk to taking direct pot shots at each other (Taco Bell v. McDonalds, anyone?) and even more or less directly ripping off menu items.

Need proof? Well, here are the first most egregious Big Mac rip offs to have ever existed, and they're all pretty new.

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McDonald's Zings Taco Bell Over "Ronald McDonald" Ad; Offers Free Coffee Until April 13

Touché clown! Touché!
To counter the successfully engineered hype about Taco Bell's new breakfast waffle taco, which included a commercial where Taco Bell rounded up people actually named Ronald McDonald and got them to say they loved it, McDonald's has created a zinger of its own: a picture of Ronald, kneeling down to pet a very tiny Chihuahua, with the caption "Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery."

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We Eat It So You Don't Have To: Taco Bell's Breakfast Waffle Taco

Photo by Charles Lam

Surprise: It's mediocre.

For a month, all I've been hearing is waffle taco this and waffle taco that. It's been a little ridiculous -- especially when you realize we live in Orange County, where Bruxie has been shoving eggs, cheese, and bacon inside a folded waffle for years now.

But still, as much as I tried to ignore the buzz, I did have a kind of morbid curiosity. The waffle taco did, after all, remind me of those rushed elementary school-provided breakfasts I had in the 90s. Up in San Jose, we had about three choices: cereal and milk with a piece of fruit, a pastry and milk with some fruit, or -- on special occasions -- eggs, breakfast meat, and miniature pancakes or waffles.. with milk and a piece of fruit.

The cool kids (or the kids whose parents got them late to school) would pile their pancakes or waffles with eggs and meat before drowning the entire thing in syrup. I'm pretty sure we invented waffle tacos first, but that's besides the point.

Let's get to why the waffle taco is mediocre.

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Costco's New BBQ Beef Brisket Sandwich Is Good!

Categories: Chain Reactions

Edwin Goei
I eat at the Costco food court less often now ever since it replaced the Hebrew Nationals with what I sincerely believe is the far inferior Kirkland brand; but recently, I began eating there again because of its most recent offering: a BBQ Brisket Sandwich that is, to put it simply, really good!

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We Eat It So You Don't Have To: Del Taco's Turkey Tacos

Photo by Charles Lam
The abominations

I really don't like turkey, but I have a big soft spot for Del Taco, so when a box full of green and red feathers arrived at our office announcing the debut of some new ground turkey tacos, I didn't really know how to feel.

I was confused and conflicted, torn between my love for a fast food restaurant that -- by all standards -- is much better than it needs to be and my hatred for one of the worst proteins in existence.

Why would Del Taco do this to us? Is turkey meat cheap right now? Does Del Taco want to cut food costs without going the way of Jack in the Box and using soy protein? Are they really, really trying to be healthier?

All I knew that, as hesitant as I was, I'd have to try the turkey tacos, if only for you guys.

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All-You-Can-Eat Pancakes Are BACK at IHOP

Categories: Chain Reactions

If for some reason you want to look at a close-up of something that'll put you to sleep..

I have gone on record about my disdain for the pancake, so, when I first saw that IHOP was bringing back their all-you-can-eat butter milk pancake batter-vaganza, my first instinct was to gag a little bit. But I'll admit that that opinion is probably my most unpopular (of very many) opinions, so here goes.

IHOP is bringing back all-you-can-eat pancakes.

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