OC Night Market Debuts At OC Fair & Events Center This Weekend!

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It's almost here, people! The OC Night Market is happening this weekend at the OC Fair & Events Center and it's the first time an event of this kind is happening there...well, if you don't count the Anatolian Festival and the OC Fair itself.

The people behind the wildly successful 626 Night Market is putting this event on, and it's the first event by them this year. This will be followed by a DTLA Night Market in June and the original 626 Night Market in July, August and September at Santa Anita Race Track.

The Original Ramen Burger will be there this weekend, at the fairgrounds, along with new vendors like Fusion Bites (and its pho sliders) and 200 other food purveyors, artists, musicians and the world's largest cup of boba milk tea.

There will also be and a dance competition Saturday night at one of the stages which, I'm told, will feature dance troupes like Kaba Modern vying for a $1000 prize.

Here are some details:

OC Night Market

Admission: $5
Parking: $7

Fri, May 9: 3pm-12am
Sat, May 10: 3pm-12am
Sun, May 11: 3pm-9pm
@ OC Fairgrounds
88 Fair Drive, Costa Mesa, CA 92626

For more details, click HERE.

Also, there's an app for that!

See you there!

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20ftjesus topcommenter

Lemme get this straight:  it's $12 to park and get in, all for the privilege of paying more money for over-priced morsels of questionable origins?  And as a bonus, it's going to be packed by sweaty, pimply, asian teenagers taking selfies with pouty lips?  Did I get right?

Bree KB
Bree KB

its insanity that they charge $7 for parking when the "swapmeet" which I find a comparable event does not charge for parking. I pass on this event for that reason


@20ftjesus what a fking racist. Don't go anywhere in downtown l.a. then either, because that's how much parking is.

"Questionable origins"? Wtf? I doubt you'd say that when it comes to food trucks run by WHITE people amirite?

Don't go anywhere with "pimply teenagers" either, like the beach or the mall, fking racist. Yeah, stay the fk away with your annoying racist azz. No one wants to see your sweaty, pasty face there either.

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