The Top 5 Redditor Restaurant Ideas: Grandmas, Flapjacks, and Bondage

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Anyone who's ever eaten has had an idea for a restaurant, even if unintentionally. Sure, most of the time they're completely forgettable, but don't tell me you haven't spent more than a minute wondering if your gourmet cereal bar could make it (I'm just saying, throw some mustaches on the wall and serve everything in Mason jars and maybe?).

But alas, most restaurant ideas will die in their thinker's minds (probably a good thing) due to lack of money or will, but for a special few, they will live on in the wonder that is Reddit.

An AskReddit thread popped up yesterday asking about everyone's best restaurant ideas. Now, the top 5 probably shouldn't get made, but they're fun to think about. Want a sneak preview? Grandmas, flapjacks, and bondage. The rest, you can read after the jump.

5. Grandma's Place
Redditor 8Gh0st8:

"Grandma's Place". The theme is based on the fact that Grandmas make the best food ever. Just hire a bunch of grandmas, stock the shit out of the kitchen, and let them go to town.

4. Kinky Town
Redditor MarcusHalberstram88:

My friend had an idea for a Thai restaurant where the servers wore S&M gear. It'd be called Thai Me Down.

3. Heaven and Hell
Redditor PandaProphetess:

Heaven and Hell
It's a split foyer entrance with a classy hostess on the right and a less-classy-but-still-professional hostess on the left. They ask if you'll be dining in heaven or hell this evening. Heaven Hostess takes you upstairs for a fine dining experience: French-inspired cuisine, music at your table, champagne pours etc. Hell Hostess takes you downstairs to a Rock and Roll bar scene, bikers everywhere, live music, drinks, bar style food with a gourmet twist.
Edit: Apparently I need to add a third floor in the middle called purgatory. You got it!

2. Dinner and a Show
Redditor ScatmanKyle:

A restaurant where diners can choose between regular paying method, or the dine and dash method: If you can get past our staff, your meal is free. If you fail, you pay double.

1. Flapjacks
Redditor tmarie32:

I've posted this before somewhere else:
An establishment that opens at 3pm for happy hour to serve beer, wine, and spirits until 2am. Immediately following last call, the kitchen gets fired up and serves pancakes, bacon, biscuits and gravy, and other breakfast delights until noon.
The name of this establishment is, of course, Flapjack Daniels.

A few (okay, most) of these ideas are a stretch, but hey, I'd go to them at least once. Too bad they're just not cereal bar caliber.

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