(Another) Creamistry Grand Opening And Giveaway TOMORROW!

Photo by Dustin Ames
Smoke gets in your eyes

Is it just us, or does there seem to be a lot going on in Orange County tomorrow? Add this to your list of treats. The second Costa Mesa spot for Creamistry launches Saturday over at The Triangle Square off Newport Boulevard. And yes, there will be celebrating in the form of giveaways.

Don't be confused by the location, since Costa Mesa #1 launched next door to The Halal Guys recently. Although the familiar frustration of locating parking will still ring true. Sigh.

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First Look: Inside The Halal Guys

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Anne Marie Panoringan
Lining up combos

As reported last week, the official opening date for California's the first West Coast Halal Guys franchise is Friday, October 2. This means folks can stop swinging by to see if they are open yet, as the dozen or so bummed people on their lunch break found out on Friday. We were fortunate to not only get a glimpse of the goods, but speak to some of the talent behind this operation.

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Free Sandwiches at Corner Bakery, With A Side of Carrots

Free for the taking.
Hey, you want a free sandwich? Ok, it's technically not a sandwich. More like like a cross between a pita and a taco. Corner Bakery calls them "UnFlats", which are filled with either Southwest Chicken, Chicken Caesar, BBQ Pork or Caprese. And they're actually rather small, probably not enough to satisfy if you're particularly hungry.

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Naugles Alert: Soft Opening NEXT WEEK!!!

Brian Feinzimer/OC Weekly
Delivering on his promise

The last time we discussed Naugles, Gustavo wrote up the grassroots campaign by food blogger Christian Ziebarth to boot Del Taco's ownership of the defunct Mexican brand. Christian Z.'s next goal: open a Naugles branch. As luck would have it, we recently crossed paths with him while headed to dinner.

Amidst talk of friends and his upcoming nuptials, we inquired about a Naugles update. He responded by saying they're aiming to soft open next week! If you're craving some grub, we've got the all-important details.

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Sweets News: Confetti Italian Ice, Creamistry And Afters Building Next OC Locations

Photo by Charisma Madarang
Opening closer than you think

If you thought speedy pizza was uber popular, you haven't been paying close enough attention to desserts. The cool stuff is marking its territory-- one brand at a time. Three Orange County originals are branching out a little further on home turf, and we're loving them all.

First up, the Costa Mesa treat that knows how to pair soft serve custards with Italian ice hits the Balboa Fun Zone this weekend. Confetti wants you to visit their sophomore spot over in Newport this Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. Save us some cookie butter!

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Finding the Perfect Blizzard at the Huntington Beach Dairy Queen

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Josh Chesler
It took almost an hour to finally get this thing, and it wasn't even good.

It's not that I'm a die-hard Dairy Queen fanatic, it's just that it reminds me of my childhood.

While no one has ever looked forward to eating real food at DQ, in every town and city I've lived in, Dairy Queen's ice cream has always been a staple. Whether it was a post-game celebratory Blizzard or an after school pick-me-up, DQ was always there when you needed it. It was the comforting grandparent that didn't judge you for only eating sweets when it has a kitchen full of perfectly fine food.

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Check Out the Future of Hooters (And Win Free Wings for a Year) Monday

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Photo by Ernesto Andrade
I mean, this is why you're going, right?

For the past few years now, the only category of national chain restaurants to grow has been "breastaurants," restaurants like Hooters and the Tilted Quilt which feature.. well, you know. Of the restaurants in that category, Hooters is the largest, but its year-over-year growth has stalled compared to the younger up-starts.

Well, now the future of Hooters is coming to Long Beach and you can check it out (and win free wings for a year in the process).

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In-N-Out Calls Out Bruxie On New 'Protein Style' Sandwiches

Can we say cease and desist?

On Monday, local waffle sandwich eatery-done-good Bruxie began promoting their new "Protein Style" burger. We took a screen shot in lieu of a mental note, but when we went online later, something was different. Subtle, but it's there. Thanks to the wonders of Facebook, you can even click on 'Edited' in the post to read the original text.

The edit got us thinking, so we reached out for an explanation. If you know your In-N-Out terminology-- then you won't be surprised by the response.

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Free Jamba Juice THIS MORNING--Like, NOW. Like, BEFORE 11 A.M.!

Jamba Juice FB page
Late brekkie or early lunch? It's still free.

For you, we will cut to the chase. If you're reading this early enough, it's time to schedule a mid-morning break. The free-flowing juice is only happening for TWO hours today. Plus, there's a bunch of small print to go along with it. And Happy 25th Anniversary, Jamba Juice!

Restriction number one: There are only three specific beverages that fall under the "free" category for this deal. They are Tropical Greens, Strawberries Wild and Caribbean Passion. Oh, and product selection may vary by store. Still interested? Then keep reading.

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Fried Pies Are Totally Back at (SoCal) McDonald's

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Photo by Charles Lam
So much better

Remember when I found those rogue McDonald's fried apple pies in Long Beach a few days ago? Well, good news for you all, McDonald's is bringing back fried pies to its Southern California stores. Sorry, rest of America, but that's what you get.

And even more news! Apple's not the only pie they'll be serving.

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