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Edwin Goei
Spinach for breakfast!
The Snooty Fox in Laguna Hills seems to come from the era when The Velvet Turtle was on top of the food chain. These days, the outdated furniture looks like it's from your grandma's dining room, and the servers are, if I'm not mistaken, actual grandmas. You'll notice that the place is not unlike those Midwest diners where the regulars are accosted by politicians for campaign trail photo-ops--you know, to show they're men of the people.

The kind of meals served at The Snooty Fox is the kind it's served for decades. It's made with care and from scratch, every plate still garnished with a sprig of parsley and an orange wedge because, well, that's the way they've always done it.

A line forms on Sundays for their breakfasts, which are straight-up lumberjack fuel, mounds of morning food that taste great going down and stays there, served in yesteryear portions not designed for today's sedentary life.

Nearly every breakfast plate comes with buttered toast you'll never touch and a nest of hash browns or, better yet, the house "Those Potatoes" (which are the hash browns but cooked with bits of onion and peppers in it). Both are so crispy, they're almost shoestring fries.

What you should get is the Spinach Delite, an item that's on permanent special--a 3-egg behemoth filled with spinach, mushrooms, bacon and gilded inside and out with cheese. When the plate arrives, it does so with a thud. You cut the omelet in half thinking that there's no way you'll finish the whole thing, but then, you do. The spinach is steamy, fresh, probably the best spinach you'll have outside of a Chinese restaurant stir-fry. Heck, it's even better than that!

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The Snooty Fox

23028 Lake Forest Drive, Mission Viejo, CA

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The city is Laguna HIlls, not Mission VIejo... and the place is awesome. We've been going here for over twenty years and nothing changes.  Great Food Great prices - full belly!

fishwithoutbicycle topcommenter

Spinach is yummy when it's prepared right. Speaking of...does anyone know where to get decent spanikopitas in OC?

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