"Hey Pass Me A Beer" Has Me Craving Shitty Beer

Seriously though, pass me a beer

Internet marketing is hard, and viral video marketing is even harder so when an obviously corporate-produced viral video actually makes me go wow, well.. wow.

Hey Pass Me a Beer is a video of a series of more and more complicated beer hand-offs produced to promote Old Milwaukee beer, Pabst Brewing's other cheap brand. It combines the best of football trick shot videos, sort-of-obnoxious YouTube food videos, and just sheer amounts of [corporate] not-giving-a-fuck.

But despite how obviously inorganic it is (not to mention I wouldn't be surprised to find out if part of it was doctored), it really hits to spot.

Aw hell, someone pass me a beer, I'm watching it again.

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Lilledeshan Bose
Lilledeshan Bose

That's my friend Tim Higgins!!! OMGZZZZZZ . BTW this is what they do in Milwaukee.

Molly Smith
Molly Smith

Sigh, I too am intrigued with this video. So much so I'm going to send it to everyone I know.

Jorge Orduna
Jorge Orduna

HAHAHAHA "internet marketing is hard"? hahahahahah Spoken like someone who hasn't done it ever, EVER. Not news: Everything is hard.

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