Corner Bakery Is Serving What Looks Like Banh Mi

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Is that you, banh mi?

Corner Bakery sent out an e-mail to those who subscribe to its e-mails a few days ago. It was offering its new sandwich free by appointment. The free offer is long gone. The appointments filled up in about a few hours time. I got mine in under the wire, but I realized as I gazed upon the picture of this sandwich that it looks an awful lot like banh mi.

There's the cilantro, the carrots, the cucumbers and yes, the jalapeño even though fresh peppers instead of pickled are used in banh mis.

And there's what it's calling it: Spicy Asian Pork Sandwich.

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Panera Killed the Bone Broth Trend before It Ever Really Started

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Photo by The Meat Case
Pictured: Soup.

No joke, I first found out "broth" was a thing when I read a Panera press release about their all-new, super-awesome happy-time broth bread bowls and how new and super awesome they were. It wasn't until after that I actually heard "bone broth" (or as we call it in my world.. soup) was becoming a trend in the more obnoxious places in America thanks to the paleo diet.

Well, bad news for bone broth:It's going south way before it's reached the heights achieved by artisanal toast (which the Taiwanese have been doing forever) and avocado toast (which is straight up avocado on bread, come on now), and again, it's all thanks for Panera.

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Chipotle Finally Gets Hispanic Authors for their Stories-on-a-Cup Series...and None are Mexican

No nopales yet

Okay, haters: go for it. Go on and rant that the anger that Chicano authors and I have for Chipotle after they announced the latest batch of authors for their "Cultivating Thought" series is laughable. That we should rejoice that the series included Hispanic authors this time, from Brazilian self-empowerment guru Paulo Coelho to Dominican writer Julia Alvarez to Spaniard Carlos Ruíz Zafón. That we should thank Chipotle for including diverse voices after the travesty of last time, shut up, and get on with our lives. Actually, that we should get lives, period, and go bend a taco or something.

But the fact remains: when curating author Jonathan Safran Foer had another chance to expose hipster America to Chicano or Mexican authors, he chose not to. And the question must be asked: why?

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Morality in Media Names Carl's Jr. As One of their "Dirty Dozen" Top Sexual Exploiters for 2015

Thumbnail image for CarlsJr.jpg
Food porn, yes--but porn porn?

That sound you hear is Carl's Jr. founder Carl Karcher rolling over in his grave, gritting his teeth, clenching his bowels and scratching at his coffin, trying to come back from the dead to take back his company.

The famously conservative Karcher spent the last years of his life ashamed of Carl's, which by then had turned over to the bro side with racy ads featuring Paris Hilton and other starlets. It's doubled down ever since, with ad campaigns featuring Kate Upton, that girlfriend of the Alabama Crimson Tide quarterback that Brent Musburger drooled over on national television, and even more starlets. It's reputation is such nowadays that it's the only food company named in Morality in Media's 2015 Dirty Dozen list of who they say are the top sexual exploiters in America.

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If You're Gluten Free, You Probably Shouldn't Be Eating at Pizza Hut

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Pizza Hut
The pretender

Honestly, the gluten-free trend is one the ones I don't mind too much, because I once dated a girl whose mom had Celiac disease, so I know it can actually be an issue (this was four years ago, so pre-everyone-has-a-gluten-intolerance trend. If you think you might have an intolerance, ask a doctor). The girl also had some auto-immune issues, so we went without gluten for a few months to see if she improved. It was tough, but I left the trial period with a new-found love for protein structures and an awesome recipe for gluten-free chicken katsu.

Now, yesterday Pizza hut announced that they were introducing a gluten-free pizza option. I'm just going to go out an say it: We never missed Pizza Hut, and if you're gluten free, you shouldn't be eating at Pizza Hut anyways, just make the god damn crust yourself.

But seriously, just make it out of cauliflower.

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Wendy's Is Selling $1 Unlimited Frosty Keychains Again

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Every so often, Wendy's will sell their Frosty chains, those little magical 2D key fobs that get you a free Jr. Frosty with each normal purchase you make. When I was in college, the only burger place we had access to on campus was Wendy's, and the big thing would to be to buy one of those and order fries everyday. The Frosty's would make the perfect dipping sauce.

Well, now the keychains are on sale again.

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Chipotle to Offer FREE Burritos and Tacos--Here's How to Get Them!

Chipotle's website
Start lining up!

Regular readers know I'm not the biggest fan of Chipotle, both for its corporate history and its flavor. So this post goes out to my good pal, the mysterious Ben Dayhoe of SanTana blogging fame: Chipotle is giving away burritos and tacos FOR FREE on January 26. And the only catch is as tasty a catch as you can ever imagine--if Chipotle is your thing, that is.

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A Lamentation on SmashBurger's SmashFries

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Edwin Goei
Not a bad burger; but oy, those SmashFries!
My favorite fast-casual burger around these parts isn't from The Habit, Five Guys, or even In-N-Out; it's the one made by Fatburger, a once mighty chain that has now dwindled down to two locations in the entire county when there used to be two in Irvine alone.

Fatburger also makes what I consider the best fast-casual burger joint fries. It's even offered in two kinds: the Skinny Fries and the Fat Fries, both models of what fries should be. The Skinny Fries are thin (but not reedy), light (but not wispy) and always greaseless and crisp. And if you fancy a meatier fry, the Fat Fries are also perfectly done--crisp on the outside, fluffy like a baked potato on the inside. Yes, both the Skinny and the Fat are from frozen, but some of the best fries are.

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Two OC Starbucks to Sell Beer and Wine.. Permanently?

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Does this entice you?

For a few years now, Starbucks has been testing selling wine and beer in a few stores and that program is finally to go official.. in the same stores that they were tested in.

Starting now, a Rancho Santa Margarita Starbucks and a Huntington Beach Starbucks will be offering wine, beer and a new evening small bites menu after 4 p.m. I mean hey, you could go to one of the new wine bars in Santa Ana, but if you realllly love Starbucks..

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Nekter Juice Bar: Fresh Food Items and Free Drinks!

Photo by Anne Watson
Spinach, berries and nuts = lunch

Nekter's gone through renovations, updates and promotions in the last month. If you're a fan of their liquid nourishment, we've got all the juicy updates ahead.

Why would a brand with "juice" in their name decide to add items that don't require a straw? Because eventually they all do. Starving people cannot should not live on liquids alone. Sometimes you just want to chew.

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