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Poki bowl.
This past weekend, as I wrote in a post last week, Costco in Tustin's The District served poke. Reports from the field are saying that the demand for it was so great (no doubt because that post garnered 2,500 likes on Facebook), they ran out of the stuff by Sunday.

But there's good news: apparently they will do it again this weekend. And coincidentally, there's even more poke news: a new poke-focused restaurant has opened in Anaheim.

Called PokiNometry, the place actually bills itself as a sushi restaurant, but what they call poki is still poke.

Here's how they describe what they serve on their website:

"Poki is a new style of sushi, derived from the Hawaiian dish Poke. Raw, cubed up fish, mixed together with fresh vegetables and sauce. Poki combines both elements of Poke and sushi by adding a variety of sushi based fish, sauces, and rice; all in a single bowl."

Also included on their menu is the procedure for ordering:

1. Choose from white rice, brown rice, salad, or chips to start off your bowl.

2. Choose 3 scoops of fish for medium size, 5 for large. Each scoop can be a different fish, or all the same if you want.

3. Choose a sauce; spicy, non spicy, or maybe no sauce at all. We have ponzu, soy sauce, and mayo based sauces, mixed to your perfection.

4. Finish your bowl off with some toppings. The basic usually includes smelt eggs, onion, and sesame seeds.

5. Name your bowl and Enjoy!

The new restaurant replaces the Cafe Amore at 184 S Harbor Blvd. in Anaheim, which is part of the Harbor Lofts apartment complex.

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Edwin Just to let you know, The Costco at the District will have their fresh Poke EVERY weekend from Fri-Sun (until it runs out for the weekend) and we are up up upping our order to meet the super popular demand. Thank you so much for the shout out!  I'm now famous (from the photo) but only recognizable with a hair net on. I'll be signing autographs in front of the poke booth all weekend! ;) (no not really) 

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