Man Who Plays Lisa Simpson's Sax Debuts at Bayside TONIGHT!

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You go girl! I mean, Doug!

Us Weeklings love The Simpsons. When I heard that the person who plays Lisa's sax would be performing in Newport, I was all over it like Krusty Burger sauce on a Ribwich! And the fact that he grew up in Huntington Beach makes it even better. Who am I referring to? The classy musician we're talking about is one Doug Webb.

In addition to his Springfield appearances, Webb has worked with Rod Stewart, Quincy Jones and even Clint Eastwood on multiple soundtracks. Not bad for someone who is heard more than seen.

Doug's set starts at 10:30 p.m. tonight. While you're waiting, order some of Chef Paul Gstrein's late night grub like the Angus beef burger or Mediterranean olive medley. If you don't get there early, it doesn't even matter. Every seat is a good one once Lisa Simpson starts playing.

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Location Info

Bayside Restaurant

900 Bayside Drive, Newport Beach, CA

Category: Restaurant

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David M. Smith
David M. Smith

Is this the guy that's always playing pink panther on the pier?

Rob Noro
Rob Noro

Only the best live in Huntington Beach proud to live here

Felipe Castaneda
Felipe Castaneda

Leslie Andrade lol who would have thought he was a local

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