Free Jamba Juice THIS MORNING--Like, NOW. Like, BEFORE 11 A.M.!

Jamba Juice FB page
Late brekkie or early lunch? It's still free.

For you, we will cut to the chase. If you're reading this early enough, it's time to schedule a mid-morning break. The free-flowing juice is only happening for TWO hours today. Plus, there's a bunch of small print to go along with it. And Happy 25th Anniversary, Jamba Juice!

Restriction number one: There are only three specific beverages that fall under the "free" category for this deal. They are Tropical Greens, Strawberries Wild and Caribbean Passion. Oh, and product selection may vary by store. Still interested? Then keep reading.

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Fried Pies Are Totally Back at (SoCal) McDonald's

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Photo by Charles Lam
So much better

Remember when I found those rogue McDonald's fried apple pies in Long Beach a few days ago? Well, good news for you all, McDonald's is bringing back fried pies to its Southern California stores. Sorry, rest of America, but that's what you get.

And even more news! Apple's not the only pie they'll be serving.

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Taco Bell's Crispy Chicken is a Fast Food Revolución

Photo by Ryan Cady
Pictured: Trotsky

By now, dear fans, I'm sure you've read my glowing review of Taco Bell's
new Biscuit Taco breakfast items, and, trusting my dietary expertise, you've bought at least 4 of them. But what you probably don't know is the story behind the story, and the Grand Crispy Chicken Prophecy that emerged from my breakfast adventure.

When I heard that Taco Bell was bringing in Crispy Chicken for one of their breakfast tacos, I knew it was only a matter of time before the delicious, golden-fried goodness invaded other aspects of their menu. When I drove through Taco Bell at 7 a.m. on the morning of Thursday, March 26, I saw no promotional material for the new breakfast items, but my faith was rewarded. I chowed down on my Crispy Chicken Biscuit and wrote another culinary epic, I remarked to my editor - "You know, this changes everything. The Crispy Chicken Revolución has arrived."

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Is McDonald's Bringing Back Its Fried Apple Pies?

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Photo by Charles Lam
Well, look at that

A little history lesson for those of you who've only been eating fast food post-1992. McDonald's didn't always serve doughy-little boring baked apple pies. No, originally the pies were fried and, by all accounts, were vastly superior. The crust cracked, the innards oozed, and it just tasted.. better (it was probably all of that fat).

Alas, with 1992, the baked apple pie came to most American McDonald's, pushing out their fattier older brother (you could still get fried pies at the oldest McDonald's in Downey, some far-flung US franchises, and some McDonald's in Asia). Until now.

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Taco Bell's Biscuit Taco Keeps the Dream Alive

Photo by Ryan Cady
That's some nice chicken

Remember those Taco Bell Waffle Taco things? And that weird hash brown Crunchwrap majigger? Well, if you don't, surely you've noticed that Taco Bell is inexplicably open when most of its pot-addled clientele is asleep, the traditional American breakfast hours of 6 to 9 a.m., serving up shit that nobody asked for, like a Sausage 'n Gravy Crunchwrap.

Sidebar with me? Isn't it weird that Taco Bell hasn't tapped into "traditional" Mexican breakfast dishes like huevos rancheros, or anything involving chorizo? I mean, nobody expects authentic from the Bell - that's honestly part of its appeal - but if your entire marketing strategy is to make a breakfast that's somehow drastically different from everyone else's, maybe think about working within genre of food you serve? Instead of just making ANOTHER sausage/egg/cheese breakfast sandwich that happens to be shaped differently.)

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A Eulogy for Taco Bell's Breakfast Waffle Taco

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Photo by Charles Lam

By now, you've probably heard that Taco Bell has killed off its breakfast waffle taco in favor of a new biscuit taco debuting today. Let us now take a moment and remember how horrible the little greasy thing was, but ultimately, how important it was to the growing fast food breakfast wars.

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Five Crowns Retools Menu In Time For 50th Anniversary

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Photo courtesy of Five Crowns
Classy Filet Neptune

Five Crowns is part of Lawry's, and for that reason it'll always be synonymous with prime rib. When Ryan Wilson went in a few years ago to revamp the bar, SideDoor became the first gastropub in the county, setting the standard for everyone after. It's still one of our preferred watering holes to grab a bite and pint.

The success of SideDoor paired with the 50th anniversary of Five Crowns prompted additional change in their primary space, as a new menu was launched late last month. A selection of seafood, small plates and new dishes overall means guests don't feel pressured to order primarily beef-- not that anything's wrong with that! You simply have a greater variety to choose from.

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Yogurtland Launches 'Flavor Quest' With 10 International Tastes

Mona Shah-Anderson
A perfect swirl

It's hard to imagine a time before Yogurtland. The inexpensive, self-serve, poppin' boba fro-yo giant knows their dessert market well. Their founder, Philip Chang, was also a previous On the Line subject. Yogurtland's dedication to introducing new flavors and joining forces with other brands (HELLO, Kitty!) keeps them relevant in a competitive industry.

To celebrate their third annual celebration of tastes known as Flavor Quest, we joined a mass quantity of fans to taste test some of them. You can say there was a whole lotta swirling going on-- and sugar highs! Here's a brief rundown of their flavors. Note: each flavor is brand-new to the family, and will only be dispensed for two to four weeks before being replaced by another.

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Corner Bakery Is Serving What Looks Like Banh Mi

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Is that you, banh mi?

Corner Bakery sent out an e-mail to those who subscribe to its e-mails a few days ago. It was offering its new sandwich free by appointment. The free offer is long gone. The appointments filled up in about a few hours time. I got mine in under the wire, but I realized as I gazed upon the picture of this sandwich that it looks an awful lot like banh mi.

There's the cilantro, the carrots, the cucumbers and yes, the jalapeño even though fresh peppers instead of pickled are used in banh mis.

And there's what it's calling it: Spicy Asian Pork Sandwich.

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Panera Killed the Bone Broth Trend before It Ever Really Started

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Photo by The Meat Case
Pictured: Soup.

No joke, I first found out "broth" was a thing when I read a Panera press release about their all-new, super-awesome happy-time broth bread bowls and how new and super awesome they were. It wasn't until after that I actually heard "bone broth" (or as we call it in my world.. soup) was becoming a trend in the more obnoxious places in America thanks to the paleo diet.

Well, bad news for bone broth:It's going south way before it's reached the heights achieved by artisanal toast (which the Taiwanese have been doing forever) and avocado toast (which is straight up avocado on bread, come on now), and again, it's all thanks for Panera.

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