5 Other Orange County Coffee Roasters You Need to Try

Photo by Cleo Tobbi

It seems as though you hear about a new coffee shop opening and adding to the world of latté art and vegan scones everyday. However, as hip and prim as they are, not many of these joints actually roast their own coffee. That's no fun.

Here's a list for you of the places that do. For these guys, getting from coffee berry to cup involves hand-picking, manual roasting and no shortage of attention and care. Yes, yes there's Portola at the OC Mix and Kéan Coffee too, and they're great, but here's to the little guy in no particular order.

Photo by Cleo Tobbi
Put a kick in your step!

The Lost Bean Organic Coffee & Tea -- Tustin
Housed in the Plaza LaFayette, which looks like it fell out of a Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale, The Lost Bean is the right balance of all things good: coffee and booze. These organic micro-roasters harmonized alcohol and caffeine when they decided to add The Lost Vine, a wine bar, to their second room about two years ago.

While their Monkey Mocha pleases the masses with its banana and chocolate blend, their simple drip coffee delights just the same. Most coffee lovers aim for a light roast to get the most caffeine possible and to avoid those harsh, burnt notes that many dark roasts carry, but at The Lost Bean, their dark roast is perfectly smooth and their espresso, rich and silky.

Photo by Cleo Tobbi
Black gold!

Hidden House Coffee Roasters -- San Juan Capistrano
True to its name, this micro (and I mean micro) roaster finds itself nestled between a few oak trees just past the San Juan Capistrano Amtrak station. With hardly much room between the register and the door, Hidden House manages to squeeze its roaster, large sacks of beans, and even a few tables into its establishment. And while the coffee shop's appearances may charm all who enter, their cold brew coffee and cappuccinos could convert any non-coffee drinker in a caffeine-accelerated heartbeat.

Another thing to appreciate is how they serve their espresso with a glass of mineral water, as is proper in order to cleanse the palate after its consumption. To pair with their hot, cold, frothy and foamy beverages, Hidden House also offers a variety of house-made baked goods, including their carrot cake and muffins.

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