Fast Food War's Latest Spicy Development Is a Step In the Right Direction.. Now Go Hotter

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Pictured: Progress

It's kind of fun watching the United States fast food wars. The fast food customer base isn't getting any larger, so now for any of the big chains to grow, they literally have to steal customers from each other.

We saw it a bit ago, with the reintroduction of the Big Carl, the Bonus jack, and every other fast food burger that looked or tasted like a Big Mac, and now fast food has gone on to its next weapons upgrade: Heat.

Currently, McDonald's has its Jalapeño Double, Jack in the Box has a Hella-Peño Burger, Carl's Jr. is testing a few things, but hey, as late as they are to the spice game (I went to a museum exhibit literally about hot sauce a few months ago), at least they're trying.

Maybe soon, mass America will want a little more picante in their lives. First jalapeno burgers, next chomping on thai chilies for fun? Actually eating the wasabi horse radish with their sushi?

Trying some of the Clay Oven's trinidad morgue scorpion lamb dish? Nah, probably not. But hey, for you guys, I'll be trying it out on video. Look out for that in a few weeks, and if you want to help out, well, just down a mango lasso for me.

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Would love to see Carls bring back their Steakhouse burger, maybe with a jalapeno or a chipotle flourish. :-)


"as of late" or "of late" but not "as late"

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