Class 302 Opens in Irvine Marketplace; Introduces Self-Serve Boba Drinks

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Mary Pastrana
The first lrvine location.
So the second Class 302 just opened in Irvine. This is the one we said would replace Dumpling Noodle House, next to Yogurtland and Thai Spice.

They still offer their specialities: shaved snow and Taiwanese comfort food packed in metal lunch tins. And it still themes its dining room, tables, and serving vessels to something out of a grade school classroom.

But this Class 302 has graduated to something a bit different: rather than waiting forever for your boba drink to be made, you make your own boba drink from self-serve spigots that pours out different milk teas and flavored liquids, and then to a topping station where all the bobas and cut up fruit are.

It's not the first self-serve boba joint in the world, but it may be the first one in OC.

Here are some pictures from an Instagram buddy of Anne Marie's.

13256 Jamboree Rd. Irvine, CA 92602 | Irvine | 714-508-8989

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Location Info

Dumpling Noodle House - CLOSED

13256 Jamboree Rd., Irvine, CA

Category: Restaurant

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Bad idea for self serve.. everyone just takes all of the pudding and it's crazy messy/dirty.


Cool place. The small size boba drinks are LARGE and costs as much as buying two drinks, so it's good to share it. The large size is EXTREMEEEE. Only for the obese to handle. The lines are wack tho...Too much chaos, scattered, no one knows where it starts or ends.


I see no information as to what the hell this place is supposed to be. Enough with the presumptions. Now what the fuck is a boba drink and why should anyone care?


Thanks for posting a link to my Instagram photo, Edwin! :)

The corner where the self serve area is a bit tricky. Expect major crowd issues when busy. It could get a little sticky (pun intended) too when you have to wait in line again to get the fat boba cup sealed.


David Le
David Le

I'm coming in just to take pics

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