Free Curly Fries At Arby's TODAY for Tax Day

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Free. No tax either.
You just wrote a humongous check payable to the United States Treasury. Then you stood in line at the post office to mail that check. Feeling like you can't afford lunch? Don't have much of an appetite?

Arby's is giving out free snack-sized curly fries today only, Tax Day, with a coupon. No other strings are attached.

Is getting something free that's worth about a buck going to negate that old adage about death and taxes?

Probably not.

It also doesn't disprove that other saying about how there's no such thing as a free lunch; but this Arby's free fries on Tax Day give-away is becoming a tradition. They've been doing it for four straight years now.

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Tonight: IKEA's All-You-Can-Eat Swedish Easter Smörgåsbord

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Edwin Goei
Meatballs and more!
If you've been curtailing your Swedish meatball intake, tonight's the night to let loose. IKEA, which is arguably the preeminent source for all things Swedish around here (especially food), is holding its annual Easter Smörgåsbord tonight, Friday, April 11.

The price for "IKEA FAMILY Members" is $9.99 per adult, and $2.49 per kid aged 12 and younger. The nonmember price is $12.99 per adult, $4.99 per child.

Tickets are sold per seating time and are on sale now at the restaurant.

What's in a Swedish Easter Smörgåsbord you ask? Last year the menu went like this:

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Old Towne Orange Restaurant Week Going On RIGHT NOW!

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Edwin Goei
Nostalgia and malts served here.
So I get a message from our own Anne Marie yesterday, and it went like this:

Anne Marie: Did you know there is an OTO RW going on right now?

Me: Um. I have no idea what you said just now.

Anne Marie: Old Towne Orange Restaurant Week.

From that exchange I learned two things:

1) I need to get a better grasp on OC food blogging shorthand and;
2) This particular restaurant week seemed to slip through the cracks.

Here are the details:

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Del Taco's Response To Taco Bell's Breakfast: Its Own Line of Breakfast Tacos and Free Hash Browns

Looks more like a taco than a folded waffle.
Apparently this Taco Bell breakfast business hasn't gotten lost on the other OC-based fast food taco chain. As a response, the Lake Forest-headquartered company has put out a press release that notes that it has been "serving breakfast for more than 30 years".

Although it didn't follow that proclamation with "so there", it might as well have--the firm is adding breakfast tacos to its line up of breakfast burritos. It introduced the new items yesterday.

And to sweeten the deal, it's adding an order of hash browns sticks for free until April 27 if you buy two breakfast tacos.

Here's a snippet from their release.

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McDonald's Zings Taco Bell Over "Ronald McDonald" Ad; Offers Free Coffee Until April 13

Touché clown! Touché!
To counter the successfully engineered hype about Taco Bell's new breakfast waffle taco, which included a commercial where Taco Bell rounded up people actually named Ronald McDonald and got them to say they loved it, McDonald's has created a zinger of its own: a picture of Ronald, kneeling down to pet a very tiny Chihuahua, with the caption "Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery."

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Pie-Not Offering Pie for $3.14 Tomorrow on Pi Day

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Photo by Eleonor Segura
Jai Snowdon and Ryan Lopiccolo of Pie-Not
Pi Day (commemorating the numerical constant that is the ratio of a circumference of circle to its diameter) is just as ridiculously fake as Talk Like Pirate Day or Star Wars Day (May the 4th be with you), but it trumps the other fake holidays because people who make pies and, as Charles wrote the other day, even pizza, are using the date 3/14 (get it?) to offer special $3.14 pricing on their pies.

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Blaze Pizzas are $3.14 To Celebrate Pi Day This Friday

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Photo by The Poorman
Let them be the second!

Let me be the first to wish you a happy early Pi Day. But while I can't give you anything to celebrate March 14, also known as the first three digits of pi, Blaze Pizza can. This Friday, they'll be offering their pizzas for over half off -- $3.14 a piece.

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Free Bagels On Sunday at Bagels & Brew

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Apparently Sunday is National Bagel Day. And if you want to eat a bagel on National Bagel Day without actually paying for one, get thee to Bagels & Brew in Mission Viejo, Aliso Viejo, and Lake Forest.

They are giving away one free bagel per person, per visit that day. No purchase necessary.

I'm guessing a schmear will cost extra.

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Celebrate National Frozen Yogurt Day With Free Yogurtland TODAY

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Photo courtesy of Yogurtland

There are just enough Yogurtland locations in Orange County that waiting in line won't be so bad. Going on from 4-7 p.m. today only, score the cold stuff under the usual rules.

First off, it's valid at participating locations only. So call ahead. Rumor has it there's a dispenser in the reception area of their headquarters in Irvine, but I doubt there's toppings galore available.

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Newport Beach Restaurant Week Going On Right Now Until Sunday

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Edwin Goei
SOL Cocina
I think I said this two weeks ago when I wrote about Irvine's Restaurant Week: January and February are usually the slowest months for restaurants, which is why most of the restaurant week bargains tend to occur right about now.

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