Burger King's Chicken Fries Might Be Making a Comeback

..they're back?

I was never a big fan of chicken fries when they were at Burger King, but I know they were a pretty cult-y food, so this might be some good news for a few of you: Chicken fries might be coming back.. for a limited time.

I first heard a few rumors of their return two weeks ago, but got some more corroborating evidence yesterday, so here you guys go.

According to a leak, they'll be available in the entire United States (don't kill if I'm wrong about this, a leak's a leak) starting in August until November. They're slightly different than the original chicken fries, but they're supposedly "better."

Here's the first piece of evidence that popped up:

Now, for the most convincing piece of evidence, a leaked training video.

Sounds legit?

I've reached out to Burger King for comment, nothing from them yet.

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I had never heard of them until the Tosh.0 episode with the freaky guy that was obsessed with them...

fishwithoutbicycle topcommenter


I thought they were pretty good...for a major chain. I liked the crunchy coating/meat ratio.


@fishwithoutbicycle @mhip

Oh my god ( I like to spell things out ) that's exactly what he said.

He liked that there was more crunchy coating than meat...

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