M Cow, New Taiwanese Restaurant, Opens in Irvine

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Photo by the Elmo Monster
The beef noodle at 101 Noodle Express

If there was any doubt that Irvine has more Taiwanese eateries than any other OC city, here's one more drop in the bowl...of niu rou mian, that is.

Yes, the weirdly named M Cow Restaurant serves the beef noodle soup that is more popular than pho here in the Land of Bren.

The new restaurant replaces, from what I can tell, Diho Bakery at 14120 Culver Drive, Ste J., which was itself Taiwanese.

M Cow offers obligatory Taiwanese favorites such as milk tea and pork chop rice, but also zongzi (described as a "Taiwanese tamale") and ba wan (Taiwanese meatball wrapped in a "crystal skin").

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This information is wrong, Diho bakery is still open. M Cow took over the empty space where Jim's music used to be, the corner between the Indian and Korean restaurant.

JBinOC topcommenter

"Taiwanese meatball wrapped in crystal skin."

"Hmmm, I don't know, honey, I think I'll go with the Jade Pancakes instead..."  

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