The Hoppiest Place on Earth: 10 Great Hoppy OC Beers

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Photo by Cleo Tobbi
So many beers, so little time

It is almost mandatory nowadays that each West Coast brewery produces a West Coast IPA, pale ale, or Double/Imperial IPA of some sort. Somehow, the Best Coast has become known for a bold, hoppy flavor, and our Orange County brewers know how to make us proud. Compiled for you are the ten most sensationally hoptastic brews in the county.

10. Humulus Lager -- The Bruery (Placentia)
The boys over at The Bruery swore to never make an IPA, and to them, Humulus Lager is the next best thing. The "India Pale Lager" (IPL), mimics the IPA with that aromatic, hop punch but, true to the lager style mellows out in overall flavor. Brewed with rice to offset the hoppy bite, Humulus makes for an even tasting brew reminiscent of an Imperial Pilsner. Brisk and enjoyable, this beer is worth tracking down during its occasional release.

9. Holy Jim Falls -- Cismontane Brewing Co. (Rancho Santa Margarita)
Not many dabble in the art of the Extra Pale Ale but the guys over at Cismontane do. One of their staple beers, Holy Jim Falls, kicks it up a notch on the hop spectrum to make for surprising, yet interesting, take on the pale ale. Although light in body, this beer does not disappoint in the ways of taste. Crisp, well carbonated, and flavorful throughout, Holy Jim Falls is more than your average pale ale.

8. Seaward Pale Ale -- TAPS Fish House and Brewery (Brea)
Made solely with flowery Cascade hops, the Seaward Pale Ale from TAPS showcases the beauty of the single hop brew. Pale ales can be described as the safety nets of the craft beer world. They're reliable, mild on the hops, and just easy to drink. They're what you expect from beer and the Seaward Pale Ale, with its accents of pineapple and apricot, is just wonderful. There are hardly any bells or whistles, but the Seaward Pale Ale, like many of TAPS' beers, are just so well made you never want to put them down.

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