How To Make It: Pizza for All Four Meals of the Day (Yes, Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner AND Dessert)

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Photo by Kiera Wright-Ruiz
Oh, wonderful day

Say it out loud -- pizza. Piiizzzzaaa. P-I-Z-Z-A.

Just the sound of it is beautiful, isn't it? Now imagine that times four and you'll kind of get an idea of how magical my day was when I ate pizza for every meal: Breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert. Oh, man.

That's right, for this How To Make It, I made four pizzas, one for each meal of the day.

It wasn't exactly easy. When you're making four pizzas, you want to make sure you don't get sick of what you're eating. I also wanted to make sure that they represented each meal perfectly. I love pepperoni and all, but it doesn't have any place in dessert.

Now, onto the pizzas.

Photo by Kiera Wright-Ruiz
It's a pizza pi!

Breakfast. The most important meal of the day has now become even more important. The breakfast pizza I made consisted of tomato sauce, onions, tomatoes, cheese, eggs and bacon.

Photo by Kiera Wright-Ruiz
Are you in the club?

For lunch, I wanted to keep traditional lunch flavors but transform them to live happily on a crust. I went with a club sandwich-inspired pie: pesto as sauce, cheese, bacon, tomatoes, seasoned fries, and sliced ham and turkey.

Photo by Kiera Wright-Ruiz
Aw yeah, fried chicken time

Choosing dinner was easy; I made a fried chicken dinner pizza, complete with mashed potatoes and gravy as sauce. It was topped with bite-sized pieces of fried chicken and sweet corn. Perf.

Photo by Kiera Wright-Ruiz
Sweetie pie!

I made a sugar cookie pizza for dessert. The crust was made completely out of sugar cookie and was lathered in cream cheese frosting and topped with an assortment of fruit.

There are some food days you never want to forget. This was one of them. Here's how to have an unforgettable food day:

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