The Best Things to Drink in Orange County (And Long Beach), 2014

Photo by Cleo Tobbi
Orange County is where these people live, after all

Alcohol isn't the only thing to drink in Orange County (though it's pretty nice). OC all up in that juice crave and can serve a pretty mean cup of coffee. Then again, booze runs the world, so we have for you now a list of the best things to drink in Orange County, from coffee to more coffee to Vietnamese coffee to beer and cocktails.

'Cause eating is nice, but I've never seen anyone shotgun some brussel sprouts.

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The Best Bars in Orange County (And Long Beach), 2014

Photo by Charles Lam

During the great trek that was Best Of 2014, us Weeklings had to make regular stops at our favorite houses of libation (it was research -- and it took the edge off). Now, we present on to you, 2014's best bars, and the hazy (non)-memories we have of within their walls.

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The Best Restaurants in Orange County, 2014

Photo by Rickett & Sones

Well everyone, its that time of the year again. We've pondered ever so hard and have come up with a list of what we think are the best everything in Orange County. Now, for those of you who can't click over to the Best Of section of our website, or pick up a paper copy (Seriously though, they're glossy! And pretty!), I've glued together all of the best restaurants in this blog post. There's a lot of them -- from best bread to best breakfast and, well, best restaurant -- so start reading, and have a great Best Of 2014.

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19. Chicken, Broccoli and Mushroom Sandwich with Garlic Sauce from Le Diplomat

Photo by Charles Lam
The most beautiful sandwich I've ever seen

Behold our annual 100 Favorite Dishes countdown! Every day until the publication of our fantabulous Best Of Issue, we'll list our favorite meals this year in descending order. Enjoy, pass it on, and tune in daily!

I'm going to let you guys in on a little secret: I'm not a sandwich guy. I just never got the hype. I mean, you're putting food inside of bread. It doesn't magically make it better. If your filing is already great, it's not going to get more great.

I spend most of my hours sitting next to a girl (LP) who's way into them, and honestly it's kind of tiring (just kidding, she's cool). But despite her enthusiasm, I remain unimpressed.

Except when it comes to one specific sandwich. The chicken, broccoli and mushroom with garlic sauce from Le Diplomat.

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10 Great Restaurants to Try Near The Disneyland Resort

Photo by Dave Bloggs
Yep, this but worse

Now that Show Your Disney Side is officially going on, I have some bad news for you guys: The parks are (and are going to stay) super crowded. The lines are going to be worse than ever, the crowds are going to be super dense, and even if you show up at 3 in the morning, I'm pretty sure you're going to run into some traffic.

Disneyland has some pretty awesome food, but today (and tomorrow) is not the time to try it. Give the cast members a break, head off the resort to try some food, because there's a lot of good food vaguely near Disneyland.

In no particular order, here are 10 great restaurants to try near(ish) the Disneyland Resort.

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10 Essential Places To Eat While You're Attending The Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach

Christina Bryson
Fresh seafood from Pier 76
This weekend is The Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach. If you happen to be attending and you want to get out to see the town beyond what Shoreline Village has to offer, you will want to take a walk to Downtown (trust us: leave the driving to the racers). Here are 10 essential places in Downtown Long Beach this humble food critic thinks is worth the side trip.

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10 Essential Buena Park Restaurants

Edwin Goei
How you should be eating Knott's fried chicken.
To tourists, if Anaheim is New York, Buena Park is Chicago: Orange County's second city, the one they go to after they've exhausted all that Disney has to offer. But to locals, Buena Park is more than just the territory of Knott's and knights; it's also the home of a burgeoning Korean population and thus, excellent food.

Still, Knott's and Medieval Times did make this list of your humble food scribe's 10 essential Buena Park eateries.

What's yours? Share them in the comments so that any tourists who read this can make the most of their visit, won't you?

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10 Essential Westminster Restaurants

Kevin Lara
Song Long diet!
No we haven't done this list yet. Yes, we did a 10 Essential Little Saigon Restaurants list a month ago, which included a lot of Westminster restaurants along with some from Garden Grove; but there are so many essential places inside the city that this list HAS NO OVERLAP with that list!

Do expect Vietnamese restaurants, though. In fact, all on this new list are Vietnamese restaurants, because if you aren't going to Westminster to eat Vietnamese food, you're doing it wrong. But as there are many facets to a diamond, there are many facets to Westminster's Vietnamese eateries. In the list you'll see a restaurant that exists solely because of price point, a noodle joint that doesn't serve pho, a place where you can feast on French cuisine, and another where you can have plate of good ol' steak and eggs.

You got your own Westminster must-go restaurants? Share 'em in the comments!

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10 Essential Fountain Valley Restaurants

Not the ramen from your college days
If you've not noticed, the reason Fountain Valley's been buzzed about lately is because of donuts. There's Afters, which blew everyone's mind with their ice cream-stuffed donuts. And then there's The Donut Bar, which will do the same crazy permutations of Homer's favorite food like the original Donut Bar does in San Diego.

But Fountain Valley has long been a mecca of great restaurants, especially if what you want is non-sushi Japanese. I'm talking, of course, about FV's izakaya-style pubs. Fountain Valley's section of Brookhurst has the highest concentration of Japanese pubs in OC.

Sure, the city has Paul's Coffee Shop which we discovered and loved way before Guy Fieri ever stepped foot in it; but in my opinion, Fountain Valley's restaurant scene is all about these Japanese restaurants and a few Vietnamese ones that are technically just outside the fringes of Little Saigon.

And after all that, you can still get those donuts.

Disagree with my assessment? Say so in the comments and suggest your own list of essentials. Go ahead. The more the better!

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10 Essential Garden Grove Restaurants

Laila Derakhshanian
Drink up, then eat up!
Garden Grove has too many of my favorites. It took me a few days to chop my first draft of this list down to the ten you see below. If you hadn't noticed, Garden Grove is that Venn diagram sweet spot where O.C.'s own Korean District overlaps with Little Saigon.

What's left are the 10 restaurants and eateries that make Garden Grove one of the best eating towns in our county...or the state, even.

Do you agree? Disagree? Have your own 10? Participate in the discussion and put in a comment, won't you?

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