Five Tasty Reasons To Visit The OC Fair

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2. Exhibit Promenade

I'm talking the shaded place where much of the food-centric action is taking place. Fruit and veggie, table settings, baked goods and confections, and sugar arts are all being judged for ribbons and bragging rights. It's a chill place to visit between rides and meals, with lots of seating when stage events aren't scheduled.

1. The Food

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Remember this?

The real reason we're all here. Our opening photo was of Chicken Charlie himself, modeling his newest specialty: nacho cheese, deep-fried Doritos with ranch dip. Only being sold in Orange County, he perfected the idea suggested last summer. La Super Costilla is also back, but with a gluten-free sauce option. Expect cherry Pop Rocks on massive doughnuts from one vendor, and Jack Daniels shots in hollowed out churros from our pals at Bacon-A-Fair. Round that out with some 40th anniversary Tasti Chips or crunchy fries from Pink's. Then stick a fork in yourself and pass out on those foot vibrator thingys. Man, those are effective.

To win a pair of tickets to this year's OC Fair, comment below with your favorite treat consumed at the fair. We'll select a winner 24 hours from now...have fun!

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