Panda Express Adds Bacon To Its Orange Chicken; Fans Outraged!

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Panda Express
Bacon, apparently, doesn't go with everything, says Panda Express' Facebook fans.
As a person of Chinese descent and a food critic, you'd think I'd have bad things to say about Panda Express. But to the contrary, I love their stuff, especially the sickly-sweet, addictive, but barely Chinese dish called Orange Chicken (Seriously, if you've not read Jennifer 8. Lee's Fortune Cookie Chronicles, you must!).

But as a person of Chinese descent, I had to laugh when people who aren't of Chinese descent took to Panda Express' Facebook page to express outrage about Panda Express' new Orange Chicken with Bacon--a recent introduction to their menu along with some sort of kale-based dish.

One person said: "I mean I knew your food was kind of Americanized but this is just ridiculous."

Another posted: "Wow...I really like orange chicken and I really like Bacon. But together that honestly sounds disgusting!"

But the best one of all was this comment: "No! Orange chicken should be orange chicken! No bacon!"

This apparently proves that we've finally found the bacon tipping point. A line has been crossed here. Bacon in a milkshake? Yum! But bacon in America's favorite fast-food faux-Chinese dish? Sacrilege!

Panda Express' Facebook
Screen capture of Panda Express' Facebook page.

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