OC Register Food Critic Brad A. Johnson is Obsessing About French Fries Again...at a Mexican Restaurant?!

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Dem fries!

Okay, I have a million other stories I have to get to before I go on vacation next week, and I should REALLY concentrate on them. But I nearly choked on my morning bourbon this morning when I saw Orange County Register food critic Brad A. Johnson's review of Tortas Sinaloa in SanTana, a place I reviewed way back in November.

First off, Johnson reviewing an OC restaurant? A rarity nowadays, ever since his corporate overlords asked him to focus more on the Los Angeles Register--so much for caring about OC, eh Aaron Kushner? Johnson couldn't even be bothered to do a full review of Tortas Sinaloa, devoting one of his Short Orders. The place definitely deserves a write-up--but then Johnson let the darker angels of his soul take over.

After giving righteous shout-outs to the aguas frescas and tortas, Johnson ends with...French fries?

"Absolutely everything seems to be made from scratch except for the french fries," Johnson wrote, "which are just ordinary frozen fries, which automatically come with all the sandwiches unless you speak up."

Who the hell in this world would concentrate on FRENCH FRIES at a Mexican restaurant? Johnson would. As I wrote last year, on occasion of him being named America's worst restaurant critic by chefs, one of the main critiques lobbed at Johnson was that he is "obsessed with tearing apart everyone's french fries." As I've stated before, I actually like Johnson's reviews (when he can be bothered to visit our county, that is). But reviewing French fries at a Mexican restaurant--where they're always given for the pochos and no other reason--is almost as big a sin as calling tacos "street."

Brad: ¿qué chingada?

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Tortas Sinaloa

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Reminds me of people who slam a restaurant on Yelp because the chicken strips on the kids menu are not good.  "Our food was fantastic, but I have to give 1-star because of the kids menu..."


What kind of Mexican restaurant serves French fries??? Don't want them reviewed, but put them on the menu.  Seems you're needed to take a shot at the Register before you head off for vacation.


uhh ... I think he told readers to order the beans.

JBinOC topcommenter

I didn't read the review.  But did he really "obsess" over the fries?  I understand that ordering fries as a side in a Mexican place is like ordering a side of spaghetti with your kung pao chicken entree.  But he said you "automatically" get them unless you "speak up"...so to me, that makes them game for being evaluated. 

I know you and I are both Brad A. Johnson fans, but give the poor guy a break, he must be worried his paycheck is going to bounce...LOL

fishwithoutbicycle topcommenter

Johnson apparently doesn't keep in mind that many restaurants offer french fries because a lot of people like them...not because they're the specialty of the house. What a dork. :-P

GustavoArellano moderator editortopcommenter

@JBinOC HA! Why didn't I even mention the French fries? Because they were superfluous to the place.

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