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Anne Marie Panoringan
My new favorite. Thanks for sharing, Ming!

One spot our food blog team has nothing but love for remains below the El Toro Y. Break of Dawn shifted spaces within Oakbrook Village Shopping Center, returning from a three month and 15 day hiatus on Father's Day. I crawled out of bed Sunday morning to join a baker, his lovely wife and their crew of restaurant owners for brunch.

What's changed? Nothing and everything. The menu is as memorable as ever, with Nguyen sporting a Costa Mesa police cap as he preps for incoming diners who learned of his reopening the old-fashioned way-- by paying attention to their friends' Facebook feeds. The space, on the other hand, has evolved.

Additional seating is the biggest change diners will notice as they approach. From the church pew waiting area to his generous patio with communal table, the expansion is a welcome one. Those seated inside are treated to graffiti artwork discreetly labeled Ekura - Wram. Broken down pallets bring a whole new meaning to shabby chic decor, while repurposed sewing machine tables are now four tops that double as conversation pieces.

Anne Marie Panoringan
We see you!

Nguyen's newest menu item is a together-at-last combination of delightful pork belly and signature tempura fried eggs, aptly referred to as bacon and eggs. A few more entrees are in the works, including his version of shrimp and grits. I did notice a few items absent from our menu, but that meant it was time to try something else. My new favorite (but only new to me) is their bison and sweet black rice. The infamous French toast is as sweet as ever, and just about everything is tastier with a dab of scorpion chile sauce.

Why did we post Tuesday if he reopened Sunday? Maybe because we didn't want as long of a wait? Or maybe as a reminder that they are CLOSED Monday and Tuesdays (unless Dee gets his way and closes Wednesdays in the future . . .not). Stop reading and start making plans already! Break of Dawn is back.

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Break of Dawn Restaurant - CLOSED

24351 Avenida De La Carlota, Laguna Hills, CA

Category: Restaurant

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Gary Bittner
Gary Bittner

Excellent, Christopher Brown and I just saw the restaurant tucked into the corner of the shopping mall.

Ken Webb
Ken Webb

Glad they moved - last time we visited it was over 90° inside and we couldn't enjoy eating. I hope it got better,..the last 2 visits were less than expected for a $50 breakfast - I hope it's cooler and better. If it is I'd be happy to go in and do a good review - time will tell.

Patty Mohases
Patty Mohases

Wasn't that impressed with the food the first time around. Interested in trying the pork belly and eggs though

Eric Crisp
Eric Crisp

Finally! So good. Tina Kevin Tara

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