5 Great Orange County Beers for an OC Summer

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Photo by Rob Boudon
You know what's good for hot crowds? Beer.

The sun's starting to stay up longer, the temperatures are climbing higher, and the glasses are starting to sweat. That's right, everyone, it's summer, and that means it's the perfect beer drinking weather. Seriously, what better way to cool off and watch the sun set than with the brew.

But what to drink? Well, here are five great OC beers for the season.

5) Bootlegger's Brewing -- Knuckle Sandwich 10% ABV

They'll punch you in the FACE

Knuckle Sandwich is an IPA, so you might expect to be punched in the face with wildly hoppy bitterness, but no. What will knock you out is a fistful of complexity. Not many IPAs are known for their caramel and malt notes, but Bootlegger's Imperial IPA embodies the word "bittersweet." Starting with a sharp citrus flavor, Knuckle Sandwich immediately cools with a pleasant maltiness. And don't fear the high alcohol content because, unlike many Imperial IPAs, Knuckle Sandwich won't leave any lingering boozy off flavors. You'll down this beer before you knew what hit you.

4) Bottle Logic Brewing -- Hanamachi 5.5% ABV

Photo by Cleo Tobbi

This Japanese-style rice lager is the first of its kind in Orange County, and here's hoping it's certainly not the last. Not only does this beer welcome you with a light effervescence, but it also pairs beautifully with your sushi. We all have our staple import beers from the land of rising sun ready when we're wolfing down some sashimi, but believe me when I tell you there's no getting off the Hanamachi train. At 5.5 percent ABV, Hanamachi perks the palate, tantalizes the senses and will keep you drinking all afternoon.

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