14 Great OC Barbecue Spots to Try This Summer

Brian Addison
Will give up bikini bod for this

If our perception of summer was entirely based on Food Network specials, we'd all be entering barbecue contests and cooking meats on smokey grills, even in the rain (which we will never happen in California). But perhaps this just demonstrates the effect television has on us because, hey, who doesn't want to eat lots and lots of barbecue in the summertime?

No need to bring out your grill, though. Here are 14 places to get finger-licking in Orange County.

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10 Great All-You-Can-Eat Restaurants to Try Memorial Day Weekend

Thumbnail image for ayce-thunderbbqranch-annemariemanoringan.jpg
Anne Marie Panoringan

Having an urge to eat at an all-you-can-eat restaurant requires a moment of acknowledged truth--the one that happens before you step out of your house, into your car, and seek gluttonous nirvana. It's when you know that you'll be immobile afterwards, laying helplessly on a couch with your arms and legs numb by the fat you just consumed, but feeling un-regretful about what just happened (even if your stomach is currently yelling at you).

Since we've got a long three-day weekend ahead of us, here are the perfect spots for those who don't have any plans and would like to eat a lot. We've got Korean barbecue on here of course, but also other AYCE places that'll give you the same effect.

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11 (Super) Cool Coffee Shops to Try in Orange County and Long Beach

Jennifer Wong/Flickr
Lord Windsor is a beaut

The good thing about coffee is that there's never a bad time to have it. If you're hot, just grab a cold brew. Cold? A caramel latte might do. And lucky for us in Orange County, there are plenty of coffee shops to sip a cup of jo while, maybe, reading literature like a fancy person. But which ones are as great as they are cool?

Let's start with some honorable mentions--the places that deserve to be on this list but don't yet have brick-and-mortar locations--and then we'll explore the rest.

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11 Great OC Burgers to Try for National Burger Month

OC Weekly Archives
Can you handle it?

If you didn't already know, May is national burger month, which means for 31 days, Americans from the East Coast to the best coast unite to celebrate the one thing we all can agree on: the deliciousness of patties and buns. In Orange County, we've got some great burger spots ourselves, whether they're traditional, experimental, mom-and-pop, or even chains (wait, what?) That being said, here are 11 different burgers to try in honor of this holiday. Go crazy, y'all!

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18 Great OC Dive Bars, According to People in the Service Industry

Photo by weeklydig
Sometimes this is just what you need

Fancy cocktails are great. So is craft beer, Japanese whiskeys, and fancy wine. But sometimes, when you get off a long day at work, what you really need is to crawl into some dark room and order a drink whose first ingredient is well whiskey and whose second ingredient is flat cola (granted, all of the places on this list will do you better than that).

No one knows the joy of the dive bar better than the wonderful people in the service industry, who work so hard so that us over here at SAFII have something to write about. Where do they go when it's time for a dive? Here's 18 great ones from 11 people who work in OC's service industry.

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10 Great Mimosa Brunches in Orange County

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Kristine Hoang

Whether your Saturday night consisted of binging on Parks and Recreation or causing well-intentioned debauchery with friends, Sunday brunch -- specifically, with bottomless mimosas -- is a practical way to transition into a drunken afternoon of errand-running and/or deep napping. To ensure you're equipped to do this, we've compiled a guide of the best places to eat non-typical breakfasts while getting your buzz on. [Editor's note: Mimosa brunches are a basic premise, we know, but who doesn't like to get basic every once in awhile]

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The 25 Most Instagrammed Dishes in Orange County

Photo by Cathy Danh

If there's one type of porn many of us are guilty of, it's food porn. We've all been caught in the act: standing over our food with elbows out, and phones in hand, all to channel our inner Ansel Adams. The prevalence of community-generated food porn, of course, calls for an analysis of which foods are coerced into food porn by us the most here in OC--hence, this listicle.

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10 Great Places to Eat Poke in Orange County

Mary Pastrana

By now, you've probably heard of poke--the raw ahi bowl with soy sauce and limu. A delicacy of Hawaii, it's made its way across the Pacific Ocean and right into the belly of Orange County. Thank God! Because poke is one of the best ways to eat fish ever, we've gathered the best places to eat it. Now, for fifty shades of pink...

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10 Essential Fish Dishes in OC and Long Beach

Dustin Ames
Here fishy fishy fishy!

Yes, it's the obligatory Lenten fish post. We kinda did one last year, and probably the year before that. But this is a new list, a roster of ten of the best fish dishes your humble food scribe discovered since I did that last list, with nothing repeated.

Included in this year's list are two poke joints, because judging by our page hits, y'all love the poke. But notice that there's no sushi, because that's a whole other category!

And yes, in this alphabetically ordered list, I include a few Long Beach joints. Even though we are called OC Weekly, we cover Long Beach. Always have. So deal.

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Las Vegas' 10 Best Restaurants (And Drinks) Off The Strip

Dave Lieberman
Get off the Strip already!
I'm not a big fan of the Vegas Strip. It's always full of people desperately trying to have a good time, whether they're weekenders in Los Angeles' largest, most remote suburb or there for a spectacularly poorly thought-out family vacation. The Strip is where decency goes to die surrounded by fawning club managers wielding $300 bottles of $30 vodka, cocktail waitresses with their breasts hinched up to chin-rest height, and bachelor parties puking all over themselves. It sucks, and it's not my idea of a vacation. The restaurants, too, are sad: semi-franchised outposts of the greatest hits back home, where celebrity chefs consult on the menu and then return once every six months to wave their hands in the kitchen and make ranting noises. It's the kind of place where restaurant reviews pay as much or more attention to the physical beauty of the waitresses than they do the food.

Fortunately, though, there's much more to Vegas than the Strip. Your blackjack dealer, cocktail waitress, outlet mall clerk, buffet line cook and whore escort have to live somewhere, and I guarantee you they're not eating $200 steaks at fancy casino restaurants and drinking in host bars every time they go out. There's a whole city out there, one with a burgeoning eating culture. There's a "Chinatown" two minutes off the Strip that's got just about every Asian cuisine you could want; there are breweries and beer bars and cocktail bars and taco joints, just like any other major city. Bonus: they're almost completely full of locals, so prices are extremely reasonable and quality is high, since they rely on repeat business.

There are dozens of spots, but here are ten spots to get you started and leave some jangle in your pocket for gas money for the long slog home on the 15.

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