Pita Grill Resurrected in Orange

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Edwin Goei
Now open!
Pita Grill, the well-liked Lebanese purveyor of shawarma in Irvine Company's Crossroads shopping center which was suddenly and unceremoniously closed about a year ago after a struggle with its landlord, has reopened...somewhere else.

Its owner, Amer Taha, e-mailed us and said that his Pita Grill has now been resurrected at 3070 West Chapman Ave in Orange.

Will the veggie plate be the same as I wrote about it on that Eat This Now column right around the time it closed? I'm sure of it.

The website still reads http://pitagrillirvine.com, and the menu has not changed.

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Pita Grill

3070 West Chapman Ave, Orange, CA

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