The Best Way to Cook Frozen Steaks Might Just Be.. Cooking Them Frozen?


Everyone knows that you should never freeze a steak if you don't have to. Did you invest in a cow and now have several hundred pounds of beef to store? Alright, freeze it. But buy a steak today to eat tomorrow? Just leave it in a fridge.

But how do you cook steaks that you've frozen for storage? After a water bath? A night in the fridge?

Well, according to America's Test Kitchen, you might just want to sear them from frozen.


I'm skeptical, but they did the measurements, and the frozen steaks finished much more medium rare and loss less moisture.

You can check the video here:

But like I said.. huh.

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JGlanton topcommenter

Actually the best thing to do with frozen steak is to use them cut up in a sauce or casserole, like filet and mushroom pasta, or chili, or similar. 

JGlanton topcommenter

I have a strict rule in my house: never serve frozen steaks to guests. But if I do have to freeze them, because I got a 4-pack at Costco and only used two, I buy their premise. The low temperature that they used (275 degree) in the oven is the key. I'm not sure how I'd do this on the grill. Sorry Test Kitchen, but frying meat in oil is not my idea of how to cook a great steak. I prefer to sear and dwell over lump hardwood coals in a ceramic cooker. However, it's usually about 400 degrees in there after I shut off the oxygen. I guess that I could sear the frozen steaks, take them out, close off the air, and wait a long time for the temp to get to 275, then put the steaks back in and dwell. 

What I have found best in the past is to thaw the steaks as gently as possible in the microwave. Power level 2. This thaws them without losing moisture and without cooking the edges. This takes 10-12 minutes, but is still faster than cooking them in the oven for 20 minutes. 

 I like their tip on freezing naked over parchment. I learned something there.

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