Get a Free Pizookie at BJ's Tomorrow

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No dinner plans for tomorrow and feel like going to a chain restaurant? Well, lucky for you BJ's is offering a free pizookie for anyone who downloads their new app tomorrow, no purchase necessary.

If you don't mind another icon cluttering your screen, you can even get $5 off a $20 meal and stack it with the free pizookie code.

Personally, I'm not a big fan of free anything promotions, they normally lead to stupid lines and you only come out ahead if you value your time very little, but this promotion? Doesn't sound like it'll be too bad (I mean, I'm still an advocate of buying your own ice cream and cookie dough, but I won't judge).

Oh, one more thing: Sorry Anaheim Hills residents, BJ's Grill is not participating.

Otherwise, have at it.

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Sivad Le
Sivad Le

David Nguyen Bü Løng Lê Son Nguyen free fucking pizookizZz yo!

Sivad Le
Sivad Le

Gotta get out of that dry spell ya know? John Nguyen

John Nguyen
John Nguyen

did your chim just get a little moist

Sivad Le
Sivad Le

No fucking way dude!?!?!?!?! John Nguyen

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