Fizz Friday at Ways and Means Oyster House, Our Drink of the Week!

Dave Lieberman
Roll up like Gatsby and order oysters and Champagne... dapper suit and bespoke shirt optional.
One of the best experiences in France is sitting at the café at the end of the St.-Antoine outdoor market in Lyon, eating oysters and drinking wine, basking in the sunshine, and watching the Saône river float lazily by.

Well, OC doesn't have a flowing river, our best farmers markets are in parking lots, and there aren't usually people swanning about speaking French, but we do have oysters, and we do have Champagne, and the best place to get those two together is Fizz Fridays at Ways and Means Oyster House in Orange.

Every Friday at happy hour, there's a Champagne cocktail, usually involving fruit or fruit syrup, such as a kir royale; there are oysters on sale for $10 a half-dozen, and there's a Champagne on special.

Dress up a little; you're pretending you're in France, and everyone in France seems to know from birth exactly how to dress for any occasion. Order the oysters--the rule about months with an R isn't as important with Pacific oysters--and order Champagne. Close your eyes and pretend.

Vivement le week-end !

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