No. 89, Pumpkin Curry at Bhan Baitong

Photo by Courtney Hamilton

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By Courtney Hamilton

Thai curries in their red, yellow, and green varietals are a dime a dozen, but how often do you encounter the vibrant orange of a pumpkin curry? Creamier and sweeter than its colorful counterparts, the pumpkin curry at Bhan Baitong is familiar, but new.

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Wavy-cut zucchini, red bell pepper slices, and your choice of protein dot the sea of orange curry, but the copious chunks of pumpkin are the stars of the dish. The soft chunks thankfully maintain their integrity; any further cooking would turn them to mush. To contrast the richness, shreds of basil provide a distinct, herby flavor. Ordered at medium spice level, the subtle heat plays well with the sweetness of the pumpkin. Any hotter than that, and you are on your own, spice fiends.

Don't expect to finish the dish in one sitting. When coupled with ultra-filling rice, this dish is as heavy as a winter pea-coat.

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Location Info

Bhan Baitong

23808 Mercury Rd, Lake Forest, CA

Category: Restaurant

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