à la minute, A New Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream Shop, Opens in Orange

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Another liquid nitrogen ice cream shop has opened in OC. à la minute (yes, all in lower case) uses tanks of the same substance that Creamistry in Irvine and Poof in Buena Park uses to instantly freeze milk, cream and sugar into, well, the stuff you already know by now, made to order under billowing vapor clouds.

The store is located in Old Towne Orange at 117 N Glassell St. and is actually the second à la minute in Southern California. The first has been open awhile in Redlands.

Featured flavors include Strawberry Balsamic and Chocolate Lavender.

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I went by there last weekend. it seems like it's trying to mix the 'Look kids, SCIENCE!' family entertainment vibe with uber-hipster flavors like Beet & Goat Cheese and Olive Oil Vanilla, you know, the flavors no one ever gets, but they feel cool going to a place that *has* goat cheese and beet ice cream. It's very schizophrenic. Either be a kiddy family spectacle or be a legit flavor innovator; you're not going to be able to do both well. The current model seems waaaaay too labor intensive. 


Yet another worthless fad that will eat itself and die out.

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