Japan's Most Intense Noodle Challenge Has You Eat Hundreds of Bowls in Under 10 Minutes


Think you love noodles? How many tiny bowl of noodles could you eat (think miso soup bowls)? 10? 20? Could you break 100?

Well, if you think you could break a hundred, Japan's got the perfect challenge for you. The wankosoba challenge is an eating challenge hailing from the Iwate prefecture of northern Japan. There, they serve buckwheat soba noodles in miniature bowls out of tradition. People regularly eat dozens paired with different condiments, and hardcore noodle lovers can take on a challenge to see how many tiny bowls they can eat in one sitting.

The biggest eaters? The record stands around 400 bowls in 10 minutes.

How hard can it be? You can watch a British expat take on the challenge in a video after the jump. Spoiler: he doesn't do well.

Still tempted? You can either fly to Japan or tackle the closest challenge in Orange County and wait for ShinSen Gumi in Fountain Valley to reintroduce their ramen eating competition.

Those normally happen around thanks giving, so until then, better start practicing. Shin Sen offers noodle refills, so good luck, and please, don't vomit.

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