Ocean Market Grill Opens in Long Beach

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The Long Beach branch of Chicken Dijon--which used to be at 6332 E Pacific Coast Hwy., and one that our wonderful Sarah Bennett reviewed for her column, Long Beach Lunch--is long gone. And now Ocean Market Grill has moved in.

What is Ocean Market Grill? It's a fast-casual seafood restaurant in the spirit of California Fish Grill. And just as you could use more fish in your diet, the restaurant scene needs more California Fish Grill-inspired restaurants like this.

Long Beach already has Pier 76 Fish Grill, which recently moved, and probably others that I'm not yet aware of; but Ocean Market Grill serves an area of the city that up until now has been the territory of more up-market, old school seafood joints like Crab Pot and Boathouse on the Bay.

So I welcome Ocean Market Grill and hope, someday soon, that it might be a subject for Ms. Bennett's Long Beach Lunch!

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JBinOC topcommenter

Sarah Bennett and her column, Long Beach Lunch, are wonderful, indeed 

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