10 New Dessert Spots to Try in Orange County

Charles Lam

OC dessert veterans--Joe's Italian Ice, Disneyland's dole whip--will always have a place in our hearts, but the county has been making room for the new. You know what that means: lots of liquid nitrogen ice cream, ice cream sandwiches, and ice cream flavors that are getting more and more unexpected (surprisingly, there are no new popsicle joints--wasn't that a thing last year?) Though summer's ending soon, let's be real: it's still going to be hot and dessert--specifically ice cream--is a year-round thing here. And the list of new places to try just keeps growing.

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9 Great Avocado Dishes in Orange County

Photo by Tavallai

Healthy and delicious...together? It's actually possible; the prime example being avocados, that fruit that elevates eggs and burgers while nourishing you with Vitamin B, C, and E. It's quite possibly the one food that vegans, vegetarians, paleos, ketos, and carnivores can all actually agree on and, for once, share.

Avocados can be enjoyed year-round but, before the summer ends, try some of these local dishes that make the most of them and will keep you cool.

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10 Great Hatch Chile Dishes to Try in Orange County

Photo by Daniel Zemans

In the stretches of the Hatch Valley region of New Mexico are perfectly lined rows of green Hatch chiles, a premium chile known for its meaty flesh and concurrently spicy and sweet flavor. Since it's only in season late summer to early fall, people go kind of nuts for it come August. Roasting pitches are rolled to the front of supermarkets (we've compiled a list for you here) and restaurants start cooking up special dishes with. Since you've only got a month or two to see what our local chefs can do with them, we made this list of dishes for you to try.

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10 Great Hangover Meals in Orange County

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Republic of Korea
You already know...

Hangovers are chaotic. For one, your head feels like it's been strangled. Your stomach is turned inside out. You're still in last night's clothes, which are imprinted by signs of too much fun (vomit). Waking up, you realize there are people you have to apologize to and things you regret. But, alas, it's time to recover--and because we don't want you to do too much thinking while in headache-mode, we created this list of hangover cures for you.

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10 Great Places in Orange County for Egg Porn

Kristine Hoang

The world is full of egg sluts and egg porn these days. Chefs put eggs on things like fries and burgers. Patrons, who find it cute and appetizing, take photos of such dishes and share them online--resulting in an endless cycle of egg exploitation. This being said, the egg obsession might never end. Can you handle more photos of egg yolk dripping down all foods in slow-motion? Of course you can. In fact, you want more.

OC egg-lovers: here are ten places to bookmark for future egg escapades.

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10 Hot Dogs to Try for National Hot Dog Day (w/ Specials!)

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OC Weekly Archives

Every day is a holiday for some sort of food these days, and while some remain skeptical of such excessive celebration, you have to admit: it can be fun. Burgers? Fries? Baked Beans? Time to party (or just read articles like this one...) If you didn't know, today is National Hot Dog Day, and--before you roll your eyes at me--get this: some places are offering some cool specials today. We included them below.

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10 Great Happy Hours Happening RIGHT NOW

Photo by Shinya Suzuki

Going through a sudden breakup? Long day in your gray cubicle today (which stripped you of your ability to perceive color)? Worst of all, did a Prius cut you off on the 405? If you're suffering through any of the world's usual mishaps (which might include these and then some), it might be a good time to find Dr. Phil's two recommended day-enhancing treatments: cheap booze and food. Here are ten places to get the treatment with the best bargain for it at that.

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10 Great Places in OC to Eat Dumplings

Photo by Yun Huang Yong

Dumplings are possibly one of the cutest bite-sized foods out there. They're squishy, first of all, and even if their concept is simple (small pieces of dough wrapped around a filling) they're still versatile (fry 'em! Bake 'em! Steam the living hell out of 'em!) With their portability and lightness, they also make a great food to eat in the summertime. The heat here is piercing our poor sensitive bodies after all... makes waiting a couple hours in South Coast Plaza for that one dumpling place not such a bad undertaking if you ask me...

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10 Great Ramadan Buffets to Try in OC This Month

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Photo by Andrew Beeston

It's that time of the year again--Ramadan--when Muslims fast from suhoor (dawn) to maghrib (sunset) for a month (June 17 to July 17 this year), all in the name of spiritual cleansing. And beautiful deliverance comes every night in the form of the fast-break called iftar. Historically, Muslims celebrated iftar at mosques or at home, but given this is OC, nearly all Middle Eastern restaurants offer awesome Ramadan buffets that draw in the crowds. And don't worry, non-Muslims: these buffets are also open to you!

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9 Great Steaks to Try This Father's Day Weekend

Jennifer Fedrizzi/OC Weekly
"Feat. good blood," as opposed to that one Taylor Swift song on the radio

In the religion that is carnivorism, there is one animal that receives the fiercest adulations: the cow. Chicken and pork have their own share of groupies, but they simply can't exist in the most primal of cow cuts: the steak. And, man, do people love their steak. When cooked the right way, steak is not just a divinely sliced piece of flesh, but a piece of art with the greatest potential for hyper-worship. In Orange County, we've got a couple places with slabs of meat that'll trigger your inner steak geek--starting with these ten.

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