No. 95, Tacos de Cecina from Alebrije's

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Taco taco taco taco!

Behold the beginning of our annual 100 Favorite Dishes countdown! Every day until the publication of our fantabulous Best Of Issue, we'll list our favorite meals this year in descending order. Enjoy, pass it on, and tune in daily!

Is there anything else we could possibly recommend from Alebrije's, the lonchera we've praised for years for their mighty tacos acorazados, their epic picaditas, gargantuan alambres and many other chilango faves? Absolutely! We recommend the...tacos. Amazingly, I had never tasted a regular taco from Alebrije's until just recently, when owner Albert said I should try his tacos de cecina. "My favorite dish after the acorazado," he asserted, and why would I want to get a regular ol' taco when I'm at the best lonchera in OC? But at his insistence, I took the plunge.

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The tortillas are from Ruben's Tortillerias; the meat from Northgate, perfectly grilled and lightly salted. But the revelation is in the grilled onions and nopales, which makes a regular-sized taco into a full-fledged, well-rounded meal. Two of them are a meal; three, gluttony. Go off your Alebrije's routine just once, and enjoy!

The List:

97. Breakfast Sausage from Da-Le Ranch
99. Tres Amigos Burrito from Piaggio on Wheels
100. Bacon-Wrapped Dates from Lola Gaspar

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Alebrijes Grill

E. Cubbon St & S Main St., Santa Ana, CA

Category: Restaurant

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